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Panduan kereta terpakai: RM 20k untuk Proton Preve. Masih bagus tapi banyak karenah?

Proton Preve Proton Preve merupakan antara usaha Proton untuk bersaing dalam pasaran sedan segmen C. Jenama Jepun yang selama ini mendominasi pasaran tersebut sedikit terkesan dengan penawaran Proton Preve iaitu sedan segmen C paling murah dalam zamannya. Hadir dengan pilihan enjin CamPro CFE Turbo melalui Proton Preve 1.6 CFE Turbo, model ini agak diminati golongan yang menggemari kelajuan. Hal ini diperkuatkan lagi dengan kehadiran kereta konsep Proton Preve R3 seiring warisan sukan permotoran


Oct 26, 2020

2017 Proton Preve Configurations, a Elegant Sedan with Practical Functions

There is only one model of Proton Preve on sale - Proton Preve Premium CFE CVT (2017) , a Sedan priced at RM71,317, offering a 5 years / 150,000 km warranty. From its aerodynamic styling to its proud Proton Wings, the Preve brings style and substance to the road. Inside the Preve you’ll find its 508L boot space and spacious cabin give you plenty of options to choose how you want to fill your journey. Here are the Proton Preve Premium CFE CVT (2017) configurations: Mechanicals 16-valve DOHC, turb


Aug 2, 2019

Used Car Guide: RM 20k for a used Proton Preve, should you consider it?

When it made its debut in 2012, the Proton Preve was the most affordable C-segment sedan on the market and the spec-sheet was rather impressive as well. So, is it worth your consideration as a used car? During its 8-year run, the Preve was updated twice. It also helped Proton reach numerous milestones such as achieving the brand's first 5-star rating at the Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP). The Preve was also well-liked for its 1.6-litre CamPro CFE Turbo engine, Proton even cash


Nov 7, 2020

Rebiu Pemilik: Proton Preve, cinta hati kedua saya

**Artikel ini berkisar tentang pengalaman peribadi pemilik Proton Preve 1.6L Turbo (CFE) 2012 dan ia tidak semestinya mewakili pandangan WapCar. Facebook: Khazirul Izwan 7 tahun 6 bulan – itulah umur kereta saya, Preve 1.6L Turbo (CFE) Premium. Dibeli bukan sekadar cinta kepadanya, tetapi juga kepada isteri tersayang. Orang putih kata, “Happy wife, happy life”, kan? Sebelum Preve, saya menggunakan Toyota Altezza; 200 Hp 2.0L 6MT dengan pacuan roda belakang, lengkap dengan ekzos perang. Bagi pemi

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jun 30, 2020

Remember the Proton Preve Ute that was rumoured to be the Proton Arena 2.0?

Previously, when we reported on the mind-boggling Proton Exora/ Mitsubishi Triton mesh up, we thought we’ve seen it all. But clearly, most of us have forgotten that Malaysia also has a one-off Proton Preve Ute on our roads. The Proton Preve Ute is a one-off custom project that a private owner commissioned Bufori, a company specialising in hand-built vehicles, to build. Based on our research, the Preve Ute arrived at Bufori’s workshop as a standard 4-door Proton Preve sedan but left the doors a 2


Aug 25, 2020

Rendered: Proton S50 C-segment saloon, Preve and Waja successor?

Proton had always been known for its saloon cars that were popular with Malaysian families. The Proton Saga, Wira, Waja, Perdana, and Preve are some to name. The most ambitious of them all would have been the Proton Preve, claimed as Proton’s first global car. Under the Proton-Geely partnership, several future model names have been registered. Including the X50 and X70, several other names have been registered too like the C50 and S50. The C50 is probably reserved for a hatchback model while the


Jan 31, 2021

Lakaran: Proton S50 saloon segmen C bakal jadi pewaris Preve dan Waja?

Sejak dari mula, Proton amat dikenali dengan barisan kereta saloon yang sangat-sangat popular dikalangan keluarga di Malaysia. Proton Saga, Wira, Waja, Perdana, dan Preve adalah antara yang terkenal. Model yang paling bercita-cita tinggi adalah Proton Preve yang dikatakan sebagai kereta global pertama Proton. Di bawah perkongisan Proton-Geely, beberapa nama model yang akan datang telahpun didaftarkan. Ini termasuk X50 dan X70, dan juga beberapa nama lain yang telah didaftar seperti C50 dan S50.


