Top-10 value for money CKD cars to take advantage of sales tax exemption

Hans · Jun 10, 2020 04:30 PM

Effective 15-June until 31-December 2020, the government will completely waive the 10 percent sales tax for locally-assembled (CKD) cars. Imported cars will still need to pay sales tax, but only at half of the original rate, at 5 percent.

Some companies like Perodua have since announced that they will be absorbing the sales tax from today 15-June. Many banks have also reduced their interest rates.

Whether should you buy a car now or not is a different topic altogether. There’s a Malay saying “Ukur baju di badan sendiri.” For those who are in a position to take advantage of the offers presented, here’s a list of recommended purchases, sorted according to budget.


Perodua Axia

The recommended choice for anyone starting their career or looking for a fuss-free point-A to point-B car. The mid-range Axia SE is the pick of the range.

Pros: Supremely fuel efficient and reliable. Just pump petrol and go.

Cons: Steering rack is fixed. Axia Style variant lacks Bluetooth connectivity.


Proton Saga

This is not the Proton Saga you thought you knew. It might look more or less the same but the new Saga has been significantly improved. It drives a lot better than a Perodua Bezza and its seemingly basic 4-speaker audio system works better than many 6-speaker ones.

Pros: Good ride and handling. New transmission works a lot better than before.

Cons: No keyless entry and rear head rest (both available in Bezza), not as fuel efficient as Perodua Bezza.


Perodua Aruz

A decent budget 7-seater, comes equipped with a high level of safety features and backed by Perodua’s proven record for reliability. A good choice for families.

Pros: Spacious cabin, more safety features than a Honda BR-V.

Cons: Not very comfortable at the rear. Not as fuel efficient as Honda BR-V.


Honda City

If you are looking for a family sedan below RM 100k, this is the best choice. It’s more spacious than any of its rivals and its very fuel efficient too.

The Toyota Vios would’ve made it to the list if not for its irritating blind spot monitor that chimes every time you turn on your indicators, and no you can’t disable it.

Pros: Large cabin and boot, most powerful engine in its class, fuel efficient too, sufficiently high level of safety features

Cons: Doesn’t handle as well as the Toyota Vios, not as quiet too. Poor infotainment.


Toyota Yaris

It’s not as spacious nor as practical as the Honda Jazz but the Toyota Yaris more than makes up for it by its superior ride and handling and surprisingly quiet cabin. It’s the most comfortable hatchback in its class.

Unlike the Vios, its blind spot monitor doesn’t make any noise every time you turn on your indicators.

Pros: The more comfortable and best handling hatchback in its class. Very fuel efficient too.

Cons: Could use a bit more power, not as spacious inside as a Honda Jazz.


Proton X70

A no-brainer purchase for anyone looking for a family SUV. Priced like a Honda HR-V but equipped like a CR-V, it does everything you want and more.

Pros: Very good value for money. Comfortable and drives well enough.

Cons: Infotainment look fancy on paper but lacks Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, high fuel consumption.


Honda Civic

The best option for those who don’t want an SUV. Still looks fresh despite its age. New model now adds full suite of ADAS functions.

Pros: Stylish looks. Still the most spacious and most practical in its class. Powerful engine and packed with all the latest Sensing safety features.

Cons: Not as comfortable as a Toyota Corolla Altis. CVT isn’t as good as the Toyota too. Turning circle for TC-P variant is quite big.


Honda Accord

No longer as cheap as the previous generation model but it still offers the best value for money package in this segment. Spacious cabin, more comfortable than many compact premium sedans, better equipped too.

Pros: Spacious cabin, high level of safety features

Cons: Seats are not as comfortable as the Toyota Camry’s, poorer audio quality too.


BMW 3 Series (G20)

Forget about the ageing Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The G20 3 Series is a newer product that not only drives better, but is more comfortable too. The entry 320i is good enough. In fact, we prefer its instrument panel’s analogue dials more than the 330i’s unnecessarily cluttered and difficult to read opposite facing digital dials. 

Pros: Handling is a lot sharper than before, more spacious too. ConnectedDrive is still the only one of its kind. Decently equipped (now comes with ADAS – since April 2020).

Cons: Not as comfortable as the previous F30 generation model. Interior still doesn’t feel that premium.


Volvo XC60

Probably the best premium SUV on the market right now. Packs lots of power, uniquely elegant styling, has the most expensive looking interior, marries comfort and performance better than a Mercedes-Benz.

The T8 plug-in hybrid is the pick of the hybrid but if you’re one of those who have doubts about electrification, the regular T5 variant is pretty decent too.

Pros: Properly premium looking interior. Comfortable ride, decent handling.

Cons: Lack of knobs for A/C controls need getting used to, feels heavy