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PPP number plate bidding breaks JPJ record with close to RM 7.3 million collected

Between November 5th to 9th, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) opened bidding for PPP number plate registration and accumulated almost RM 7.3 million with 11,718 bidders, that's a new record for JPJ. The highest bid is, of course, for the number plate PPP1 which was rumoured to have been bought by badminton star Lee Chong Wei’s brother, Lee Chong Hoon, for RM 260,000. That’s the price of a Mazda MX-5! Or you can purchase 4 Perodua Myvis and still have change. PPP9 is the second most expensive


Nov 11, 2020

You can now make a complain about fancy car number plates to JPJ's complain centre

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is asking for the help of all road users to report any customised car number plates that do not follow the JPJ regulated specifications. In just the first 5 months of 2020, JPJ has issued a total of 12,694 notices to car owners for using a number plate that is not up to the JPJ regulated specifications. JPJ also reports that they have compounded 7,455 cars between January and May for the same reason. For years, customised, or also known as “fancy”, number plat


Jun 19, 2020

JPJ gegar Puspakom Selangor, separuh dari pemegang trade plate salahguna lesen!

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Negeri Selangor telah mengadakan Ops Trade Plate yang bertujuan untuk mengesan penyalahgunaan trade plate pada kenderaan tertentu. Operasi ini telah diketuai oleh Tn Mohamad Hafiz bin Usman, Ketua Bahagian Penguatkuasa dan anggota Unit Operasi, Unit Penguatkuasaan Overloading serta Unit Penguatkuasaan Bermotosikal JPJ Negeri Selangor. Trade plate adalah lesen perdagangan kenderaan motor yang diberikan kepada syarikat untuk kegunaan perniagaan. Syarikat yang dibenarkan


Mar 29, 2021

Standardised number plates for Malaysian cars – 20 years later, still nothing to show

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development said that the Ministry of Transport will table a new bill to replace vehicle stickers for persons with disabilities with a special number plate. One week earlier, the Johor state police announced a crackdown on vehicles with ‘fancy’ vehicle number plates – plates that don’t meet JPJ’s standards. The bigger question is, why after more than 20 years, Malaysia still can’t enforce standardized vehicle number plates? Proposals


Dec 27, 2020

Tun M receives delivery of his Perodua Ativa; Check out that number plate!

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has always been at the forefront of encouraging Malaysians in innovation, especially in the automotive industry. Today he revealed that he has just received delivery of his brand new Perodua Ativa with a number plate 2020. In case you’re from a different generation, Tun M introduced Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) in 1991, during his first term as Prime Minister of Malaysia. The vision was an encouragement for our country to achieve a self-sufficient indu


Apr 14, 2021

Selangor JPJ cracks down on improper use of vehicle trade plates

The Selangor Road Transport Department (JPJ) has started the crack down on the improper use of JPJ issued trade plates on the road. Also read: 157 clone vehicles in Kelantan seized by JPJ, up to RM 20k fines and jail time The Enforcement Unit is assisted by members of the Operation Unit, Overloading Enforcement Unit, and the Motorcycle Enforcement Unit of the Selangor JPJ office. Motor Vehicle Trade Licenses (LPKM) or better known as ‘trade plates’ are issued by JPJ to enable vehicles without a


Mar 29, 2021

What's the history behind Malaysian number plates?

