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Variants List
Select Variant
Select Variant
Specs Comparison
BodyType Coupe Coupe
Segment Compact Executive Sports Car
Transmission AT AT
Capacity(L)(L) 2.0 2.0
Horsepower(PS)(PS) 187 262
Torque (Nm) 270 400
0-100 km/h (s) 7.5 5.4
Dimensions Comparison
Dimensions Comparison
4638 mm
2810 mm
1825 mm
1377 mm
4324 mm
2470 mm
1864 mm
1304 mm
Photo Comparison
Comparison of Pros & Cons
  • The proportions of the new G22 BMW 4 Series are almost perfect, especially when viewed from the rear quarter. It has plenty of similarities with the larger 8 Series coupe with the sloping roofline, new Hofmeister kink and wide tracks with thin L-shaped tail lamps
  • Quite a broad range of customization available from BMW Malaysia, such as M carbon exterior package, adaptive M suspension and M Sport seats, which are all fully configurable in their online shop
  • Standard specification at RM418,800 is compelling for a fully-imported BMW coupe.
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  • Gorgeous Looks
    Sleek, low-slung and muscular looking is sure to turn heads anywhere you go.

  • Fancy & Plush Interior Cabin
    The high-tech, modern and well-appointed cabin delivers plenty of everyday comfort.

  • Great Riding Dynamics
    Delivers plenty of power, while also having outstanding road-handling capabilities with stellar roadster package with plenty of appeal.

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  • With the G22 BMW 4 Series, the large front grille will always be the topic of conversation and it gets rather tiring
  • The locally-assembled BMW M340i xDrive is significantly more powerful, more standard features at a lower price
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  • Limited Boot Space
    The space is just enough for a weekend trip, however most of the space is already gobbled up by the 18-inch space-saver which leaves very little room for anything else.

  • Android Auto
    For some reason, Android Auto hasn’t integrated into the technology system. Apple users will be happy that Apple CarPlay is a standard feature, but Android users will have to sit back and wonder why they haven't been included yet.

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  • Which is more reliable BMW 4 Series Coupe or BMW Z4?

    Both BMW 4 Series Coupe and BMW Z4 have a reliability rating of 0.0 (out of 5.0 points).
  • Which is more fuel efficient BMW 4 Series Coupe or BMW Z4?

    The specific fuel consumption comparison of the two vehicles can be found here: BMW 4 Series Coupe fuel consumption, BMW Z4 fuel consumption.
  • Which car has more legroom BMW 4 Series Coupe or BMW Z4?

    To compare the legrooms of the two cars, you can see the comparison data above.

In brief reviews

Trying to figure out which car you should buy? BMW 4 Series Coupe or BMW Z4? Compare the two models on the basis of their Car Price, Size, Space, Boot Space, Service cost, Mileage, Features, Colours and other specs.

BMW 4 Series Coupe

BMW 4 Series Coupe price starts at RM 427800.BMW 4 Series Coupe has 2.0L engine.


BMW Z4 price starts at RM 469510.BMW Z4 has 2.0L engine.

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