Feb 3, 2021

Bakal Proton Preve / Proton Perdana? Geely Preface kini dalam fasa pengeluaran

Tular beberapa keping gambar mengenai Geely Preface yang sudah pun berada dalam fasa pengeluaran. Model terbaru Geely ini mungkin sebuah petanda untuk kemaskini model Proton Preve atau Proton Perdana baru akan tiba. Geely dilihat mengekalkan versi konsep Geely Preface yang dipamerkan pada tahun 2019 kepada versi pengeluaran. Antara rekaan konsep yang dikekalkan adalah gril hadapan dengan jeriji menegak, rekaan bumper depan yang agresif dan rekaan bumper belakang yang kemas. Namun begitu, beberap


Jun 19, 2020

Is the Geely Binrui (Proton S50) a worthy successor to the Proton Preve?

A couple of years ago, Proton registered several trademarks, including one curiously-named S50, fueling speculations that a Proton Preve replacement model based on the Geely Binrui could happen. The S designation would be logical for Proton to rename their next-generation sedans, as Proton did utilize the S16 name for the Saga BLM in Australia. Although the C-segment sedan market is shrinking, many government fleets still require a C-segment sedan – the police force have resorted to the Honda Ci


Mar 23, 2020

Lakaran: Proton S50, platform BMA sama dengan Proton X50, pewaris Preve dan Waja?

Proton pernah mempertontonkan pelan produk 5 tahun akan datang bermula tahun 2019 ketika pelancaran Proton X70 CKD. Dalam jangkamasa tersebut, kelihatan 2 sedan sedang dirancang untuk pelancaran tahun 2021 dan 2022. Buat masa ini, tiada sebarang khabar angin buat model sedan daripada Proton untuk segmen C dan ke atas. Hal ini mungkin disebabkan oleh model sedan segmen C seperti Proton Waja, Proton Inspira dan Proton Preve dilancarkan ketika zaman kejatuhan Proton memberikan tanggapan yang kurang


Feb 4, 2021

假想图:Proton S50 C级轿车,Preve和Waja的继承者?

Proton一直以其轿车而闻名,它们深受马来西亚家庭用户的欢迎,像Proton Saga、Wira、Waja、Perdana和Preve等都是很好的例子。而在这些轿车中,野心最大的当属Proton Preve了,它被称为Proton的首款全球车型。 而在Proton和吉利合作之后,已经有好几款未来的车型注册了商标。除了X50和X70之外,还有其它的名字也被注册了,其中就包括C50和S50。C50很可能会用到掀背车型上,而S50则可能是为轿车车型准备的。 在几乎将每一款吉利车型都进行Proton化渲染之后,Theophilus Chin又决定畅想一下新一代挂着“Proton S50”名号的Proton Preve / Proton Waja。我们必须承认,它看起来和吉利缤瑞十分相似。 Proton Waja和Proton Preve这两款车曾经都是Proton寄予了厚望的C级轿车,但最终它们都在没有后继者的情况下停产了。鉴于S50这个名字已经注册了商标,Proton推出新的C级轿车或许将会成为现实。 这张假想图实际上是基于Ford Focus轿车版渲染的,而车头则来源于Proton X5


Feb 8, 2021

Should you wait for the Perodua D55L or book a Proton X50?

I hope you’re not feeling too queasy for more coverage of the Proton X50 because well, here’s another one. Unlike others that churn out plenty of bite-sized visual information on the hottest car to come out from the Malaysian Tiger in a day, we decided to put the spotlight on another highly anticipated Malaysian SUV, the Perodua D55L. The battle of two Ps Historically, Proton and Perodua were never meant to be rivals as both carmakers were catered to different demographics. Perodua focused on ch

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 2, 2020

Book your new Toyota from just RM 250 on Lazada!

A couple of weeks ago, UMW Toyota Motor introduced its dedicated online showroom where you can book your new Toyota model. Apart from its dedicated online showroom, you can also book a new Toyota on Lazada. Booking fees start from: RM 250 (Toyota Vios, Yaris, Rush, Hilux, Avanza, Hiace Panel Van) RM 350 (Toyota Innova) RM 500 (Toyota Corolla Altis, Camry, Alphard, Vellfire) RM 1,000 (Toyota Harrier) Curiously, the Toyota C-HR isn't in the list. After paying the refundable booking fee, you will r


May 18, 2020

Geely Preface nets 10k bookings in just 20 days

The Geely Preface is well on its way to becoming one of China’s most popular cars. Not only did it won the 2021 Chinese Car of the Year award, but it has also gathered a huge order book and is well on its way to joining China’s 10,000-car club. And it’s only been a month since the launch of the car! Sold as the Geely Xing Rui in China, an article posted on Baidu quoted a Geely executive that the Xing Rui has already sold over 7,000 units since its launch in November 2nd. The executive also revea


Dec 16, 2020

Used Proton Inspira for RM 20k! This or the Mitsubishi Lancer?

