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Mitsubishi UK terpaksa lelong 14 model warisan, termasuk Lancer Evo 6 TME, Evo 9 MR, dan Galant!

Mitsubishi Motors sedang mengalami sedikit masalah di Eropah, walaupun ia tidak akan menarik diri daripada pasaran sana. Tetapi, Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) United Kingdom berdepan isu kewangan dan terpaksa melelong 14 model daripada koleksi warisan mereka. Menurut senarai ini, lelongan Mitsubishi Heritage Fleet akan bermula pada 1-April bermula tanpa sebarang harga permulaan tetap. Antara 14 kereta yang bakal dilelong itu bukan sahaja termasuk model kesukaan ramai rakyat Malaysia iaitu Lancer Evolu

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 19, 2021

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Wagon - the first and last of its kind?

Picture this: it’s 2005. Pre-pandemic days, and you’re right in between hundreds of people watching cars roll in a mall’s parking space. It’s car show weekend, and with ears honed through many rev battles you could probably tell what’s heading just by exhaust noise. It's a Lancer Evo...or is it? “Yeah, that’s an Evo”, you confidently tell your mate as the familiar low-rev burble is accompanied by a familiar face. Sharp headlights, ‘move over’ grin, three diamonds on the grille - yup, that’s the


Aug 1, 2020

Mitsubishi UK auctioning off 14 heritage models including Evo VI TME, Evo IX MR, and 3000GT

Even though Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will not pull out of the European market after all, that does not mean it is completely smooth sailing for the Three Diamonds brand. Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) United Kingdom is liquidating its heritage fleet and as a result, 14 vehicles from their collection are up for grabs at an auction. Also read: Mitsubishi will save their European presence by rebadging Renaults According to the listing, the Mitsubishi Heritage Fleet auction will begin on 1-April

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 18, 2021

Live Photos: 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, Huracan Evo, and Urus showcased in Bangkok

At the ongoing 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show, Lamborghini Bangkok showcased a number of their models, including the 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder, 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Performante, 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, and the 2020 Lamborghini Urus. 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Starting with the most powerful of the bunch, the 2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster features a massive 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine that does an eye-watering 770 PS at


Jul 21, 2020

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Wagon - yang pertama dan yang terakhir?

Bayangkan ini: Tahun 2005. Hari pra-pandemik, dan anda benar-benar berada di antara ratusan orang yang menyaksikan kereta menyusur di tempat letak kenderaan di pusat membeli-belah. Ia adalah pertunjukan kereta hujung minggu, dan dengan telinga yang digerakkan oleh banyak pertempuran, anda mungkin dapat mengetahui apa yang akan tiba hanya dengan bunyi ekzosnya. Ia adalah Lancer Evo...atau adakah ia benar? "Yeah, itu ialah Evo", anda dengan yakin memberitahu pasangan anda kerana deruman putaran re


Aug 4, 2020

The Proton Sembilu, Malaysia’s homemade Lancer Evo with 4G63T and AWD

In 1994, Proton successfully asserted its dominance as the best-selling carmaker in Malaysia thanks to the immediate success of the fairly new Proton Wira. However, for those who wished the Wira could have a bit more oomph as it was based on the Mitsubishi Lancer, Edaran Otomobil Nasional (EON) had just the solution. At its headquarters in Shah Alam 27 years ago, EON debuted the Proton Sembilu to the media and it was a truly exquisite-looking Wira. EON enhanced the style by adding a sporty front

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 16, 2021

Engine mounting: 3 symptoms of bad engine mounts

Thanks to modern day sound insulation, you don’t realise how hot and bothered things are under the hood. Holding the engine in place and absorbing most of the engine's vibration are engine mounts. They take a lot of punishment. Although generally low-maintenance, engine mounts may wear out sooner than you think. Here we will discuss the symptoms of bad engine mounts in your car. A car engine is heavy. Even a small Perodua Axia’s 1KR-VE weighs about 70 kg. A Perodua Myvi’s 2NR-VE weighs about 86


Jul 21, 2020

Top-3 most powerful cars with a 3-cylinder engine

Previously, we’ve explained why manufacturers continue the use of 3-cylinder engines. Fuel-efficiency and emission are among the top reasons, but what if they decide to extract every bit of performance from a 3-cylinder engine? So without further ado, here are the current top-3 most powerful cars, which are either on sale or will be on the market, with a 3-cylinder engine. BMW i8, from RM 1,408,800 The BMW i8 is actually more than 6 years old now and it still looks like it belongs in a sci-fi mo


Apr 15, 2020

Barang Rare: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wagon. Minat Evo dan wagon? Ini jawapan anda!

