2019 Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TFSI quattro sport User Reviews

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1.Good acquisition price for the 2019 model (landed Malaysia in October 2019) 2.Abundance of style and sportiness 3.German-level build quality; solid as a rock 4.Coupe good looks but 4 door practicality 5.Virtual cockpit is wonderful and navigation can take over the entire binnacle 6.Massive boot: 480 litres, with a huge opening due to hatch design 7.Stability at high speed and taking bends is unbelievable; augmented by superb seats (with massage function for both front seats)
1.Headroom, due to my height and preference for high setting for the seats 2.Rear windows go down only half way 3.Lack of AEB; lack of blind spot monitoring and lane departure are non-issues for me


While the boot is massive, I gripe only about headroom, but also because I insist on the highest seat setting; the coupe roofline impacts that space.  


252HP and 370Nm ensure that power is available when required. On Dynamic mode, this engine combines superbly with the 7-speed S Tronic dual-clutch tranny and Quattro set up. This car is fast.  

Ride & Handling

Stability at high speed and taking bends is unbelievable.  

Fuel Economy

The TFSI engine is frugal when driven normal to moderately aggressive, thanks to the dual-injection engine; that delivers the balance of power and economy really well.


The build quality is German level, and to be fair, Audi probably is better at this than other contis (definitely better than my previous F1 520d). Button tactility is as expected. The seats are very well designed and comfortable.  


The car with the doors open and windows down gives you a Monte Carlo drive feel; those frameless doors oozes style. The way the shoulder line flow from the front end to the rear end accentuates the car’s length; Navarra Blue accentuates this line.  


The cabin’s virtual cockpit is really modern, and I love that the entire screen can show the navigation map (although its less luxurious cousin, the Passat, is better at this as the dials become a flat box at the bottom instead of smaller dials on each side). Despite criticism of the touchpad on the MMI dial for right-handers, I found it very easy to use when entering phone numbers.  

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