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Are wider tires better for your car or just plain stupid?

From an aesthetic point of view, wider tyres always look better. High performance cars always use wider tyres too, so the general perception is that they offer better performance as well. On the surface, upsizing to wider tyres is a no brainer (looks AND performance combined? Sign me up!). You might even consider “upgrading” to wider tyres on your car. However... While the idea seems exciting, you might want to think twice before doing that. Why? Well, wider tyres do offer certain advantages, bu


Nov 28, 2020

Top-10 value for money CKD cars to take advantage of sales tax exemption

Effective 15-June until 31-December 2020, the government will completely waive the 10 percent sales tax for locally-assembled (CKD) cars. Imported cars will still need to pay sales tax, but only at half of the original rate, at 5 percent. Some companies like Perodua have since announced that they will be absorbing the sales tax from today 15-June. Many banks have also reduced their interest rates. Whether should you buy a car now or not is a different topic altogether. There’s a Malay saying “Uk


Jun 10, 2020

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

Beginning from 15th June to 31st December 2020, all new car buyers will be exempted from paying sales tax. CKD (locally assembled) passenger cars will see a cut of 100 percent. If you want to take advantage of the tax cut, here’s a list of cars assembled in Malaysia for your reference. Note that the sales tax makes up 10 percent, other taxes like excise duty and import duty still applies. BMW BMW 3 Series BMW 5 Series BMW 6 Series GT BMW 7 Series BMW X1 BMW X3 BMW X4 Haval Haval H1 Haval H2 Hond


Jun 5, 2020

Why is RWD life to some, while others prefer a FWD car?

There are three ways that a car's engine drive a car. Power from the engine can be sent just to the front wheels (front wheel drive/ FWD), just to the rear wheels (rear wheel drive/ RWD), or to all four wheels (all-wheel drive/ AWD or four wheel drive 4WD). For the first 50 years since Karl Benz invented the car, cars were powered by their rear wheels. Several manufacturers started experimenting with FWD layout but it wasn't until the 1950s, when a certain Mini came along that the FWD system bec


May 15, 2020

Volvo XC60 T5 vs T8 – Should you consider a hybrid?

There are 3 variants available for the Volvo XC60 – T5, T8 Inscription, and T8 Inscription Plus. Volvo XC60 T5 – RM 298,888 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription – RM 333,888 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription Plus – RM 343,888 The T8 variants are plug-in hybrid models while the T5 is solely powered by a combustion engine. Volvo XC60 To recap, the Volvo XC60 T5 is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine producing 254 PS and 350 Nm of torque. Drive is sent exclusively to the front wheels via an 8-speed


Aug 29, 2020

Owner Review: This car bring enough safety and comfort for my girls when traveling - My 2020 Corolla Cross Hybrid Premium

** This article is shared by a Thailand reader and published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia. https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information 2020 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Premium Reasons why I bought this car As a person who likes to travel long distances, I am a tourist who likes to travel to nature and forests. In addition, my hou'w is still in the country, It's far from the place of work. Another important reason is that a gir

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Jan 22, 2021

Top-10 of the last 10 years - trends that changed the Malaysian car market

When the world bid farewell to 2009 and entered the new decade of the 2010s, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was still on sale, BMWs were still rear (or all) wheel drive, and Carlos Ghosn was still emperor of a French-Japanese automotive empire. Ten years later, the world is quite a different place today. Here are the top 10 trends that defined that last decade, and how some of it put us on a path that we could never turn back from. Rise of SUVs In 2010, the market share for SUVs was less than 3


Jan 2, 2020

Volvo Car Malaysia extends hybrid battery warranty to 8 years or 160,000 km, free of charge

Volvo Car Malaysia has announced an extension of the warranty for its PHEV range to 8 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first), now covering models registered after 3-December 2015. Earlier this year, the extended warranty was only offered for Volvo cars registered from 1 January 2020 onwards. Volvo Malaysia has now decided to offer the extend warranty for its PHEV range that were purchased since the launch of the Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV on 3 December 2015. Nalin Jain, Managing Director of Volvo C


