2022 Honda Civic 11th gen rendered, looks like the Accord?

Arif · Oct 02, 2020 04:05 PM

A few days ago, we have seen leaked patent images of both the 2022 11th gen Honda Civic Hatchback and Honda Civic sedan (courtesy of Civic XI forum). The latter is more relevant to our Malaysian market.

With the patent images at hand, we decided to colour between the lines to see how the Civic might look like in real life.

There is no massive leap in the Civic Sedan’s design, but the crab-claw like tail lights have been replaced with a sleeker design. We are yet to see how it will look in reality.

The 11th gen Civic also looks more like an Accord, maintaining a consistent family-look across the model range.


The Civic is a popular car across the world and the model name has been in the market since 1972.

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