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Recaro Kids kini dibuka di One Utama, ibu bapa sila bersedia!

Jenama Recaro mungkin sebuah jenama yang terkenal dalam kalangan penggemar dan penggiat industri permotoran tempatan. Tempat duduk Recaro ini teruji dan terbukti dalam pelbagai arena permotoran dan turut digunakan dalam edisi terhad Proton Wira dan Proton Satria. Apa yang lebih menarik, Recaro kini telah berkembang menjadi sebuah jenama untuk kerusi tolak (stroller dan buggies) untuk kanak-kanak. Di Malaysia, Recaro mengembangkan jenama kerusi tolak ini melalui Recaro Kids. Recaro Kids kini memb


Feb 19, 2021

Scored a used child car seat? Have you checked the expiry date?

With the Road and Transport Department (JPJ) waiting for the official green light to start issuing fines for not using a child car seat, many parents are rushing to purchase a seat to avoid needing to pay the expensive fine. But unfortunately, many are looking to second-hand child seats or hand-me-downs from friends and families. Did you know that these child car seats have an expiry date? Yes, all child car seats have an expiry date or shelf life as we call it. There are many factors contributi


Aug 8, 2020

War of the MPVs with rear-seat entertainment!

Rear seat entertainment display is a luxury that many of us would perceive as a rich man’s toy. Most of us would have the pleasure of pulling up next to a Toyota Alphard or a Vellfire spy a drop down screen behind the driver’s seat (more often than not playing cartoons) and a collective audience tentatively watching. While rear seat entertainment is rather common as an after market accessory, cars like the Kia Grand Carnival and the Nissan Serena S-Hybrid come with one built-in from the factory.


Oct 25, 2019

Owner Review: My Suzuki Swift - What it's like owning the car for 7 years

** This article is the personal experience of a 2007 Suzuki Swift owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Hoo SH Suzuki wants redemption When Suzuki announced their new distributor for Malaysian market back in 2005, they know they are going against the guns of Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Suzuki had launched the new Swift back in 2004 for the European and Japanese market, where it’s praised by media and test drivers. Back then, I was still in my school days and not knowing about

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 14, 2020

MIROS: Only 11% of Malaysians use rear seat belts

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has announced their plans to restart campaigns to educate the public on the importance of using rear seat belts. The strategic plan will take place in stages starting from school level to public and private agencies. MIROS chairman Datuk Suret Singh told Bernama that although the rear seat belt regulation was implemented over a decade ago since 2009, the institute discovered that only 11 percent of Malaysian road users wear rear seat belts. Mos


Mar 13, 2021

JPJ waiting for green light from Transport Ministry to enforce child seat rule

Though the child car seat policy was introduced in January 2020, the Road and Transport Department (JPJ) has yet to fully enforce the use of it in private cars so far. According to a report by Bernama, JPJ is currently just waiting for the green light from the Transport Ministry to do so. As we reported late last year, the child car seat or child restraint system (CRS) rule will start effect in January 2020. But, then Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, directed JPJ to implement an advocacy progra


Jul 28, 2020

No summonses will be issued for child seat usage but you’ll be warned

The policy for mandatory child seat usage will soon take effect come January 2020, but the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is going lenient with the annoucement that they will not be taking drastic penalising actions as of yet. Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced at the Dewan Rakyat recently that he has directed the JPJ to hold off penalising drivers who has yet to conform to the child seat policy for at least 6 months. Instead of summonses, drivers will be issued warnings and reminders to


Nov 20, 2019

UMW Toyota Motor’s seat manufacturing subsidiary is now making PPE for Covid-19 frontliners

Toyota Boshoku UMW (TBU), the car seats and interior trim parts manufacturing subsidiary of UMW Toyota Motor, has manufactured and delivered more than 10,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Ministry of Health. Previously known as Toyota Seat Industries Malaysia (TSIM), TBU’s plant in Shah Alam manufactures seats for all locally-assembled Toyota cars in Malaysia, including the Vios, Yaris, Hilux, Fortuner, and Innova. Following the Movement Control Order, TBU has since scaled


Apr 24, 2020

Honda Jazz kini tular dengan praktikaliti tempat duduk ULTRA Seat!