It has been 5 years since Proton has discontinued sales of the Proton Inspira, but demand for the car has yet to wane and finding a good used unit is like looking for a needle in the haystack. But for RM 20,000, should you still get a used Proton Inspira or should you just opt for the Inspira’s donor car, the Mitsubishi Lancer instead? The Proton Inspira has always been an interesting product. It came years after Proton has proudly moved on from just rebadging Mitsubishi vehicles and started pro


Dec 17, 2020

Detik akhir kereta konsep Proton yang bakal dilelong. Sejarah atau sampah?

Kami berpeluang untuk melihat sendiri dan memeriksa kereta-kereta Proton yang bakal dilupuskan di Pickles Asia Auction pada 22 Julai 2020. Tarikh ini mungkin menjadi titik akhir bagi kereta-kereta Proton yang pernah mewarnai industri automotif negara walaupun sekadar konsep. Walaupun 7 buah model konsep Proton telah ditarik balik dari lelongan, kebanyakannya masih akan pergi ke tempat pelupusan atau diguna semula. Harus diingatkan bahawa kereta-kereta ini tidak mempunyai dokumen yang sah untuk d


Jul 23, 2020

Rendered: Proton S50, the C-segment saloon Malaysia deserves?

Although Proton has introduced two SUVs to the market (X50 & X70), interest for a sedan Proton still remains high. Thus, the speculation of an upcoming Proton S50 intrigued many of us. That is quite understandable since Proton has given the people some decent saloons in the past. One that had so much promise was the Proton Preve. The Proton Preve was a C-segment saloon with high ambitions of being a global car. It was good looking, and had styling cues similar to the Honda City and Kia Forte of


Feb 3, 2021

Rendered: Next-gen Proton Suprima S imagined, hot hatch potential?

Sporty-looking hatchbacks by Proton include the Proton Satria, Proton Satria Neo, and the Proton Suprima S. While there might be no plans for a successor to the Proton Suprima S soon, photo chopper Theophilus Chin has decided to use the Proton X50’s front end to imagine one. While Theophilus has called it the Proton H50, the result is very reminiscent of the Proton Suprima S. Instead of looking like a totally new car, the rendering looks like a well-done evolution of the turbocharged hatchback.


Jan 11, 2021

Panduan kereta terpakai: Proton Inspira kini hanya RM 20k, beli ini atau Mitsubishi Lancer terus?

Proton bermula daripada asas yang dibekalkan oleh Mitsubishi. Oleh yang demikian, agak menyegarkan apabila selepas kehadiran Proton Waja, Proton Gen 2 dan Proton Saga (generasi kedua), Proton kembali merujuk bersama Mitsubishi demi kelangsungan hidup dalam industri automotif yang mencabar. Hasil daripada gandingan ini, Proton memperolehi ‘lesen’ untuk membangunkan sebuah lagi model berasaskan model Mitsubishi. Sudah tentu, Proton memilih model paling hangat zaman itu, Mitsubishi Lancer melalui M


Nov 2, 2020

Honda opens new online booking platform - book your City or other models for RM 99

Honda Malaysia announced their New Car Pre-Booking online platform for buyers, allowing prospective customers to pre-book their next Honda car with a minimum fee of only RM 99 through Honda Malaysia's official website. Interested customers can access the platform through the 'New Car Pre-Booking' tab located in the site. Bookings can be made in four steps: selecting the preferred participating dealer, filling in personal details, choosing a car (including preferred variants, colour, and accessor


Dec 22, 2020

Export-spec Proton Saga launched in Pakistan, R3 variant gets a manual!

As part of Proton’s aggressive push to export overseas, the company has launched the Proton Saga in Pakistan. Five variants are available in Pakistan, with prices ranging from PKR 1,975,000 (~RM 54k) for the Saga Standard MT to PKR 2,225,000 (~RM 60k) for the Saga Ace AT. In addition to the regular variants, Proton’s Pakistan arm is also offering the Saga R3 there. Only 100 units of the kitted-up Saga are offered. Unlike Malaysia whereby the model is sold exclusively with a four-speed automatic,


Apr 5, 2021

Geely Preface teased! Next Proton Perdana to look like a Volvo?

Geely has released teaser images of the soon-to-arrive Geely Preface on their Chinese social media platform. It looks like the previously leaked photos of a mysterious Geely sedan is indeed the Geely Preface and what could be the next Proton Preve or Perdana. From what we can see of the Preface from the teaser photos, the new sedan will bear a very similar silhouette to its Swedish cousins, the Volvo S60 and Volvo S90. The rear-end will feature 2 exhaust pipes while a chrome insert that connects


Jul 8, 2020

Dunia dah tak perlukan kereta manual

Mati enjin, pacuan atas bukit yang menggerunkan, dan penukaran gear yang tersekat-sekat adalah antara pengalaman yang anda barangkali pernah alami ketika hendak mengambil lesen memandu. Jika anda mengambil lesen memandu sebelum tahun 2014, anda tiada pilihan lain selain daripada diuji dengan kereta manual. Kereta ujian anda mungkin tak ada stereng berkuasa pun. Hari ini, lesen memandu Malaysia boleh didapati samada untuk kereta manual atau automatik. Untuk mereka yang gemar memandu, mereka serin


