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2020 Honda City gets Japan tuner RS-R treatment

While we’re eagerly waiting for the all-new 2020 Honda City to arrive in Malaysia, owners of the fifth-generation Honda City in Thailand have been getting creative with it. RS-R is a modification and tuning company based in Japan and has graced the Honda City with some flashy bits. The whole car gets RS-R livery, a front bumper lip, side skirts, and new wheels with sticky rubbers. It is also lowered, which could be achieved through RS-R coilovers. Inside, there’s a pair of Recaro seats replacing


Apr 17, 2020

In Japan, a Mugen Honda Civic Type R is RM50k cheaper than a standard FK8 in Malaysia

We recently paid visit to famed Honda tuner Mugen’s headquarters in Asaka city in Japan. Behind the walls of this nondescript building bearing the subtle ‘M-Tec’ signboard - the name of Mugen’s holding company - was where many legendary F1 engines of the glorious naturally aspirated V10 era were built. Today, Mugen is no longer in F1, having vacated the spot to make way for Honda’s re-entry into the sport. Instead, it participates in Super GT and Japanese Super Formula Championship (formerly For


Oct 30, 2019

NISMO Heritage Parts adds new R32, R33, R34 Skyline GT-R parts to lineup

In case you are not aware, in 2017 Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) announced that they will be remanufacturing genuine replacement parts for the legendary R32, R33, and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. The NISMO Heritage Parts program is designed to allow owners to maintain and enjoy driving their Skyline GT-R for a long time and connect the passion to the next generation of family members. Recently, NISMO added 21 new items for the R32, 24 for R33 and 11 items for the R34 chassis, with a major

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 30, 2020

Honda Jazz Type R is possible, if there are 10,000 orders, at least

Talks of a Honda Jazz Type R surface every now and then and Honda’s stance on the matter have always been the same – that’s it is possible, but there are no immediate plans for it. Recently, the topic surfaced again after AutoCar UK published a quote from the Jazz’s Large Project Leader Takeki Tanaka saying “There are no plans to launch a sporty version of the Jazz.“ He also added, “However, when you consider the customer profile in Asia, they tend to love driving dynamically, so there are alway


Apr 2, 2020

Mugen is founded by Mr. Honda’s only son Hirotoshi, and this is his story

Mugen is synonymous with Honda, but not quite in the same way Gazoo Racing is with Toyota or STi is with Subaru. This is despite the fact that Mugen has a much longer history – since 1973 - and is the only one who can boast of victories in Formula One (1999, Jordan-Honda). For many people in this part of the world, their first encounter with the Mugen brand is on some tacky stickers on a badly modified Honda, partly because Mugen is independent from Honda, which also means that it doesn't benefi


Nov 9, 2019

The Type R few remember – Honda Accord Type R

The Type R is a legendary badge. Originally focusing on minimizing weight and maximising performance potential, the Honda Type Rs often represent the ultimate form of the regular cars they are based on (with the exception of the NSX which was beyond a regular car). Ever since the first Type R badge was placed on the NSX in 1992, it has been on a grand total of 4 cars which are the NSX, Integra, Accord, and Civic. Only the Civic Type R is still in production. But an Accord Type R, you might wonde

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 18, 2020

Sayonara Honda NSX - Honda discontinues the hybrid supercar in Japan

The Honda NSX is coming to an end, at least in Japan. According to Japanese media, Honda has announced that it is discontinuing sales of the reborn supercar in the Land of the Rising Sun. This doesn’t mean that the second-generation’s time is up. The current NSX is still being produced at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, USA. The second-gen NSX was launched in 2016 after numerous concepts were shown. Though it is powered by a V6 engine like its legendary predecessor, tha

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 17, 2021

Honda Civic Type R Sport Line deletes the ridiculous rear spoiler and red seats

The Honda Civic Type R (FK8) is the most accomplished and talented CTR ever made, with numerous circuit lap records under its belt. There’s no denying its credentials as a worthy track weapon but more importantly, it’s also the most forgiving CTR ever made. It’s the duality of the FK8 that captured the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of one. However, we know of people who stopped short at putting their money down on one simply because of its overly loud exterior