Honda Jazz Honda Jazz bakal dikeluarkan dari pasaran Malaysia tidak lama lagi. Kekosongan tersebut bakal digantikan dengan Honda City Hatchback yang baru sahaja dilancarkan di Thailand pada bulan November lepas. Hal ini membawa kepada pendapat yang pelbagai oleh peminat dan pemilik kereta Honda. Walaubagaimanapun, seorang pengguna Facebook, Afiq Mes Wandi telah mengumpulkan beberapa gambar berikut bagi menunjukkan praktikaliti ULTRA Seats dalam Honda Jazz. Honda Jazz didatangkan dengan ULTRA Sea


Dec 24, 2020

Indonesia's 7-seat Hyundai Creta is coming to Malaysia in 2022, upsets Proton X50's export plans

The Hyundai Creta is a B-segment SUV aimed at emerging markets. Also known as the Hyundai ix25 in some markets, the Creta is positioned lower (and cheaper) than the same segment but more sophisticated Hyundai Kona. The Creta is also a twin of the Kia Seltos, as both cars share the same platform. Of course, being a B-segment SUV, it also competes against the Proton X50, and in Indonesia, the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross and Honda BR-V as well. We’ve already reported earlier that the Hyundai Creta wil


Dec 4, 2020

This is your chance to own Proton's best car, the Proton Satria R3!

Limited to just 150 units, the 2004 Proton Satria R3 isn’t something you find in a regular used car lot. Keep in mind that each and every unit of the Satria R3 received a number of improvements over the regular Satria, including a double-stitch welded chassis, retuned suspension, stronger brakes, and a tad bit more power. We've explained before why the Satria R3 is such a big deal here. But once in a blue moon (like now), a unit does surface for sale. As seen on Mudah, a seller has posted up his


Jun 22, 2020

Woman admits she was drunk while in driver's seat, hits 2 bikes

A woman driving a Toyota Vios was caught on camera admitting that she was drunk while in the driver’s seat before speeding off. The video of the incident was filmed in Taman Bukit Mulia, Bukit Antarabangsa went viral overnight. Harian Metro reports the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) have successfully tracked down the 52-year-old Vios driver. They are in the process of arresting the driver at the time of writing. Ampang Jaya police district chief, Asst Comm Mohamad Farouk Eshak confirms the incide


Mar 16, 2021

Pros and cons, 2018 Perodua Myvi: Why is it the best-selling car in Malaysia?

Perodua Myvi Ferrari F8 Spider, McLaren GT, 2018 Perodua Myvi, Lamborghini Huracan, etc. These are some of the finest supercars out there and that's why the Perodua Myvi is so successful. Jokes aside, the Perodua Myvi has been the best-selling car in Malaysia for a while now and Malaysians love it. But every now and again, we do get asked if the Perodua Myvi is a good choice. Well, why don’t we run through the things that make the Myvi such a compelling choice for so many, and talk about some of


May 16, 2020

Ismail Sabri: No seat restrictions in cars, viral video to be investigated for defamation

During the daily security briefing, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has clarified that there are no restrictions regarding seating in cars under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). “Time and time again I have been repeating this, when travelling in a car there is no ruling that requires one to be seated at the back while the other is in front driving. In fact, if they are from the same household, it is not necessary to wear a face mask in the car, it


Nov 12, 2020

Proton Putra, Satria GTI dan Wira 1.8 EXI – tiga jaguh Malaysia suatu ketika dahulu

