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Honda Civic extends civic duty in assisting Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs

Once again, the Honda Civic has been selected to do its civic duty in assisting another Malaysian governing body. This time 16 units of the highly popular C-segment sedan have been delivered to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP). Just like the units sent to our boys in blue and gentlemen in green, the Civic 1.8 S was selected by KPDNHEP as their fleet vehicle in their daily enforcement duties. Sure, it’s not turbocharged but our officers will still be able to perform t

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 24, 2020

What’s inside each and every Police Honda Civic?

Back in 2020, we reported that Honda Malaysia will be supplying the Honda Civic 1.8 S as police cars, various details regarding the police cars have surfaced, including its 4K digital video recorders (DVR). But that’s just the DVR, what about other police-specific equipment? Also Read: Watch out, PDRM's Honda Civic FC gets 4K DVRs Thanks to a post by “Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Selatan”, we now have a glimpse into the various equipment found in the Civic. Among the equipment that is shown include


Mar 19, 2021

Can the 2021 Hyundai Elantra beat the Civic and Corolla Altis?

Following last week's media preview, Hyundai-Sime Darby Motor (HSDM) has announced prices for the all-new 2021 Hyundai Elantra. Starting from RM 158,888 (on-the-road, without insurance), the all-new Elantra is set to add some spicy competition to the C-segment sedan market. In a market dominated by the Honda Civic, how will the Korean sedan heat up? Will it be as fiery as spicy ramen or will it be a watershed moment? In this comparison, we’ll make it a three-way comparison by adding the Toyota C

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 10, 2020

New Platinum White Pearl colour for Honda Civic and Honda BR-V

Honda Malaysia has introduced a brand-new Platinum White Pearl colour option to the 2020 Honda Civic and 2020 Honda BR-V. The new colour will be available on the Civic immediately while deliveries of the BR-V in Platinum White Pearl will start from November 2020. First introduced on the Honda Odyssey and the tenth generation Honda Accord, Platinum White Pearl has proven to be a popular colour option amongst buyers, especially for the Accord. The colour makes up 33 percent of the sales for the Ac


Sep 18, 2020

Honda Civic Type R Sport Line deletes the ridiculous rear spoiler and red seats

The Honda Civic Type R (FK8) is the most accomplished and talented CTR ever made, with numerous circuit lap records under its belt. There’s no denying its credentials as a worthy track weapon but more importantly, it’s also the most forgiving CTR ever made. It’s the duality of the FK8 that captured the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of one. However, we know of people who stopped short at putting their money down on one simply because of its overly loud exterior

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Feb 20, 2020

Honda Civic FD, the greatest Civic ever?

The Civic nameplate has been a constant staple in the Honda’s product line-up since 1972. To say that the Civic is important to Honda is a gross understatement. Throughout the 10 generations, there has been hits and misses. Even amongst the hits, one generation stands out from the rest, which is the 8th generation model, codenamed FD. The FD-generation Civic won the hearts of many buyers with a combination of handsome good looks, fine driving dynamics, and a futuristic interior. Even to this ver


Jun 30, 2020

Pros and Cons: 2020 Honda Civic 1.5 TC-P – Great value, not the most efficient though

You may have seen renders or the teaser for the upcoming 11th generation Honda Civic, but it's still a while away before it reaches our shores and the current 10th generation Honda Civic is still very much relevant. If you're shopping for a C-segment sedan, the 2020 Honda Civic will likely be on your shortlist. Here's a list of its pros and cons to assist in your buying decision. Pros - Most powerful in its class The 2020 Honda Civic 1.5 TC-P is the most powerful in its segment, with 173 PS/220


Nov 17, 2020

Nissan goes zen at BodyMindSoul Festival

Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) has extended its efforts to reconnect with Mother Earth through its series of Nissan Nurtures Nature (NNN) campaign in the BodyMindSoul Festival at Setia City Convention Centre from 29th November to 1st December 2019. Nissan Nurtures Nature (NNN) was introduced since 2018 with the aim to gather customers and their families, business partners, non-profit organizations, as well as employees to join hands in creating positive and meaningful changes to the envir


Nov 29, 2019

This Honda Civic has clocked over 1.6 million km, with the original engine and transmission

What happens to a car’s odometer once it has used up all the available display digits? Well in the case of this Honda Civic in USA, the odometer is now stuck at 999,999 miles, which is essentially over 1.6 million kilometres. News of this particular million mile mileage Honda was first posted by US-based Honda fan HondaPro Jason. What’s even more surprising is that the car continues to be driven and it is estimated to have clocked close to 1,043 miles (1,700 km) over the odometer’s 999,999 miles


Sep 26, 2019

Review: 2020 Honda Civic FC 1.5 TC-P facelift – still better than the Corolla Altis and Mazda 3?

