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Proton now accepts e-wallet transactions for buying cars, maintenance

Many merchants nationwide are encouraging the usage of e-wallets as consumers are more comfortable using their mobile phones for transactions. In light of this, Proton has just announced that e-wallet payments are accepted at all Proton 3S/4S outlets. The e-wallet services that are accepted by Proton include Touch 'n Go eWallet, Grab Pay, Boost, and Fave Pay. The program first began as a pilot project with 15 outlets in June 2020 and was completed in December 2020, with all 3S/4S outlets providi

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 29, 2021

Spied: Bigger wheels on 2021 Proton Iriz and Persona - improved looks for both cars?

Proton is not making any bones about testing the upcoming Proton Persona and Proton Iriz facelifts - we've seen them touring around Malaysia many times, and now we have info that they'll be getting bigger wheels. Last year, both cars were spotted rolling on new wheels and courtesy of our friends at Funtasticko, we've learnt that they're 16-inch units. That's a small size bump from the current 15-inch wheels both cars come with. The wheels are just small part of the facelift exercise. Recall that


Jan 29, 2021

2004 Proton Satria R3 1.8, Race Rally Research's first-ever star

Established in 2003, Race Rally Research, better known as R3, is Proton’s official performance and motorsports division. Headquartered in Proton’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Shah Alam, R3 does more than just cosmetic accessories or sport rims, as they have the desire to achieve the same status like what NISMO is for Nissan and STI for Subaru. Because of that, the team at Proton R3 felt that they needed to come out with a complete tuned-up car with a factory warranty to prove that R3 can be se


Jun 11, 2020

Owner Review: Tyre blown out at 180km/h - Near-miss experience in my Proton Waja

** This article is the personal experience of a 2002 Proton Waja owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Sharviin Sasasey Manigam ↓↓↓ Press Here To Share Your Story ↓↓↓ It all started when my dad drove home a 2nd-hand bought 2002 Proton Waja. It was bought in 2005, and was in Artic Blue (still maintaining the same colour).... At first, I was excited because it was a Waja man.... And straight away I sat in the Waja and started to touch and feel the dashboard and all

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 30, 2020

Tired of reading about Proton X70? Here are 5 cars that might be more suitable for you

The new locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 has many great things going for it. Prices have been lowered, there are more features, and the engine has been updated to deliver better driving performance, paired to a new, more fuel efficient transmission. You can read a summary of what’s new with the Proton X70 CKD here. Being a popular new car, there’s also a lot of hype surrounding the new Proton X70 CKD’s launch. That hype might give the impression that it’s a perfect car but it is not because th


Feb 12, 2020

Record high sales for used cars continues! Malaysians social distancing in second-hand cars?

We previously reported that second-hand car dealers are experiencing record-high sales in July 2020. It seems the success followed through to the third half of 2020 as well. According to the president of Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia (FMCCAM), Datuk Tony Khor, the year-on-year sales in July spiked over 25 percent to 37,800 units while both August and September registered over 17 percent year-on-year growth. He attributed the spike in sales to the incentives lik


Oct 12, 2020

Volvo Cars to go fully electric by 2030, says no future for petrol engine cars

Volvo Cars has announced its plans to go fully electric by the year 2030. The plan will phase out both internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and hybrid cars. Announced together with the 2030 ambition is the fact that all pure electric Volvo cars will also be available online only. Volvo Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Green said “There is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine,” and “We are firmly committed to becoming an electric-only car maker and the transition shoul


Mar 2, 2021

8 millionaire-looking cars for under RM 200k

Last week, we showed you ten expensive-looking cars under RM 100k and some of you think those selections don’t quite shout ‘appearing rich’. Indeed, the Proton X50 and X70 may feel expensive but they’re still a Proton (or Geely) underneath. For this week’s Top Rank Millionaire-Looking Motors (MLM), we’re bumping up the budget to RM 200,000 and unlike the last list, we’ll be focusing only in the used car market. We’ve selected 8 for this list and you can be certain these fine cars will make you g