Minggu lepas Proton baru saja melancarkan Proton Saga Edisi 35 Tahun bagi meraikan Proton Saga pertama yang dikeluarkan pada tahun 1985. Ada yang sukakannya, dan macam biasa ada saja ‘haters’ tegar Proton yang tak cukup jari mengutuk Proton dek kerana rasakan Saga Edisi 35 Tahun hanyalah ‘diubahsuai’ dengan aksesori tambahan yang boleh dibeli di kedai 'Abang' (Brother’s). Kami tak kata kami setuju seratus peratus, tetapi kalau anda rajin mengikuti perkembangan Proton sejak awal penubuhannya, mer

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Jul 17, 2020

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia brings your test drive car to your doorstep

Though all operations have returned to full capacity for Mitsubishi Motors showrooms, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) is still taking further safety steps by introducing a new Test Drive 2U online service. The new service is part of MMM’s continuous efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Test Drive 2U will see dedicated MMM sales consultants bringing the Mitsubishi vehicle you wish to test drive right to your doorstep. This will ke


May 19, 2020

Selling your car soon? Here's some low-cost ways to refresh your car's interior

Over the years of owning your car, the interior would have picked up a fair bit of dirt, in addition to the usual wear and tear. Here’s some quick and low-cost tips on how you can refresh your car’s interior and maximixe your car's value. A good cleaning does wonders First things first. You should give the interior a good cleaning. Take a microfibre cloth soaked in mild soap water and gently clean the plastic surfaces of your car’s interior. Afterwards, wipe the areas you washed earlier with a d


Apr 4, 2021

How to survive a car crash? Don't be stupid with your seatbelts

Have you ever come across kids jumping at the backseat of a car, while you’re stopped at a red light? This is one of my biggest driving pet peeves, people not wearing seatbelts whilst travelling in their cars. We have seen countless times, crashes on the road that have resulted in people getting flung out of their cars. Why? Plain and simple, they weren’t wearing their seatbelts. How can something so intrinsically simple to do become such a widely-ignored habit? Sadly, it’s down to both ignoranc


Jul 11, 2020

In a car with others during Covid-19? Follow this window opening tip

A research from Brown University has revealed that there is another effective way to reduce Covid-19 infection in cars than just opening all the windows. The trick is to control the airflow in the car by opening just 2 windows to create an air curtain free of virus particles. This new method would be a great help for drivers or even those who rely on taxis or e-hailing rides to get around, especially during this time when Malaysia is experiencing record high numbers of new infections. It is true


Feb 1, 2021

MIROS: Ban the sales of dangerous car accessories

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has urged the government to ban the sale of car accessories that could pose a fatal risk, especially in the event of a crash. According to Berita Harian, one such item is the dummy buckle, which was originally meant for plus-sized individuals, but has since been misused by people who refuses to buckle up while driving. By inserting the dummy buckle into the seat belt buckle, these drives can avoid the annoying chimes a modern car emits when


Jul 9, 2020

Covid-19: Can alcohol sanitizers be used to clean your car?

The answer is no, alcohol sanitizers or plain rubbing alcohol might be good products for disinfecting our bodies and household surfaces, but alcohol will damage the material that are used to build the interior of the car. After rubbing hand sanitizer that is largely made up of alcohol on your hands you feel a distinct dryness to your skin. That’s because alcohol dries up anything it comes in contact with. Since our car interiors are made up of materials such as leather, plastics, vinyl, and poly


Mar 24, 2020

Barang Rare: Proton Wira Tiang Gol untuk dijual. Lagenda tempatan, jangan lepaskan peluang!

Sebelum ini, kami pernah menulis mengenai triniti lagenda yang pernah dihasilkan oleh Proton. Salah satunya sudah tentulah Proton Wira 1.8 EXI atau turut dikenali sebagai Proton Wira Tiang Gol. Proton Wira 1.8 EXi LE (juga dikenali oleh peminat sebagai Wira C99) dibina khas untuk untuk memenuhi keperluan homologasi FIA (badan berkanun sukan permotoran dunia) yang memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya 2,500 unit untuk pasaran umum yang ditetapkan oleh World Rally Championship Group N. Pengeluaran model P


