Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed

Jerrica · Sep 25, 2021 09:00 AM

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 01

The age-old argument over reverse parking or forward parking is very much like the argument on whether 0.05 or 0.07 pencil lead size is better. For those who would argue forward parking is better, we’re here to refute your argument on why reverse parking is better for everyone.

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 02

Easier to manoeuvre into tight spots

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Did you know that it is easier to manoeuvre cars in tight spots when in reverse? For example, forklifts are steered by its rear wheels to make them more manoeuvrable. 

When trying to get into a tight parking lot, it is easier to pivot the back end of the car around to enter the space. This is why drivers in countries like Singapore and Japan, where the population is dense and there’s a space constraint, prefer to reverse park rather than forward park.

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Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 01

Ease of exiting

If you reverse park, it also makes exiting the parking space easier, especially in a high traffic area. When your car is facing forwards, you won’t be limited to your body movements and your view won’t be blocked by the rest of the car, especially by the chunky C-pillar.

You can easily see any fast-moving traffic as you are exiting the parking lot and brake in time to avoid any fast-moving cars. It would also make it easier to creep forward and slot your car in line in cases where there is standstill traffic right in front of your parking lot.

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 02

Personal safety first

Reverse parking would also be safer for you personally, especially for women. You would have a clear view of your surroundings and will immediately be able to see if anybody is approaching you after you’ve parked or about to enter your car.

If say, you do notice a suspicious person, you can easily get back in the car and drive out.

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My colleague Adrian has also highlighted that reverse parking into the house will allow you to keep an eye on whether any strangers would enter the house while you’re waiting for the auto gates to close.

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 03

When in an emergency…

The same applies in emergencies, you just need to glance around to check if the coast is clear and drive out immediately. There is no need to check multiple times before stepping on the throttle to creep out of the parking lot. 

Companies that are involved in heavy industries like oil and gas sector have strict reverse parking only rules in their car park. This is part of their occupational safety standards to ensure employees and visitors alike can make an easy escape in the event of an emergency. 

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 04

Passive-aggressive way of deterring thieves

Reverse parking will also deter thieves from breaking into the boot, especially when you’re parked against the wall.

Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 05

Easier access to the car battery

While it is recommended to keep tabs on your car's battery life, there are unfortunate times when your battery would unexpectedly become flat because you forgot to turn off your headlights.

In times like this, you will need to jump-start your car and reverse parking will allow you easier access to your car battery.

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Reverse parking may actually save you from being robbed 06


Unlike in the United States, there is no specific law where you are forced to either reverse or forward park in Malaysia. We’re free to choose whichever way to perpendicular park our cars, however, we just strongly recommend reverse parking for the safety of the community.

So, if you still haven't gotten the hang of reverse parking, then we suggest you start practicing right away! You'll get the hang of it in no time. 

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