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 7, 2021

Top 5 best cars for long distance drives in Malaysia

There’s a term we use to convey refinement of a car – NVH, which stands for Noise, Vibration, Harshness. The lower the NVH, the more refined and comfortable it is. NVH is, more often than not, judged based on subjective feeling. In other words, we feel the car through our bums and ears. Though in the aspect of noise, we do measure it using a sound level meter to maintain a level of objectivity. Before we begin, we’d like to rule out ultra-luxurious cars like the Rolls-Royce Phantom or the Merced


Jul 30, 2020

Proton Perdana 'Accordana' for RM 50k; Proton price for Honda reliability?

Although it feels like the Proton Perdana has been around for a long time, Proton’s flagship sedan has only gone through 2 generation changes. The latest iteration was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Accordana’ and was discontinued back in 2019. The Perdana is now on sale in the used car market for around RM 50,000, should you get this Proton but with Honda reliability? Background The Proton Perdana was the flagship model for Proton for many years, so it sports all the best amenities that were fit


Apr 11, 2021

Are AWD cars completely useless for everyday driving?

The Audi Sport Quattro and Subaru WRX STI have cemented their names in the hall of fame of all-wheel-drive cars. AWD is good for performance and the fastest supercars of today mainly use AWD drivetrains. Today, just about any manufacturer has their own AWD system. And while they may differ in names, they basically send power to all four wheels. Some AWD systems are more superior than others, but that is a subject matter for another day. Despite the interesting technology behind AWD cars, most of


Oct 11, 2020

Proton ends 2019 with slightly over 100,000 cars sold

Proton ended 2019 with 100,821 units sold, marking a 55.7% increase in total sales compared to 2018. Furthermore, Proton sold 11,117 units in December, its highest performing month of the year. With these figures, Proton’s overall market share for 2019 is estimated to be at 16.7%, the highest figure since 2014. Last year, Proton sold a total of 26,331 units of the X70, 38,144 units of the Saga, and 21,876 units of the Persona. However, Proton did not provide the sales figures of the Exora and Ir


Jan 3, 2020

Proton to build cars on Volvo’s CMA and BMA platform

The next car that Proton designs might be built on Volvo’s popular Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) or B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA) platforms as Geely has announced that they have plans to streamline its future architecture design. The aim is to accelerate the company’s push to become China’s first global auto giant. According to Reuters, the Vice President of Geely Automobile Research Institute, Li Li, confirmed the plans during an interview but has declined to disclose details of the


Aug 10, 2020

Top Rank: Proton, Toyota, Perodua top Malaysia's most-stolen cars list

It's not an easy topic, but it's worth knowing so you can take appropriate precautions. Here's the Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia’s (VTREC) Industry Vehicle Theft Statistics for Q1 2020. The pictures here do not dictate the exact models or variants. A lot of these cars have been in the market for years, so it's a mix of variants across different model generations. 10. Toyota Vellfire - 19 units stolen in Q1 2020 The Vellfire has grown to be a favourite among those looking for a room


Oct 3, 2020

Proton Satria R3 1.8 2004, bintang pertama dari Race Rally Research

Race.Rally.Research atau lebih dikenali sebagai R3 adalah divisyen prestasi dan sukan permotoran rasmi untuk Proton yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2003. Bertapak di Pusat Kecemerlangan Proton (CoE) di Shah Alam, R3 bukan sekadar ingin menjual aksesori kosmetik mahupun rim semata-mata, mereka mempunyai azam untuk mencapai taraf yang sama seperti badan panala rasmi sama dengan pengeluar-pengeluar lain seperti NISMO untuk Nissan dan STI untuk Subaru. Oleh sebab itu, Proton R3 merasakan bahawa mereka pe

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Jun 5, 2020

Indonesia cuts tax for all cars between March until May

The Indonesian government will remove the luxury tax imposed on cars below 1,500cc from March 2021 to May 2021. Reuters reports that the tax removal is to bolster the Indonesian automotive industry. Currently only LCGC (Low-Cost Green Cars) are exempted from the luxury tax. LCGC in Indonesia includes locally produced (CKD) hatchbacks, MPVs, and cars below 1,200 cc. The current luxury tax for sedans and other car below 1,500 cc is between 10% and 30%. The tax exemption for cars below 1,500 cc wil


Feb 15, 2021

Proton V70 name trademarked – new Proton MPV for 2021?