The ubiquitous number plate. These little black and white boxes on every road-going vehicle may seem like a boring topic to explore but look beyond the regulative reasons behind them and they actually have a pretty fascinating history. What purpose does it serve? Simple, really. It's a result of transportation being more accessible, and the government needs a way to regulate and control the vehicles pootling around. They're useful because in the event of an accident or a crime, authorities could


Sep 13, 2020

In Vietnam standardised number plates is a must, this is how drivers are avoiding surveillance

Now that Vietnam has introduced a new camera surveillance system on one of their highways, drivers are doing their best to avoid getting caught by masking their number plates or even using fake ones to cover up their original license plates. The new surveillance system was installed on the Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway, the system is similar to that of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera system in China. Unlike in Malaysia, Vietnam has a standardised number plate system so it is


Jan 6, 2021

Buying a used car? Here's how to check for unpaid summons

So, you've found the used car of your dreams, sent it to your trusted mechanic and even got the green light from Puspakom to transfer to name over to you. But wait, have you checked if the car has any unpaid traffic summons attached to it? Surprisingly, this is a step that most used car buyers would miss on. Excited car buyers will find themselves facing a roadblock when they realise that JPJ will not transfer the car to them as the previous owner has outstanding traffic summons that has yet to


Nov 4, 2020

Government to introduce OKU number plates to replace OKU stickers

The National Council of Persons with Disabilities (MKBOKU) has approved the plan to change disabled person sticker to a special vehicle number plate instead as is suggested by the Ministry of Transport. According to a press release, applications for the disabled person’s number plate with the Social Welfare Department is now open. Those that are eligible to register for a disabled plate is as listed below: Physical disability A sub-category of learning disability – ADHD Autistic Multiple categor


Dec 23, 2020

PDRM declares support to implement number plates for bicycles

Back in September, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) issued a proposal to implement a licensing system for bicycles as a means to compile a database of the number of bicycles and cyclists. The idea was quickly shot down by various ministers, but now The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has declared their support for the proposal in a TV interview. Bukit Aman Traffic Investigations and Enforcement chief assistant director Bakri Zainal Abidin told RTM that the move was timely an


Dec 28, 2020

All JPJ offices to resume operations starting 18 May 2020

The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) has announced that they will be reopening counters and services come 18 May 2020. Previously, all JPJ offices were ordered to close during the second week of the Movement Control Order. This was due to the overwhelming number of people still going to the offices despite the warning to stay home and avoid crowded areas. Now that the government has implemented a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, ha


May 15, 2020

The 1951 Nash Rambler: A car you should know during the Malaysia Day

The 1951 Nash Rambler is on display at Publika (Ends Sept 16), in KL. If you are in KL, then you should seize the last chance to the Hari Malaysia and Publika Art Show to see rare national artefacts! The Hari Malaysia exhibition is a collaboration between Publika and the National Archives of Malaysia. Among all, the 1951 Nash Rambler is particularly eye-catching. The car exhibited was used by Tunku Abdul Rahman to announce the country’s independence in Melaka on Feb 20, 1956. The story behind th


Sep 16, 2019

Tun M checks out some restored Proton Sagas; Confirms Perodua Ativa is his own car

After showing off his brand new Perodua Ativa, a car that he confirmed in this video is his own purchase, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed is now checking out some restored Proton Sagas. Also read: Tun M receives delivery of his Perodua Ativa; Check out that number plate! Two cars were on display, a standard 1989 Proton Saga and a 1986 Proton Saga Orion. The green car (WBH 5581) is the first generation Orion engine model, while the red car (WBT 2289) is a later model with a newer Ma


Apr 16, 2021

157 clone vehicles in Kelantan seized by JPJ, up to RM 20k fines and jail time

Since 2016, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) in Kelantan has seized as many as 157 clone cars, including 8 cars seized this year (to date) and 11 cars last year. Clone cars may appear attractive with low prices but it’s actually a thorn in the flesh. For those who buy clone cars thinking they are safe because they live in a secluded area, think again. Director of JPJ in Kelantan, Hanif Yusabra Yusuf, said the owners of clone cars who were caught are aged between 25 to 45. They were willing to


Mar 18, 2021

Road tax paid to JPJ don’t go to road maintenance, so what are we paying for?