Dec 21, 2020

Honda Jazz Hybrid And Honda City Hybrid – Here's What You Need To Know

Introduced 2 years ago, the Honda City Hybrid and Honda Jazz Hybrid are Honda Malaysia's answer to affordable, mass market hybrid models. Malaysia is the only country in the world to locally-assemble and sell the Honda Jazz Hybrid and Honda City Hybrid. Honda City Hybrid Specifications Engine: 1.5-litre, naturally-aspirated, port injection, i-VTEC Power: 138 PS (combined system output) Torque: 170 Nm (combined system output) Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, front-wheel drive Safety:


Aug 28, 2019

Owner Review: The hybrid system failed so I decided to engine swap my car - My Honda Jazz/Fit "Hybrid" RS

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information 2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid (CBU) a.k.a Honda Jazz/Fit "Hybrid" RS Reason why I bought this car Hybrid Tax Exemption Car selection process I had a budget of: RM100k Models that I have considered include: Toyota Vios, Toyota Prius C, Honda City Reasons why I chose this car: Trim spec offered better than the rest User experience I ha

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Dec 2, 2020

30 years of Lexus: How it began and what is the meaning of the Lexus name?

First introduced in 1989 with the first generation Lexus LS 400, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the luxury car brand that set new standards for quality and customer service. Lexus’ story began in August 1983 at Toyota’s headquarters in Aichi, when the then Chairman of Toyota Motor Eiji Toyoda convened for top-secret meeting and posted the question, “Can we create a luxury car to challenge the very best?” The abbreviated version of Lexus’ history often credits Eiji, who is the granduncle


Sep 10, 2019

Pros and Cons: Honda City 1.5V – Still the most spacious but why no AEB?

We’ve previously discussed why we think the V variant of the Honda City is the pick of the range at the moment. That is, until the RS gets its official pricing. Anyway, here’s a recap of the Honda City and its variants. For now, this is the top of the line and if you’re in the market for one, we’ve rounded up the list the pros and cons for you. Pros Supple ride Most spacious in class Honda LaneWatch system Fuel-efficient Cons Handling doesn’t inspire confidence Higher cabin noise level than riva


Feb 14, 2021

Thailand targets 30% EV and hybrid production by 2030

The Thailand government has not announced any bans on ICE vehicles. Instead, it has set a target for EVs. Bangkok Post reports that the Thailand government aims for EVs to account for 30% of the national production by 2030. The “EV” term used by the Thai Board of Investment includes Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Plug-In Hybrid Electrci Vehicle (PHEV), and Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV). The 30% target will include cars, motorbikes, and buses. At present, EVs in Thailand are enjoying a thr


Feb 15, 2021

Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid planned for 2023, 1 of 5 new xEVs announced

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is accelerating its push into electrified vehicles with 5 models planned in the future. One of those models planned is the hybrid version of the Mitsubishi Xpander. The hybrid version of the eccentric-looking SUV is planned for launch in 2023 as part of Mitsubishi’s plan to have electrified vehicles account for half of its global sale by 2030. But before that, Mitsubishi is expected to launch the Eclipse Cross PHEV in Japan in December 2020. This is followed b

CY FoongCY Foong

Nov 3, 2020

Daihatsu to launch full-hybrid kei car in Japan in 2021, how will this affect Perodua?

Toyota’s compact car specialist subsidiary Daihatsu will launch a new full-hybrid ‘kei’ (mini) car within financial year 2021, reports Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. The business daily also added Daihatsu’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV) will go on sale on year later, in financial year 2022. Unlike mild-hybrids, full-hybrids can accelerate from standstill using electric power alone, thus offering a smoother driving experience in stop-go traffic. The stronger electric motor also delivers bet


Dec 29, 2020

Renault Subscription plan turns one - named Malaysia's Car Subscription Company of the Year 2020!