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Feb 20, 2020

Thailand announces 8-year tax breaks for EV investments, now including bikes and ships

The Thailand government is working overtime to move the country’s automotive industry from away from its current reputation as ‘Detroit of the East,’ which carries with it an image of it being a very truck-centric industry. Although Thailand is now also a regional manufacturing hub for A/B segment cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage/Attrage as well as the Toyota Vios/Yaris Ativ, Honda City, and Nissan Almera. Thailand is very well aware of its neighbour Indonesia’s ambitions in manufacturing electri


Nov 5, 2020

Honda modifies Step WGN and Odyssey to transport Covid-19 patients in Japan

Honda Motor’s headquarters in Tokyo has announced that it will be stepping in to assist local authorities in Tokyo in transporting mildly ill patients living within Tokyo’s Minato and Shibuya district. Honda will be providing specially modified units of Step WGN and Odyssey minivans for non-emergency medical transport purposes. The vehicles will have a partition installed between the first row seats and the rear, while the climate control has been modified to maintain a constant negative pressur


Apr 15, 2020

Keep it real: how to know if your accessories are original?

From aftermarket wheels, seats to steering wheels - chances are you can pick out a couple of modified cars just by looking around you. Check when you’re out and about, and you’ll see I’m right. Us Malaysians are a creative bunch, and it’s only natural that trickles down to our cars. As much as it’s cool to make the cars we drive truly our own, there are plenty of enthusiasts who go for low-quality, fake accessories. Sure, there are some people who ignorantly choose to get them, but a good majori


Jul 11, 2020

Honda shifts away from UK plant, to produce more models in Japan

Some iterations of the next-generation Honda Civic could be totally be homegrown models as Honda has decided to transfer some production from the United Kingdom to Japan. The Swindon plant currently produces the Civic hatchback and the Type R - be it for sale within Europe or beyond (the Type Rs we get are made there) among others. The plant is also shutting down in 2021. This decision comes as the UK is set to leave the European Union. As such, the British and Japanese governments are reportedl


Aug 26, 2020

Scissor-doors, 200 PS, and made by an auto parts shop! The ASL Garaiya

If you’re a big fan of JDMs, you probably heard of Autobacs, that legendary one-stop Japanese auto parts shop. They even have a couple of stores here, in Klang and Johor Bahru. But this isn’t a history lesson on the formation of Autobacs, but rather one of the most obscure sports cars ever made. But before we dive into it, let’s bring out Tommy. Tommykaira to be precise. The Japanese tuner was founded by Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira in 1968 but it wasn’t until 1987 when the tuner company lau

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 30, 2020

COTY 2020: Honda Accord vs Volkswagen Passat, which is your favourite D-segment sedan?

There was a time when the Volkswagen Passat was priced closer to a BMW 3 Series or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and a brand-new Honda Accord can be bought for less than RM 150k. Today though, prices for these two have pretty much equalized. The 2020 Honda Accord 1.5 TC-P is priced at RM 187,390 (0% SST) while the 2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line is priced at RM 204,433 (0% SST). Both the 2020 Honda Accord and 2020 Volkswagen Passat made it into our very own shortlist for Car of the Year awards. We love


Jan 2, 2021

Too bad we can’t travel to Japan to see this cool Honda Civic exhibit

Though we can now travel across other states (with permission), we still can’t go overseas. This means that Malaysians are really missing out on this wonderful Honda Civic exhibit currently held in the Honda Collection Hall in Tochigi, within the grounds of Honda's Twin Ring Motegi Circuit Also read: Interstate travel allowed in states under RMCO, but only through travel agencies The Honda Civic will be turning 50 in 2022 and though that is a number worth celebrating, Honda Japan has been runnin