The Honda Civic is one of the cars with the longest legacy in the world, it's a product that has been around across centuries and it's still living strong (somewhat) despite a few ups and downs. With the world shifting to smaller segment cars and SUVs, is it still worth considering? Now in its tenth-generation, the Honda Civic FC have since made a powerful comeback after a few uncompetitive years. Many were enamoured by the new 1.5-litre turbocharged engine and Honda's first-class practicality t


Aug 31, 2020

2020 Honda Civic dominates Thai sales - outsells Corolla Altis, Mazda 3 and Sylphy combined!

It’s a fruitful year for Honda in Thailand as the marque chalked up another win - this time having their 2020 Honda Civic outselling the Toyota Corolla Altis, Mazda 3 and Nissan Sylphy combined - from January to June in Thailand this year. Headlightmag reports that a total of 15,252 C-segment cars were sold in that period. Of that figure, Honda delivered 8,656 Civics - commanding a 56.8% market share. Second in line was Toyota with 5,266 (34.5%) Corolla Altis sold and Mazda came in third with 1,


Aug 4, 2020

2020 Honda Civic: Berapa gaji minimum untuk memiliki Honda Civic?

Honda Civic Honda Civic merupakan kereta idaman ramai. Keterujaan yang ditawarkan oleh Honda Civic dipadankan dengan gaya agresif menjadikan Honda Civic terkenal dalam kalangan peminat kereta. Sehubungan dengan itu, populariti Honda Civic telah membawa harganya sedikit tinggi. Ramai yang selalu berkira-kira untuk membeli Honda Civic kerana statusnya. Ramai juga yang tertanya-tanya berapakah gaji mereka yang memiliki jentera ini. Di sini kami akan mengira berapakah kos pemilikan Honda Civic ini.


Oct 7, 2020

Here's how important the Honda Civic EK is  - without it, there'd be no Civic Type R

Ahh, the Honda Civic. Like it or not, everyone’s heard of them and chances you may have even considered one - brand new or otherwise. Sure, they’ve got their fair share of stereotypes (ahem, budak lambang H) but you can’t deny they’re damn good at what they do. Runs practically forever, parts are cheap enough to source and most generations still look the part. Jason thinks that the FD is the greatest Civic ever. Agreeable? Maybe. But you can't deny how instrumental the sixth-generation was to th


Aug 8, 2020

Watch: Honda Civic rams a distracted Peugeot, and starts a new Saga of mistakes

How many road misdeeds can be caught on one 30-second? The answer is a lot! As is seen in this video of a Honda Civic crash with a Peugeot 408. While we’re horrified by the crash, we can’t help but wonder what that escaping Proton Saga was doing. While the Ministry and PDRM predicted that there will be a rise in road accidents when the country into Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), we did not expect accidents to happen just 2 days after. While photos and videos of the Honda HR-V turned tur


Jun 12, 2020

Honda Civic FD, model Civic terhebat dalam sejarah Honda?

Tunas peminat kereta di Malaysia selalunya tumbuh selepas mengenali Honda Civic. Civic adalah tanda nama utama Honda sejak 1972. Terdapat pelbagai variasi Honda Civic selepas 10 generasi namun hanya satu generasi Honda Civic yang mencapai taraf legenda. Model yang dimaksudkan adalah Honda Civic generasi ke 8 iaitu lebih dikenali sebagai Honda Civic FD. Gabungan rekaan luar yang futuristik dan rekaan dalaman yang selesa ternyata menambat hati ramai peminat Honda. Bagi saya, rekaan Honda Civic FD


Jul 22, 2020

Tanpa Honda Civic EK, tiadalah Honda Civic Type R. Nak tahu kenapa?