Renault has been named Malaysia Car Subscription Company of the Year at the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards for its Renault Subscription programme, a year after the programme celebrates its first anniversary. Launched in August last year, the programme was designed to offer an alternative to vehicle ownership beyond the traditional hire-purchase model as well as car sharing and rental options available. “We are delighted to have received this prestigious accolade from Fr


Aug 24, 2020

Owner Review:  Bang for the buck car - My 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

** This article is the personal experience of a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid HEV Plus 1.6 owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Subramaniam Venkatachalam 我国市场其实有个不成文的规矩:鄙视链的底端,是属于韩国泡菜车的。加上“混合动力”这四个大字,绝对能够吓跑许多吃瓜群众。不过,我当然不是普通的吃瓜群众。实话实话,买了它后,直到今日,我绝不后悔! 先为大家介绍一点我的拥车历史。我拥有的第一部车,和大多数马来西亚人一样,是一部随处可见的2008年 Myvi 1.3 SXi。这部车,是我上大学时家人让我继承而来。既然是马来西亚神坛级车款,它没有任何毛病,正常保养就可以了!不过,人都是贪婪的- 虽然Myvi完全没有任何问题,不过我还是有颗躁动的心,觉得是时候购买真正意义上的:“人生一部车”! 既然是我的第一部车,我就想要尽可能独特的车款。Volkswagen Scirocco, Mitsubishi AS

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 22, 2020

2020 Hyundai Kona, worth paying more over a Honda HR-V and Proton X50?

The 2020 Hyundai Kona was launched earlier this week with an introductory price of RM 115,888 to RM 143,888 for three variants – the naturally aspirated 2.0 Standard and 2.0 Active, and the range topping 1.6 Turbo, all imported from Korea (CBU). The introductory price will expire on 31-Dec 2020, when the government’s 50 percent discount on SST for imported cars end. After that, prices for the 2021 Hyundai Kona will be increased to: Kona 2.0 MPI Standard: RM 123,888 Kona 2.0 MPI Active: RM 138,88


Nov 1, 2020

Losing sales to Toyota Yaris Cross, Daihatsu to add hybrid variant of Daihatsu Rocky soon

Daihatsu will launch a new hybrid-powered compact SUV - most likely a new variant of the Daihatsu Rocky – in Japan later this year, reports Japan’s Nikkei. Sales of the Daihatsu Rocky, which is also sold as the Toyota Raize in Japan (manufactured by Daihatsu under contract), is hampered by the lack of a hybrid variant, which is crucial in Japan and is offered by Daihatsu’s friendly family rival’s Toyota Yaris Cross. Although sales data show that the Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize sells better, the


Jan 26, 2021

Owner Review: A Dad's take on a Soccer Mom's Car - 2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid

** This article is the personal experience of a 2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid C26 owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: EZ Wong About My Car It's actually my CFO’s car & I will narrate it as my own :) The Nissan Serena S-Hybrid was originally registered at the end of 2013 & we bought it at a very good price as a Nissan Pre-Reg unit in February 2015. The C26 is powered by a MR20DD 2.0-liter engine with 147 PS and 210 Nm (figures are from the engine alone, excluding 5

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 15, 2020

Toyota Estima – Long live the Malaysian king of MPV

MPVs were once a hot commodity and none were as legendary as the Toyota Estima. The unique egg-shaped van was a favourite among Malaysian families, providing versatility and loads of space. However, the legacy of Toyota’s eponymous MPV is sadly gone. Toyota quietly killed off the Estima in 2019 and few actually noticed its untimely death. We’ve already waxed lyrical about how the first-gen Estima was a gamechanger (and deserves to be a modern classic). So, we’ll put the spotlight on the subseque

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 17, 2020

Hyundai Kona Facelift revealed: New mild-hybrid option, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Unlike usual facelift cycles, Hyundai has made quite a huge change to the looks of the new 2020 Hyundai Kona facelift. Not only does the B-segment SUV look radically different, but it also comes with mild-hybrid options, an upgraded interior, a special Kona N-Line variant and even wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As mentioned, the new Kona looks radically different from the pre-facelift. The most noticeable difference is the location of the Hyundai logo, it is now located on the new wide


Sep 2, 2020

Mitsubishi ups Indonesia investment, Xpander Hybrid and Outlander PHEV coming soon

Following a recent announcement by Toyota, fellow Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors has also announced that they are committed to investing in Indonesia. Also Read: Indonesia set to receive 10 new EVs from Toyota, including Innova Hybrid According to CNN Indonesia, Mitsubishi will be investing IDR 11.2 trillion (~RM 3.2 billion) until 2025. Indonesia’s Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang told CNN Indonesia that the money will be used to increase Mitsubishi’s Cikarang manufacturing plant capaci


Mar 16, 2021

COTY 2020: It's WapCar's first Car of the Year awards and you're invited!