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 12, 2021

Here's how important the Honda Civic EK is  - without it, there'd be no Civic Type R

Ahh, the Honda Civic. Like it or not, everyone’s heard of them and chances you may have even considered one - brand new or otherwise. Sure, they’ve got their fair share of stereotypes (ahem, budak lambang H) but you can’t deny they’re damn good at what they do. Runs practically forever, parts are cheap enough to source and most generations still look the part. Jason thinks that the FD is the greatest Civic ever. Agreeable? Maybe. But you can't deny how instrumental the sixth-generation was to th


Aug 8, 2020

Counterfeit vs original spare parts: How to tell?

On the surface, the air filter and spark plug you bought from your neighbourhood spare parts shop look just like the original item, except that you’ve paid just a fraction of the price you would have otherwise paid at an authorised service centre. But little do you know, the spare parts you just bought are in fact counterfeit items, not original as what the shop owner told you. Counterfeit spare parts have been floating around in the market for the longest time, but how do you identify which is


May 4, 2020

2020 Toyota GR Yaris launched in Japan – Smaller, more special rival to the Civic Type R

Toyota has officially launched the totally bonkers GR Yaris hot hatch in Japan. The Toyota GR Yaris is conceived as a vehicle that “anyone can drive the way they want with peace of mind on any road in the world”. Now, that’s a mission statement that I can abide by. The GR Yaris is developed together with the Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team and is the first Toyota developed with the reversed concept of turning a motorsports car into a production car. The Japanese GR Yaris will be available i

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 7, 2020

How to get your car loan approved? Here are 5 things that affect your chances

In 1949, the loan tenure for a VW Beetle was 12 months with an interest rate of 9 % per annum. Things have changed. In Malaysia today, car loan tenures are usually of 5,7, or even 9 years with interest rates hovering around 3% per annum (calculated on principal). Cars are getting more expensive and are almost impossible to purchase without using a loan. But is taking a car loan a bad financial decision? Well, it depends on your financial circumstances (mainly your income), how much you benefit f


Jan 28, 2021

German cars are better? Korean cars are bad? Here are top-5 myths on German vs Japanese/Korean cars.

Despite what classical economomic theories say, consumers are not the logical, rational, always calculating beings that the likes of Adam Smith say we are. We all have our own biases and prejudices and there is often very little logic behind our purchase decisions. It's exactly why the advertising industry is so big. Korean cars are bad. German cars are better than Japanese ones. CKD cars have lower quality. How many of these stereotypes/myths are true? 1. German cars are safer than Japanese/Kor


May 8, 2020

Over 30 percent of engine oils sold in hypermarts and online stores are fake

The prices of engine lubricants sold at hypermarts or even various online platforms can be attractive but unless you can verify its authenticity – which is quite difficult if you rely only on visual inspections – it is best to avoid them. The issue of counterfeit lubricants is not new but it remains rampant due to indifference among consumers, as well as weak enforcement. According to lab test by Shell Malaysia, using 12 randomly selected engine lubricant products purchased from hypermarkets and


Sep 17, 2019

Honda to drop all diesel cars by 2021

According to Reuters, Honda has confirmed on Monday that it will drop all diesel cars as early as 2021 to meet the global emissions regulations. The current 120 grams CO2 figure keeps rising up for the car market trends still indulged in SUVs. Based on the EU emission targets however, CO2 must be cut to 95 grams per km for 95% of cars. Further, all cars sold in Europe need to be electrified by 2025. To comply with the strict emissions regulations, Honda is ready to phase out the diesel vehicles


Sep 26, 2019

How Honda Sensing Elite achieved what Audi failed in L3 driverless car race

While Malaysia was caught up in the hype of the Perodua Ativa’s launch last week, the international press was focused on the launch of the new Honda Legend hybrid, now with Honda Sensing Elite technology - the world’s first road legal Level 3 (L3) autonomous driving car. Honda Sensing Elite is a step up from the current Honda Sensing, which in Malaysia, is fitted to the Honda Civic, CR-V, Accord, Odyssey, and later this month, the City RS (minus Low Speed Follow). While Honda Sensing is merely a


Mar 8, 2021

The Honda Civic in 10 Generations - The best car from Honda?