Honda Civic tidak dinafikan adalah model Honda paling terkenal di seluruh dunia. Jika anda kurang faham mengenai kegilaan terhadap Honda Civic ini, mari baca sedikit sebanyak sejarahnya. Sudah tentu, selepas pelbagai generasi Honda Civic, pastinya generasi yang berbeza membawa konotasi yang berbeza. Jika anda ingin mengetahui mengenai Honda Civic paling hebat dalam sejarah, baca di sini. Dalam artikel ini, kami ingin mengetengahkan sebuah generasi Honda Civic yang agak berpengaruh dalam sejarah


Aug 14, 2020

Bocor: Honda Civic FE - generasi baru Civic, 2 pilihan enjin VTEC!

Sebagai sebuah model yang penting buat Honda, Honda Civic kini telah tiba masa untuk dikemaskini. Malah, Honda Civic FC generasi sekarang sudah sampai ke penghujung kitaran jangka hayat model. Ia kini sudah 6 tahun selepas pelancarannya pada tahun 2015. Pada penghujung tahun 2020, Honda telah mempertontonkan versi prototaip kepada model Honda Civic generasi akan datang. Sebagai sebuah model global, ia telah ditayangkan atas talian secara global. Baru-baru ini, liputan daripada media China telah


Mar 11, 2021

The MG5 is the new shark in the C-segment waters; Sleeker than the Civic and Mazda 3?

When it comes to the C-segment sedan market, cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis dominates the charts leaving little room for any new competitor unless it bears the Proton tiger badge. But we believe that shoppers in this segment will be more than happy make space for this sleek new MG5. If ever MG Berjaya, which is currently still gearing up to launch the MG HS C-segment SUV and MG ZS EV in Malaysia, decides to launch this MG5 on our shores, the Mazda 3 will have a huge rival in


Nov 24, 2020

New Honda Civic now open for bookings

Honda Sensing and LaneWatch now available First time with 18-inch alloy wheels Front parking sensors, remote engine start, electric parking brake for all variants It looks like the new Honda Civic will be launched in Malaysia soon, as Honda Malaysia has just opened bookings for its upcoming C-segment sedan. According to the materials provided, the new Civic will receive the Honda Sensing suite of advanced driver assistance system, which includes: Adaptive Cruise Control Low Speed Follow Collisio


Sep 10, 2019

Honda City Hatchback borrows colour from FK8 Civic Type R, and we want it for 2021

The 2021 Honda City Hatchback made its global debut on 24-November 2020 in Thailand. Much like the 2021 Honda City e:HEV (which we know as the City RS), the hatchback attracted lots of comments about its colour. If this colour feels familiar but can't really pinpoint where you saw it, let us help you: this Sonic Grey Pearl shade is also offered on the Honda Civic Type R. This colour was shown by Honda Malaysia on a Type R demo car, but was never officially offered. Looks like the stubby-butt Cit


Nov 26, 2020

2020 Honda Civic: What makes the interior class-leading?

The interior of the 2020 Honda Civic as Honda tells us is designed with the 'man maximum, machine minimum' philosophy in mind. Which is just another way to say they squeezed out every bit of space possible, really. Is that really the case though? Let's take a closer look at the Civic's interior and pit some notable changes against its older one, just so you have an idea on what's new and see if it really does embody Honda's philosophy. Without further ado... Good ergonomics Space is something it


Sep 6, 2020

23 New models to look forward to in 2020, CKD Proton X70 and new Honda Civic coming soon!

As 2019 draws to an end, let us take a look at what 2020 has in store for us in terms of new car launches. Here's a quick summary of what's coming over the next 12 months. Brand Model Segment BMW 2020 BMW 320i Luxury sedan Honda 2020 Honda Accord D-segment sedan Honda 2020 Honda Civic C-segment sedan Honda 2020 Honda City B-segment sedan Honda 2020 Honda BR-V B-segment SUV Mazda 2020 Mazda CX-30 C-segment SUV Mazda 2020 Mazda 2 B-segment hatchback Mercedes-Benz 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Luxury seda


Jan 17, 2020

The Honda Civic in 10 Generations - The best car from Honda?