The year 2020 is coming to a close and that means it’s time for WapCar’s Car of the Year 2020. We have our very own shortlist but we’re also letting you, our beloved readers, to decide on the cars that deserve to win our inaugural Car of the Year award! As we’ve said before, we have selected 18 cars across three categories for you to vote for. The categories are Luxury Car of the Year, 7-seater Family Car of the Year, and of course, the Overall Car of the Year. Without further ado, let’s introdu

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 18, 2020

Haval H6 Hybrid makes world debut in Bangkok Motor Show, ahead of Proton X70's Thai launch

Great Wall Motor (GWM) hosted the world premiere of the all-new 2021 Haval H6 Hybrid SUV at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show. The all-new Haval H6 Hybrid SUV on display at the motor show is the right-hand drive version. It is equipped with a 1.5-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine supplemented by a 130-kW electric motor, resulting in combined output of 243 PS and maximum torque of 530 Nm. This powertrain is first seen at this global debut in Thailand and is yet to be featured in the Ch


Mar 23, 2021

BMW introduces mild-hybrid 48V technology to 3 Series, X3, and X4

BMW first implemented the mild-hybrid technology in the 5 Series last year and is expected to be seen in the 3 Series, X3 and X4 by Q2 of 2020. The mild-hybrid technology helps lighten the combustion engine’s workload and boosts its power. With a 48V starter-generator, the Brake Energy Regeneration is better utilized as the energy harnessed can be used for additional drive power to boost fuel efficiency. Another benefit of the mild-hybrid system is the refinement of the combustion engine’s stop


Apr 2, 2020

New 2021 BMW 5 Series to launch in Thailand ahead of E-Class, Malaysia next?

BMW Thailand has teased the pending arrival of the G30 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift, or in BMW speak Life Cycle Impulse (LCI). The Thai Media are also predicting that the top-of-the-range BMW 530e plug-in hybrid will also be launched in Thailand. As this is a minor update, not much has been changed on the sedan. The most notable change, as is seen in the teaser photo posted by BMW Thailand, is the new simpler L-shaped motif LED daytime running lights. Other than that, the upcoming 5 Series will al


Jan 11, 2021

Owner Review: My family own this car since I was born and now it's mine - My 1997 (The JET) Proton Saga Iswara 1.3S

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information about my car 1997 (The JET) Proton Saga Iswara 1.3S Reasons why I bought this car My family needed a car for transporting a baby (which was me by the way). The reason we picked this car because at the time it had massive boot space and ample room in the cabin and we heard stories of how reliable the Mitsubishi version Saga’s w

Wapcar UGCWapcar UGC

Dec 12, 2020

DreamEdge and Daihatsu To Spearhead Third National Car Project

DreamEdge will be in charge Daihatsu to provide technical knowledge Goes on sales in March 2021 Last week, Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Darell Leiking revealed the company responsible for the third national car company is DreamEdge. According to the slides provided during the press conference, the first mock-up will be shown towards the end of August 2019. By March 2020, the first prototype model will be completed, and the car is expected to be launched by March 2021. Apart


Aug 15, 2019

Naza Kia Malaysia working towards resuming sales of 2020 Kia Sorento and Kia Sportage

Following our earlier report that there are no more 2020 manufacturing year Kia Sorento and Kia Sportage models, Naza Kia Malaysia have reached out to us with a clarification on the matter. The company says the halt in sales is only temporary. The current situation - no 2020 models of Kia Sorento and Sportage - is due to a supply disruption affecting these two models but the company is unable to divulge further regarding the specifics behind the supply disruption. A company spokesperson says Naz


Mar 18, 2020