Most of us take it for granted that road tax, by virtue of its name, goes directly into maintenance of non-tolled roads, but that's actually not true. Instead, road tax is just yet another channel of government revenue, and it's not used exclusively for road maintenance. Which begs the obvious question, what are we paying for then? Before we go further and for the benefit of those who missed our last article, here's some background. The former Director General of MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Ro


Jan 10, 2021

Changing your car's colour? Read this JPJ guide first

No matter the reason, repainting your car to a new colour is something we have to declare to the Road Transport Department (JPJ). So, what are the procedures to do so? JPJ released a convenient guide on their Facebook page to inform us what are the steps we have to take when changing our car colour. Also read: JPJ counters in MCO states will be limited to just 3 services 1. Repaint your car No, you don’t have to get permission from JPJ to repaint your car. You can go ahead and repaint your car b


Mar 23, 2021

Nombor plat seragam di Malaysia – dah 20 tahun, kenapa masih belum dikuatkuasa?

Awal minggu lepas, Kementerian Wanita, Keluarga dan Pembangunan Masyarakat berkata yang Kementerian Pengangkutan akan menggubal akta baru bagi menggantikan pelekat Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) dengan nombor plat khas. Pada minggu sebelumnya, polis negeri Johor melancarkan operasi khas bagi membanteras penggunaan plat nombor pendaftaran yang ‘fancy’ iaitu nombor plat yang tidak menepati standard JPJ. Persoalannya di sini ialah, kenapa setelah lebih 20 tahun, Malaysia belum lagi dapat menguatkuasakan


Jan 2, 2021

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 10, 2019)

Today is Tuesday, Sep. 10 Local News Volvo Car Malaysia adds one more 3S centre in Johor Following its earlier announcement in August, Pekin Auto Sdn. Bhd.’s Volvo Car 3S Centre in Skudai is now open for business. This will be Volvo Car Malaysia's second dealer in Johor. The other dealer is located in Batu Pahat, operated by AJ Premium. In total, Volvo Car Malaysia now has 12 outlets in the country. More on: Volvo Car Malaysia adds one more 3S centre in Johor Kia opens new 3S centre in Tampoi Na


Sep 10, 2019

JPJ waiting for green light from Transport Ministry to enforce child seat rule

Though the child car seat policy was introduced in January 2020, the Road and Transport Department (JPJ) has yet to fully enforce the use of it in private cars so far. According to a report by Bernama, JPJ is currently just waiting for the green light from the Transport Ministry to do so. As we reported late last year, the child car seat or child restraint system (CRS) rule will start effect in January 2020. But, then Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, directed JPJ to implement an advocacy progra


Jul 28, 2020

Scored a used child car seat? Have you checked the expiry date?

With the Road and Transport Department (JPJ) waiting for the official green light to start issuing fines for not using a child car seat, many parents are rushing to purchase a seat to avoid needing to pay the expensive fine. But unfortunately, many are looking to second-hand child seats or hand-me-downs from friends and families. Did you know that these child car seats have an expiry date? Yes, all child car seats have an expiry date or shelf life as we call it. There are many factors contributi


Aug 8, 2020

JPJ summons lazy driving school teacher for endangering students’ lives

A driving school teacher in Seberang Perai was issued a summons by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for leaving students unattended during driving practice. According to the JPJ State Director, Adenan Md. Isa, the authorities discovered the offence when they conducted a surprise inspection at the driving institute located in Seberang Jaya. Adenan told Kosmo! Online that leaving students to learn unattended is very dangerous as an accident could happen due to the student’s lack of experience.


Mar 15, 2021

JPJ celebrate Merdeka with 70% discount on summonses

As part of Merdeka month celebration, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has declared a special 70 percent discount on all compoundable summonses. Transport Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong said that the special discount will run throughout the month of August. All summonses paid during the time period will be given a 70 percent discount. “The discount is given to all compoundable summonses issued by JPJ and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) for offences under the Road Transport Act and Comme


Jul 29, 2020

Potongan 70% untuk saman JPJ sempena bulan kemerdekaan!