Di Malaysia, masih terdapat ramai peminat kereta jenis wagon. Wagon merupakan jenis kereta yang semakin lama semakin pupus. Atas sebab inilah, harga kereta wagon semakin meningkat. Apa yang kami temui baru-baru ini lebih baik. Ini adalah Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wagon! Dibangunkan daripada rekaan Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, varian wagon ini sememangnya jarang ditemui. Berapa jarang model Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Wagon ini dihasilkan? Hanya 2,500 unit kereta ini dihasilkan di seluruh dunia! W


Aug 11, 2020

3-cylinder engine vibration, noise, and reliability: Still a problem?

In the recent years, we have welcomed some new three-cylinder engine cars to the world – the Nissan Almera 1.0 turbo, Honda City 1.0 turbo (Thailand), Proton X50, and more excitingly, the Toyota GR Yaris. Even Christian von Koenigsegg has channelled his genius into developing a 600 HP three-cylinder engine. With these developments however, some of us still remain very sceptical of them. We will never forget the underpowered three pots in tiny cars like the Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa. Sure


Jan 24, 2021

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X called to escort Covid-19 vaccines in Malaysia

The important news over the weekend was the arrival of the first batch of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in Malaysia. But we’re more interested that the vaccine was escorted by 2 angry looking Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X police cars. It has been a while since the Royal Malaysian Police’s (PDRM) Evo X has appeared on the news, the model has been flying under the radar for years. These high-powered Evo X were delivered to PDRM back in 2008 and were known as Helang Lebuhraya Polis or Police Hig


Feb 22, 2021

Jaguar Land Rover's new plug-in hybrid powertrain features a 3-cylinder engine

Previously, we’ve talked about why premium brands like Volvo and BMW use 3-cylinder engines in their cars. Now, Jaguar Land Rover has joined the gang by introducing a new plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. The 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine is the smallest in the Ingenium range, it sends 200 PS/280 Nm to the front wheels through a new 8-speed automatic transmission. Similar to Volvo’s T8 system, the electric motor mounted on the rear axle powers


Apr 23, 2020

Mitsubishi Xpander AP4, kereta rali MPV pertama di dunia dengan enjin Evo X!

Mitsubishi Xpander Jika anda seorang peminat sukan permotoran rali, anda mesti mengenali jentera lagenda dari Mitsubishi iaitu Lancer Evolution. Kereta ini telah meletakkan jenama Mitsubishi di mata dunia, merangkul kejuaraan Kejohanan Rali Dunia (WRC) dari tahun 1996 sehingga 1999. Sayangnya, Lancer Evolution telah melabuhkan tirai produksinya pada April 2016 dengan model Evolution 10 (Evo X), sekaligus mengakhiri lagenda kereta sedan bercas turbo dengan sistem pacuan empat roda dalam barisan M

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Sep 29, 2020

The evolution of extreme Proton rally cars – Does rallying have a future in Malaysia?

Malaysia is home to the Sepang international Circuit, Pasir Gudang circuit, and Dato’ Sagor circuit. We even used to have a racing circuit in Batu Tiga that was once used to film the Jackie Chan film, “Thunderbolt”. We love motorsports and have gone to great lengths to make it more accessible. While track racing may be a little more popular, one motorsport that we absolutely love is rallying. We may not have winter stages and tall pine trees, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the sport. T


Nov 2, 2020

Mitsubishi ASX tamat pengeluaran, tiada model pengganti?

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia telah mengesahkan kepada Wapcar.my bahawa Mitsubishi ASX telah ditamatkan pengeluaran sejak Januari 2021. SUV kompak segmen C tersebut telah dilancarkan sejak tahun 2010 lagi. Ketika ini, tiada model lain yang dilaporkan akan menggantikan Mitsubishi ASX. Bagi pembaca yang tertanya-tanya mengenai Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, maklumat awal yang diterima adalah model ini juga tidak akan ditawarkan di Malaysia atas faktor harga. Eclipse Cross juga ada ditawarkan di Indonesia.