Aug 3, 2020

New Proton Saga Launched In Malaysia, Priced From RM 32,800

Proton has introduced the new Saga here in Malaysia, with prices starting from: Standard MT - RM 32,800 Standard AT - RM 35,800 Premium AT - RM 39,800 All prices are on-the-road, without insurance. Visually, the new Proton Saga now gets Proton’s ‘Infinite Weave’ motif in the front grille, plus a new front bumper, while the rear bumper has also been redesigned with a chrome strip and bumper inserts on the sides. Proton has also removed the emblem that was on the boot garnish, replacing it with th


Aug 7, 2019

Proton Saga dilancarkan di Pakistan - 4 varian, R3 dengan manual, harga bermula RM 54k!

Al Haj Automotive, pengedar rasmi Proton di Pakistan telah melancarkan model Proton Saga di sana. Terdapat 4 varian dilancarkan iaitu Saga MT, Saga AT, Saga Ace dan Saga R3 Limited Edition. Ya, Proton Saga R3 Limited Edition turut ditawarkan di Pakistan sebanyak 100 unit terhad untuk membantu promosi pengenalan jenama Proton di sana. Proton Saga pasaran Pakistan menggunakan enjin bersesaran 1,299 cc (95 PS, 120 Nm) berbanding enjin 1,332 cc (output kuasa sama) yang berada di pasaran Malaysia. Ha


Apr 5, 2021

The world doesn’t need manual cars anymore

Stalling engines, nerve-wracking hill starts, and jerky gear shifts are some of the memories you might have of obtaining your driver’s license. If you had taken your driver’s license prior to 2014, you had to do it with a manual transmission car. It most likely didn’t have power steering too. You didn’t have a choice. Today, a Malaysian driver’s license can be obtained either with a manual or an automatic car. While driving enthusiasts stand by the mantra that driving a manual makes you a better


Jul 24, 2020

Jaga-jaga penjenayah, kereta polis Proton X70 sudah mari!

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) sebelum ini melengkapkan senjata mereka dengan kuasa i-VTEC oleh Honda Civic polis yang sering dilihat sejak kebelakangan ini. Kini, giliran Proton X70 pula untuk mengukuhkan senjata polis di Malaysia. Seperti yang pernah dilaporkan, kita pernah melihat SUV kegemaran Malaysia dalam pakaian seragam polis. Terima kasih kepada rakan kami di Funtasticko, kini nampaknya SUV tersebut bakal digunakan secara umum. Berdasarkan gambar ini, SUV polis ini sedang dihantar oleh tr


Nov 13, 2020

Supra manual? Toyota Supra mungkin akan diberi transmisi manual

Mag X, satu publikasi Jepun telah melaporkan yang kotak gear manual sedang “dalam persiapan” untuk Toyota Supra A90. Kotak gear manual ini dijangka untuk membuatkan coupe terkenal ini lebih menarik dan menyeronokkan untuk dipandu. Belum ada maklumat terperinci tentang kotak gear manual ini. Buat masa ini, Toyota Supra A90 menggunakan transmisi automatik 8 kelajuan dengan ‘shift paddles’. Awal tahun ini, Toyota telah memperkenalkan varian asas Toyota Supra iaitu turbo B48 4 silinder bersama-sama


Jul 29, 2020

Proton S50 ada peluang tak di Malaysia? Civic terlalu hebat, Binrui pula lemah

Mula-mula sekali, kami nak anda tahu yang Proton S50 tak wujud. Ia hanyalah salah satu nama dalam senarai plat nama/’nameplates’ yang ditanda-dagang oleh Proton, bersama-sama dengan Proton V70 dan Proton C50. Tapi, kami tahu rakyat Malaysia ada minat yang tinggi terhadap perkara-perkara berkaitan Proton dan kini S50 pantas menjadi topik popular yang baru untuk dijadikan ‘makanan’ peminat-peminat jenama P1 ini. Netizen di Malaysia seperti sudah membuat konklusi sendiri yang Proton S50 akan menjad


Feb 2, 2021

Pakistan launching Proton Saga this month with smaller engine, manual and 4AT options

The Proton Saga is set to be launched in the Pakistani market soon. According to a source, CBU units of the Saga have arrived in the country. A cross check with the Proton Pakistan website reveals that the Saga is indeed listed, albeit without a price yet. Also read: Closer Look: 2021 Proton Saga R3 Limited Edition - still worthy of the R3 badge? While it is largely the same car we Malaysians get, the CBU Pakistan Proton Saga gets a slighty smaller engine, and we mean slightly. It's still a 1.3-


Mar 10, 2021