Dalam suatu kenyataan yang mengejut, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan telah mengumumkan potongan sebanyak 70% sempena bulan kemerdekaan. Laporan tersebut memetik kenyataan Menteri Pengangkutan, Dr Wee Ka Siong yang menyebut bahawa potongan tersebut bakal diadakan sepanjang bulan kemerdekaan. "Potongan harga diberikan kepada semua saman dan kompaun yang dikeluarkan oleh JPJ dan Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) atas kesalahan di bawah Akta Pengangkutan Jalan dan Akta Lembaga Perlesenan Kendera


Jul 29, 2020

VIN, it's your car's 'IC number' and here's how to find it

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘chassis number’ before, but what does it mean? Officially, ‘chassis number’ should be called Vehicle Identification Number, VIN for short. Think of VIN as the identification number for your car, as each car has a unique number, much like our Identification Card (IC). Similar to our IC, the vehicle's VIN contains a bunch of useful information, like fitted options to the vehicle, body colour, and origin of vehicle. A VIN that starts with PL to PR would indicate t


Oct 19, 2019

Jual nombor plat sahaja, JPJ kaut untung RM 4.1 bilion!

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Malaysia telah mengaut pendapatan sebanyak RM 4.1 bilion untuk tahun lalu. Pencapaian ini adalah hasil kutipan JPJ ebid dan perkhidmatan lain yang ditawarkan, Bagi anda yang belum tahu, JPJ eBid adalah perkhidmatan bidaan nombor secara dalam talian. Anda hanya perlu masuk ke laman sesawang dan bida mana-mana nombor pendaftaran kenderaan yang anda suka. JPJ eBid menawarkan ketelusan bidaan bermula dari transaksi pendaftaran sehinggalah pembayaran dibuat. Menurut K


Apr 8, 2021

JPJ tawar diskaun saman sehingga 70% bermula esok!

Mulai esok, segala saman yang berkait dengan Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) yang boleh dikompaun termasuk kes yang masih dalam tindakan senarai hitam boleh diselesaikan dengan diskaun sehingga 70%. Pengurangan saman kali ini ditawarkan selama dua bulan. Sejak tahun 2010 hingga bulan lepas, sebanyak 3.5 juta sama aktif masih belum diselesaikan. Bagaimanapun, pengurangan saman ini tidak termasuk untuk kes di dalam sebutan mahkamah. Menurut Kementerian Pengangkutan, pembayaran saman yang tertungg


Apr 12, 2021

Perlis JPJ Deputy Director arrested for lorry protection syndicate involvement

Another arrest has been made during the ongoing Op Sukat investigations in Perlis. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council (MACC) arrested the Deputy Director of the Perlis state Road Transport Department (JPJ) on Saturday on suspicion of his involvement with a lorry protection syndicate. Previously, it was reported that the 44 individuals, 32 were JPJ officers, were arrested for their involvement with a syndicate that offers protection to lorry drivers and their operators. Also read: 32 JPJ offic


Mar 22, 2021

1,200 JPJ officers deployed to enforce MCO SOPs

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has deployed a total of 1,200 officers in order to aid the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) during the reinstated Movement Control Order (MCO). This collaboration is part of the efforts to help PDRM monitor the traffic situation as they work to ensure all residents within areas that are currently observing MCO and Conditional MCO adhere to the strict standard operating procedures (SOP). Duties that the JPJ officers will be carrying out include patrolling the main


Jan 18, 2021

JPJ dress code reminder: leave those ripped jeans at home!

The Road Transport Department has issued a reminder on the dress code when visiting a JPJ office. Fashionably ripped jeans are part of the list of clothing items that are not recommended to be worn at a JPJ office. Other clothing items forbidden at JPJ offices include the usual shorts (this includes your sports and “fashionable” bicycle shorts), slippers, and sleeveless shirts. For ladies, the department’s infographic also reminds you that skirts that end above the knee are not allowed as well.


Jan 19, 2021