5 car tips that will help you score that second date with the girls

Jerrica · Mar 7, 2021 05:50 PM

Despite the call for gender equality across the world, we really should not leave the word ‘chivalry’ behind. Believe me when I say that while women are perfectly fine with paying for their meals, we do appreciate the hint of chivalry on the guy’s part. So, if you’re looking to ask the girl you like on a second date, here are 5 tips for all the car-loving guys out there.

Always gauge her comfort level in the car

One of the most important things on a date is to make sure the lady is comfortable enough to relax around you. If the atmosphere is awkward then you would most likely not be able to score that second date. So, start by making sure she can get comfortable during the car ride.

FYI, most girls practice the common courtesy of not adjusting things like the A/C in an acquaintance’s car so it is up to you to make sure she feels comfortable.

Make sure that the air-conditioning temperature is ideal for her. Some girls don’t like the air-conditioner’s blower directed right at their face (too much wind = dry skin = makeup don’t look as nice) and if it is too hot makeup might feel uncomfortable because of the sweat.

Some girls also don’t like getting into direct sunlight so if it’s a sunny day, invite her to adjust the sun visor according to how she please. It also gives her the excuse to use the mirror in your sun visor if you do this. *hint hint

Don’t turn the radio volume too loud as well, you don’t want to have to shout above the music to have a conversation.

Prepare a small blanket/ sweater in the car

No, the blanket is not for the lady to cover when she’s cold, the blanket or sweater is for her to cover her legs if she’s wearing a pair of shorts or skirt. Sure, the point of wearing short skirts is to show off their legs but this is about making her feel comfortable when in the car.

You also score points for showing that you’re not about to take advantage of her sitting position.

If your car is modified, ie bucket seats/ loud exhaust...

As much as I would like to suggest not to modify your car, let’s leave that until you get married. If you have bucket seats in the car, make sure to have a small pillow handy so she wouldn’t get swallowed by the seat.

Believe me when I say wearing tight or short clothing and getting into and out of bucket seats is a serious hassle. The blanket would also come in handy when getting in and out of the car.

Loud exhaust? We can only suggest not to drive your car hard so there’s still the possibility of holding a conversation during the car ride.

When walking to and from the car, you walk closest to the street

This is an effortless way to show that you truly care about her well-being. Not only will making sure she walks further from the street and closer to the building reduce the possibility of falling victim to snatch theft, but you will also protect her from getting splashed should a passing car run through a puddle.

Make sure that she’s safely inside the house before driving off

Another way to show that you care about her well-being is to wait until she is safely inside the building or house before driving off when you drop her off. It would be even more ideal if you can walk her to the building but then we don’t want you to kena saman for illegal parking.

So, this is the next best thing and something that would be noticed and appreciated by the lady of your dreams.

Now that you’re armed with some chivalrous tips to score some good points with your date when in the car, good luck on asking her on that second date!