Sep 24, 2020

The Proton Putra, Satria GTI and Wira 1.8 EXI - once marvels of Malaysian motoring

Just last week, we saw the 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition made to celebrate the first Saga launched way back in 1985. Some liked it, but there also were critics that poked fun at Proton - thinking that the Saga is merely a cheap cash grab. Whether or not you liked it is another question, but it’s a fact that Proton had even hotter cars in their 37-year history, namely the Proton Putra, Satria GTI and Wira 1.8 Exi LE. Put side-by-side, each of them makes the Saga Anniversary edition look fa


Jul 19, 2020

BMW Malaysia has more subsidised child safety seats on offer for the B40 income group

BMW Malaysia first introduced their child safety seats subsidy programme in December 2019. Only 150 child seats were available at that time but BMW Malaysia received over 25,000 applicants. This has prompted the company to put plans of a second phase of the programme in to action. The subsidy programme is part of BMW Malaysia’s BMW Safety 360-degree initiative in partnership with the Safe ‘n Sound Childline Foundation. BMW Malaysia hopes to help out parents of the B40 income group by making chil


May 25, 2020

2020 Honda City gets Japan tuner RS-R treatment

While we’re eagerly waiting for the all-new 2020 Honda City to arrive in Malaysia, owners of the fifth-generation Honda City in Thailand have been getting creative with it. RS-R is a modification and tuning company based in Japan and has graced the Honda City with some flashy bits. The whole car gets RS-R livery, a front bumper lip, side skirts, and new wheels with sticky rubbers. It is also lowered, which could be achieved through RS-R coilovers. Inside, there’s a pair of Recaro seats replacing


Apr 17, 2020

Owner Review: My "Abah-Abah's car" – A pilot feeling being in a Honda Civic FB

** This article is the personal experience of a 2015 Honda Civic 2.0S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Mat Nasir ↓↓↓ Press Here To Share Your Story ↓↓↓ About my Honda Civic If we story about Honda’s car, I’m pretty sure what crossed in our minds was the Civic. The Honda Civic is not the first model of Honda but Civic makes Honda become famous. Almost 20 million units sold worldwide and this C segment Sedan become number 1 in Malaysia. Now I drive a 2015 Honda

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 27, 2020

Owner Review: Looking for the perfect daily car - Story of my Proton Saga

** This article is the personal experience of a 2018 Proton Saga 1.3L Premium CVT owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Xavier Pang First, a huge thanks to WapCar for accepting my request to join the owner group and allow me to share my story, as part of a growing movement on real cars, real story sharing. I have always wanted to do a sharing like this, where real owners share real experiences on their rides. As I myself very much enjoy such sharing, it is right o

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 11, 2020

This Rolls-Royce Cullinan model is the most expensive toy car in the world

This toy is not for those aged 21 and below as it will set you back at least $14,000 to own one. You certainly do not want a 5-year-old ruining your one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Cullinan scale model at all. Like all Rolls-Royces, no two models are the exact same. That’s right, this scale model of the Cullinan is entirely customisable and bespoke. Customers can customise everything from which side the driver’s seat should be, right down to the colour of the seat belt. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan scale


Jun 20, 2020

New CMCO SOP: 3 people from the same household in car allowed

Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that the National Security Council (MKN) has agreed to allow up to 3 people from the same household in a car throughout the rest of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). There is still no restriction on passengers seating in a car even with the update of this CMCO standard operating procedure (SOP). Previously, when CMCO was reinstated in October the SOP regarding travelling via cars were limited to 2 people per


Nov 13, 2020

My New Car: I would take this car over the Proton X50 anytime - My story of buying the 2020 Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV 2020 Time of purchase: 9th November 2020 Price of vehicle: RM73,226.00 Reasons why I bought this car I needed a larger car with bigger boot space to carry around loads to deliver to my customer, which I find it hard to do that with my previous car, the infamous Perodua Axia Standard G 2016 as the boot space

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Dec 5, 2020