Both the Proton X70 and Proton X50 have steered the domestic car maker to a fresh and new direction. Proton has actually registered a few interesting model names back in 2018, and one of them is the Proton V70 name. If the “X” letter has been used to name crossover models, the “V” letter might just be used to name MPV or van-like models. Proton has told its investment partners that a new Geely-based model is due for 2021. The model of the car is yet to be confirmed. However, if we look at Geely’


Dec 8, 2020

How the Proton Saga and Iriz grew up to become race cars

Remember that time when we witnessed a Proton Saga R3 racecar chase down an FD2R? Well Proton’s R3 team is proud to show to us just how the car was built. In a brand new web-series, the Proton R3 team explains that all the R3 cars started out as normal cars built for the roads. Engineers would pick a car from the line-up and strip it down to its bare basics before fitting the car up with circuit racing requirements like roll cages and six-point harness seatbelt. We’ve already been told that the


Nov 8, 2019

Proton EVs for sale - including Proton EMAS and Saga EV!

Remember Proton's electric vehicle (EV) project? Today, we found out that Proton was putting up models such as the Proton Saga EV, Proton Iriz EV, and even the Proton EMAS concept car up for auction. This following last week's auction of historic concepts and prototypes. UPDATE: The Proton EMAS concept car has been withdrawn from the auction. Thumbs up to Proton! It's impossible for a manufacturer to keep every protoype/concept car, but the EMAS deserves a spot in the museum. Today's auction was

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 22, 2020

4 cars that look like the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition

With the launch of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition only a day away, we have already speculated what the car could look like in detail. Based on the images provided by our friends at Funtasticko, we know that it could be black and yellow. And just recently, we have a design rendering of what the Saga Anniversary Edition would look like provided by Philip Choy. Now, I gotta admit, the black paint job really complements the yellow highlights on the grille, front bumper, and even the yellow rims

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 8, 2020

Watch out criminals! The Proton X70 police cars are on their way!

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) have already armed themselves with the power of i-VTEC with the Honda Civic police cars that can be seen patrolling across Malaysia. Now, it’s the turn of the mighty Proton X70! As we had reported previously, we have seen images of Malaysia’s favourite SUV in its police uniform but now thanks to our friends at Funtasticko, it appears that their policing duties might begin sooner. Based on the photos, we see the police SUVs are being transported on a trailer, loo

CY FoongCY Foong

Nov 13, 2020

Perodua still sells 2x as many cars as Proton, why hasn’t MCO affected Perodua?

With the on-going Covid-19 putting a damper on businesses, you would expect that a budget car brand like Perodua, whose range of lower priced A- and B-segment cars are bought mostly by lower income B40 group consumers, will be affected more than higher range brands. Actually the opposite is true. While the government’s temporary suspension of sales tax have artistically boosted market demand, Perodua dealers are reporting a higher number of customers downgrading from Japanese brands to a Perodua


Dec 4, 2020

Rendered: Proton X90 7-seater SUV, third Proton SUV for Malaysia?