The 11th generation Honda Civic will be revealed on Twitch in a few days. The “Civic” name was first used on an econobox in 1972, and the car has grown into so much more over the years. 1997 saw the emergence of the Civic Type R that made the Civic even more popular among enthusiasts. With the reveal of the eleventh-generation Honda Civic just around the corner, it seems like a good time to look back at the humble beginnings of one of the most popular Honda cars of all time. There have been ten


Nov 16, 2020

Yet another Honda Civic Type R sold for nearly half a million Ringgit. What gives?

I bet to the outside world, us car people look like a bunch of loons. We ogle over what people think are just tools to go places, and sometimes, those tools look like normal Honda Civics but cost a lot. Almost RM 400,000 a lot. Make no mistake, we love the Civic. We think the 8th-gen Civic FD is the best of the bunch. Perhaps someday that too will command RM 300,000 as this 25-year old EK9 did recently. The hottest Civic of its time This time, the car in question is a little bit newer. You’re lo


Aug 2, 2020

Honda opens Malaysia’s first hybrid vehicle battery assembly plant, for 2020 Honda City RS

Honda Malaysia has opened Malaysia’s first high voltage battery assembly plant in Melaka, to support the world debut of the first ever Honda City RS with i-MMD. You can read our review of the City RS here. Production of the full-hybrid Honda City RS with a two-motor intelligent multi-mode drive (i-MMD) has already begun at Honda Malaysia’s Pegoh plant. It is the fifth Honda hybrid model to be produced there. Assembly of the GP1 Jazz Hybrid (IMA) started in 2012, followed by the GP5 Jazz Hybrid (


Sep 25, 2020

Rumours: Next Honda Civic Type R to be launched in 2022, 400 PS with NSX tech!

With Honda launching the Civic Type R (FK8) Limited Edition in Europe and America, rumours are surfacing that the FK8 is due for a replacement very soon. This scoop comes from Japan’s Best Car which speculated that the development of the next-gen Civic is in progress and set to be launched in 2021. This means that the FK8 will be replaced soon, perhaps sometime in 2022 and it could even share some tech with Honda’s halo supercar. According to Best Car, the next-gen Type R could reuse the same 2.

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 15, 2020

VW Group opens regional parts distribution hub in Malaysia

Volkswagen Group has opened a new regional parts distribution centre in the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor which will serve as the genuine parts supply chain to 21 markets across the Asia Pacific region. At 50,000 square metres, the new regional parts distribution centre is larger than its predecessor. The centre contains around 65,000 genuine parts of the German group’s brands including Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. International Trade and Industry

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 15, 2021

Toyota Raize/Daihatsu Rocky launched in Japan, Myvi size and priced below a Honda HR-V

Remember the unnamed Daihatsu compact SUV that we saw at the recent 2019 Tokyo Motor Show? Well it has now gone on sale in Japan as the Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize. The model is produced by Daihatsu at its Shiga plant, which also builds the same car for its parent company Toyota, which will then sell it as the Toyota Raize. For now, the Raize/Rocky is only for Japan but we are pretty certain that the same model will eventually find its way to our region. If it doesn’t appear as here a Perodu


Nov 5, 2019

Too late now for 2021 Honda Civic Type R - orders close, production ends in July

Order books for the ultra-spicy 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) has closed, as the hot hatch nears the end of its production cycle as well. Once priced from RM 330k here, the Civic Type R has been discontinued in Malaysia ever since the facelifted model made its global debut last year. Also read: In Brief: 2019 Honda Civic Type R FK8, rascal all grown up Last of the FK8 Type R, but there'll be a new one The next shipments of the Type R are pretty much the last ones of this generation, as the Swind


Apr 8, 2021