The 11th generation Honda Civic will be revealed on Twitch in a few days. The “Civic” name was first used on an econobox in 1972, and the car has grown into so much more over the years. 1997 saw the emergence of the Civic Type R that made the Civic even more popular among enthusiasts. With the reveal of the eleventh-generation Honda Civic just around the corner, it seems like a good time to look back at the humble beginnings of one of the most popular Honda cars of all time. There have been ten


Nov 16, 2020

2020 Honda Civic (FC) facelift  - new vs old specs, what's new?

After much anticipation, the 2020 Honda Civic facelift is now officially on sale. Honda Malaysia has already announced what’s new in the Civic, but what else is new? On the outside, the facelifted Honda Civic gains a more angular front bumper complete with new fog lamp housing to pair with the new piano black front grille that gives the car a sportier look. The rather plain rear bumper of the pre-facelift Civic gets jacked up with a sliver of chrome trim running across the edge. Honda has also i


Feb 25, 2020

Rendered: 2022 Honda Civic Prototype imagined as Malaysian Police Car

The Malaysian Police Force has had their fair share of interesting patrol vehicles. We’ve seen the Proton Satria GTI, Alfa Romeo Alfetta, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. The latest vehicle to be used by our police force is the Honda Civic FC. While the Honda Civic FC is the current MPV (Mobile Patrol Vehicle), the FK8 Honda Civic Type R was gifted to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Yang di-Pertuan Agong XVI Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad S


Nov 27, 2020

Spied: Production-spec 2022 Honda Civic FE spotted in China

The upcoming 2022 Honda Civic, known as the FE-generation Civic, has been spotted in China. Like the leaked photos earlier, it appears to be in production form. Exterior wise, the production version largely mirrors the prototype showcased a few months ago, albeit with a lightly-restyled front bumper and wheels. Also read: It's called the Honda Civic FE, production specs leaked ahead of China launch Powertrain options are likely to be carried-over units depending on region. The most prominent opt


Mar 19, 2021

2022 Honda Civic 11th gen rendered, looks like the Accord?

A few days ago, we have seen leaked patent images of both the 2022 11th gen Honda Civic Hatchback and Honda Civic sedan (courtesy of Civic XI forum). The latter is more relevant to our Malaysian market. With the patent images at hand, we decided to colour between the lines to see how the Civic might look like in real life. There is no massive leap in the Civic Sedan’s design, but the crab-claw like tail lights have been replaced with a sleeker design. We are yet to see how it will look in realit


Oct 2, 2020

2020 Honda Civic vs 2020 Toyota Corolla Altis - Which is better?

The age-old battle between two of the most popular C-segment sedans in Malaysia. For similar money, you can opt for the 2020 Honda Civic facelift or the 2020 Toyota Corolla Altis with the updated infotainment system. Without delay, let’s dive into the comparison. Powertrain - Civic wins In terms of straight-line performance, there’s no contest between the turbocharged Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla Altis. In our tests, we managed a 0-100 km/h time of 8.6 seconds for the Honda Civic and 11.4


Sep 6, 2020

Here’s why you can’t buy a Honda Civic Hatchback in Malaysia

Globally, the C-segment 10th generation Honda Civic is available in three body types – the coupe is only available in North America, while sedan and hatchback is available in all regions. The range topping (FK8) Civic Type R is only available as a hatchback. Closer to home, our neighbours Thailand and Indonesia can choose between a Civic Sedan or a Civic Hatchback, but not us. Our Civic Sedan is locally-assembled at Pegoh in Melaka while the Civic Type R is imported from the UK, at least until 2


Apr 9, 2020

New Honda Civic previewed ahead of Malaysian launch

Honda Malaysia today previewed the new Honda Civic ahead of its official launch later this year. As this is just a mid-life update, changes to the exterior styling is mild. The most obvious difference is the new front bumper, which features a new front fog lamp housing. The wheels have also been upgraded from 17-inch to 18-inch, but only for highest variant. Alongside the new wheels are 235/40 R18 tires. Other upgrades and improvements include: Piano black front grille Rear bumper chrome trim Ne


Sep 28, 2019