Since the Proton-Geely partnership in 2017, we have witnessed two popular SUVs bearing the Proton badge - the Proton X70 and Proton X50. A third Geely-based model is due for 2021, and it is most likely the Proton X90, based on the Geely Haoyue, a 7-seater SUV. We’ve talked about the Proton V70/Geely Jiaji as a viable candidate previously, but the agreement to purchase the Jiaji will lapse by 31-Dec 2020 and the MPV segment is a diminishing one. With images of the Geely Haoyue at hand, we took th


Dec 26, 2020

Top-10 value for money CKD cars to take advantage of sales tax exemption

Effective 15-June until 31-December 2020, the government will completely waive the 10 percent sales tax for locally-assembled (CKD) cars. Imported cars will still need to pay sales tax, but only at half of the original rate, at 5 percent. Some companies like Perodua have since announced that they will be absorbing the sales tax from today 15-June. Many banks have also reduced their interest rates. Whether should you buy a car now or not is a different topic altogether. There’s a Malay saying “Uk


Jun 10, 2020

The evolution of extreme Proton rally cars – Does rallying have a future in Malaysia?

Malaysia is home to the Sepang international Circuit, Pasir Gudang circuit, and Dato’ Sagor circuit. We even used to have a racing circuit in Batu Tiga that was once used to film the Jackie Chan film, “Thunderbolt”. We love motorsports and have gone to great lengths to make it more accessible. While track racing may be a little more popular, one motorsport that we absolutely love is rallying. We may not have winter stages and tall pine trees, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the sport. T


Nov 2, 2020

Proton Commerce getting ready for HP volume jump when Proton X50 launches

Proton Commerce Sdn Bhd (PCSB), Proton’s in-house automotive financier, has stated that they are expecting a jump in the Hire Purchase (HP) market for cars during the final quarter of 2020. The financier made the prediction thanks to 2 factors, the soon to launch Proton X50 and the Penjana stimulus package. According to PCSB, the HP industry has been experiencing growth of 1.0 percent to 2.0 percent between FY2017 to FY2019. The growth is broadly in-line with Total Industry Volume (TIV) of the M


Sep 30, 2020

Proton X50 open for booking in Brunei, first CBU market for X50

Looks like the Kingdom of Brunei will be the first country to fully import (CBU) a right-hand drive Geely Binyue/ 2020 Proton X50 as Pad Motors Proton Brunei has opened bookings for the B-segment SUV. Yet again Brunei is the first country to import a Proton SUV as the country is the first to CBU the updated Proton X70 in September 2020. The Proton X70 is one of Brunei’s best-selling SUVs, so it would be interesting to see how the Proton X50 will do in the Kingdom. To recap, the Proton X50 was la


Nov 18, 2020

As of August, Proton has sold more cars in 2020 than 2019! What MCO?

Looks like Proton’s sales are well and truly back on track because they have managed the amazing feat of exceeding last year's sales performance. As of August 2020, Proton has sold 61,672 units, which is 46 units more than in 2019. We know what you’re thinking: it’s just 46 units more! But bear in mind that our country came to a complete standstill for close to 2 months in an effort to curb the coronavirus pandemic, so this is a huge feat! August 2020 is Proton’s second-best month of the year mo


Sep 3, 2020

Proton sold 11,411 cars in November 2020 - X50 is the best-selling B-segment SUV!

Proton has sold 11,411 cars in November 2020, an 18% improvement from November 2019. In total, Proton has sold 96,410 cars in 2020 - 7.5% better than last year. As expected, the 2020 Proton X50 was rather hotly received, being the best-selling B-segment SUV in Malaysia. Here's how Proton did last month: Proton November 2020 Sales Figures Model Units sold in Nov 2020 Proton Saga 4,279 Proton X70 2,157 Proton Persona 1,942 Proton X50 1,756 Proton Iriz 637 Proton Exora 629 Proton X50 waiting list Y


Dec 2, 2020

Attention Grab drivers, Proton wants you to buy their cars, RM 500 petrol voucher included

As more Malaysians turn to the e-hailing industry as a source of supplementary income, the need for efficient, comfortable and reliable cars to perform such duties has increased. In a move to promote the use of their vehicles within the industry, Proton has unveiled an offer to incentivise car buyers. Buyers who purchase a new Proton Persona, Iriz, Exora, Saga or Proton X70 from authorized Proton sales outlets, will now be rewarded with a Petronas fuel gift card worth RM500 or, if they prefer, a


May 11, 2020