Apr 12, 2021

Geely-Volvo’s CEVT engine boss explains why the Proton X50’s 3-cylinder is better than a 4-cylinder

Dr. Håkan Sandquist holds a Ph.D. in internal combustion engines from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology, which is located in Gothenburg, basically Volvo town. He has spent 20 years working on automotive engines, 10 of which are related to electrified drivetrains – hybrids and plug-in hybrids. He currently works as Director of Powertrain Strategy at CEVT, a joint venture company between Volvo Cars and Geely, focusing on powertrain. However, even someone like Dr. Sandquist is no match aga


Nov 14, 2020

3-cylinder 1.5L engine for China's 2021 Nissan X-Trail - 204 PS, 300 Nm

When Nissan pulled off the covers for the all-new 2021 Nissan Rogue in June 2020, we were amazed at the bold design the Japanese brand is going for its popular SUV. Outside of North America (NA) though, this SUV goes by a name more familiar to Malaysians, the Nissan X-Trail. However, since then there has been very little news on the arrival of the next-gen X-Trail outside of the States until now. Based on these images found in Chinese publications, it appears that China could be one of the first

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 10, 2021

Are these the best 4 Malaysian police cars ever?

We’ve seen a Nissan GTR police car, a Lamborghini Police car, and even a Porsche 911 Police car elsewhere in the world. They are the kind of cars that make little kids want to become police officers. Police cars need to be fast so they could respond to emergency situations swiftly. They don’t have to be supercar fast, but some grunt is appreciated by our boys in blue. This year, the Malaysian police force started using the Honda Civic in their fleet of Mobile Patrol Vehicles (MPV). You’ve probab


Sep 17, 2020

2020 Land Rover Defender: What are UK reviewers saying?

Land Rover is more than ready to welcome a new era for their 2020 Land Rover Defender. While the overall UK media will not be getting their hands on the car due to the coronavirus, a number of them still managed to give the new Defender a shake down and here are some of their opinions. The Defender looks nothing like the first. Sure, it is still rather rugged and boxy looking compared to its other Land Rover siblings’ elegance, but it doesn’t have the harsh army look that the Defender is now syn


Apr 2, 2020

Evolusi kereta rali lasak Proton – Bolehkah sukan rali bertahan di Malaysia?

Malaysia ada Litar Antarabangsa Sepang, litar Pasir Gudang, dan litar Dato’ Sagor. Kita pernah ada litar lumba di Batu Tiga yang pernah digunakan untuk pembikinan filem Jackie Chan iaitu “Thunderbolt”. Rakyat Malaysia memang gemarkan sukan permotoran dan kita telah cuba sedaya-upaya untuk membuatkannya lebih mudah untuk disertai. Walaupun lumba trek terbukti lebih popular, satu sukan permotoran yang juga sangat diminati ialah sukan rali. Walaupun kita tak ada peringkat musim salji dan pokok pain


Nov 13, 2020

New Subaru XV gets 2.5L engine for USA, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine

Subaru has officially revealed the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, as the Subaru XV is known in the US. The updated Crosstrek now comes with a more powerful 2.5-litre, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine. New Powertrain- 30 PS and 42 Nm more than the current 2.0-litre engine While the base and Premium trims retain the same 2.0-litre engine as the 2020 model, the Sport and Limited trims will be getting a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder 184 PS and 239 Nm boxer engine borrowed from the current outgoing Forester and Outbac


Jun 10, 2020

Ducati Hypermotard 950 RVE kini di Malaysia, harga asas RM80,900

Sejak Ducati Hypermotard 950 RVE diperkenalkan secara rasmi di pasaran Eropah pada pertengahan tahun lalu, ramai peminat jenama berkenaan tertanya-tanya bila ia akan menjengah pasaran Malaysia. Soalan itu terjawab apabila Ducati Malaysia mengesahkan ia sudah berada di ruang pamerannya bersama harga asas RM80,900 (tanpa insuran, cukai jalan dan yuran pendaftaran). Perkembangan menarik itu dibuat Ducati Malaysia menerusi laman sosial Facebook rasmi syarikat, baru-baru ini. Hypermotard 950 RVE adal


