Malaysian Army gets their latest machinery, 40 units of the Honda Civic 1.8S

CY Foong · Sep 10, 2020 03:43 PM

It looks like we have a new sheriff in town. Okay, it’s actually the military version of a sheriff but Honda Malaysia has just delivered 40 units of the Honda Civic 1.8S to the Malaysian Army.

These units will be used for the purpose of law enforcement and policing duties by the Royal Military Police Corps (MP). It’s the first time Honda Malaysia has presented a Honda model to the Malaysian Army.

Previously, the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) had also chosen the Honda Civic as their choice of patrol vehicle with 1,000 units currently in delivery. The PDRM also uses the non-turbocharged Honda Civic 1.8S for their patrolling duties.

“Honda Malaysia is proud that the Civic has once again been selected as our frontliners’ vehicle of choice,” said Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Toichi Ishiyama.

He continues, “The Civic will be used by the Royal Military Police Corps for enforcement duties and it is our hope that the ideal model selected will complement and assist the Royal Military Police Corps in their daily commute for their assigned task”.