Jan 18, 2021

This is how a 340 PS, 4WD Mitsubishi Xpander AP4 is built

Toothpaste! Most of you will instantly have the red and white colours of Colgate pop in your head. Likewise when I say rally! Your mind snaps to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It's hard to blame anyone for that. It's just heuristics. The Lancer Evo has become synonymous with rallying - flying through forests, exhaust going off like a machine gun - and it's no surprise they won the World Rally Championship (WRC) with Tommi Makinnen four times consecutively from 1996 to 1999. For all its history


Sep 29, 2020

2021 Nissan X-Trail engine details revealed

Nissan X-Trail It looks like the all-new Nissan X-Trail is highly likely to soldier on with its predecessor's 2.5-litre QR25DE powerplant, albeit with improved horsepower, torque and with better fuel efficiency, based on a leaked internal corporate document. The technical documentation states the 2.5-litre unit will see an increase of 10 PS and 12 Nm of torque. However, figures may vary from market to market, depending on state of tune, local fuel quality and emissions control regulations.. Our

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

May 5, 2020

Used car shopping: 6 tips for checking the engine

So, you want to buy a used car. Maybe it’s a project car, a unique car model you’ve always wanted, or a car model that’s not sold brand new in Malaysia. If your reason for buying a used car is a tight budget, you might want to consider other options like public transportation or a motorcycle. If you’re still here after reading that, we assume you’re serious about this, regardless of your reasons. Well, there’s a long list of things to look out for when buying used cars. In this article, we will


Aug 15, 2020

F30 BMW 3 Series: Still the best 3, tips to buy good used ones for RM 100k

I once had dinner with Ryo Yanagisawa, Mazda’s young design maestro, whose most recent work is the fabulous looking Mazda CX-30 and before that, the Mazda 2 and Mazda BT-50. I asked what he thinks is the best looking non-Mazda car on sale today (then), exotic cars aside. Without skipping a beat, he candidly answered the F30 BMW 3 Series. To be fair, the conversation took place in 2015, long before the current G20 3 Series’ debut. Still, the acknowledgement meant something. After all, Mazda makes


Oct 29, 2020

3-cylinder vs 4-cylinder engines: Is 4 better than 3?

The majority of us who are driving have likely experienced a 3-cylinder engine at some point in our lives, particularly if you’re under 40 because the learner car is probably a Perodua Kancil/Viva/Axia. And if you’re able to recall, I’m sure there was a noticeable amount of vibration from the engine. That's one of the differences of a 3-cylinder vs 4-cylinder engine. 3 cylinder vs 4 cylinder One of the characteristics of a 3-cylinder engine is the vibration. It’s a rough feeling and because of t


Apr 10, 2020

Mazda 3 TCR race car revealed

The Mazda 3 Touring Car Racing (TCR) is the latest addition to Mazda’s motorsports program, which will hit the racetrack in 2020. Information on specifications are scarce but what we do know is that power comes from a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, making 350 horses mated to a 6-speed transmission with paddle shifters. The designers have spent countless hours to ensure that the Mazda 3 TCR is compliant with all TCR regulations and flows with the smooth lines on the Mazda 3, retaining the signat


Oct 4, 2019

Mazda CX-3 is sold out, but higher price CX-30 sells 3 times more than CX-3

Since it’s launched in Malaysia earlier in January this year, the 2020 Mazda CX-30 have been outselling the Mazda CX-3 by on average, three times more, even though the latter is cheaper. The smaller, Mazda 2-based B-segment CX-3 sells for RM 126,829, while the larger C-segment Mazda 3-based CX-30 starts from RM 144,759, topping out at RM 170,459. Price difference - Mazda CX-3, CX-30, CX-5 CX-3 2.0G (CBU) RM 126,829 CX-3 2.0G Limited Edition (CBU) RM 141,329 CX-5 2.0G Mid RM 132,403 CX-5 2.0G Hig


Dec 17, 2020

Engine braking is good for you, but how do you use it?

Everybody hates driving behind the car that brakes excessively and unnecessarily. Excessive braking shows a lack of driving awareness, bad trailing distance, and poor control of the car. It becomes an even bigger annoyance when driving downhill. Now, when driving downhill, you might notice “Use Low Gear” signs along the way, and that’s really what you should be doing. Using a lower gear enables you to do “Engine Braking” so you could tackle the winding downhill roads at a safe and controllable s


Jul 11, 2020