Proton is Malaysia's first car manufacturer that was established in 1983. With Geely as a strategic partner, Proton introduced its first SUV model, the X70. Proton is headquartered in Shah Alam with a manufacturing plant in Tanjung Malim. Popular models on sale include the Saga, Persona, Iriz, and X70. Find the latest news, review, prices, specifications, and promos for all Proton models currently on sale.


Proton Cars ListPrice
Proton Saga PriceRM 34,800 - 44,800
Proton Iriz PriceRM 42,800 - 57,300
Proton Persona PriceRM 47,800 - 58,300
Proton Ertiga PriceNot On Sale
Proton Exora PriceRM 59,800 - 69,800
Proton X50 PriceRM 86,300 - 113,300
Proton X70 PriceRM 98,800 - 128,800
Proton Perdana PriceNot On Sale
Proton Preve PriceNot On Sale
Proton Suprima S PriceNot On Sale
Proton X90 PriceRM 123,800 - 152,800
Proton Inspira PriceNot On Sale
Proton Satria PriceNot On Sale
Proton V70 PriceNot On Sale
Proton S70 PriceTBC
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Proton Cars in Malaysia

Production of the 2023 Proton X70 1.8 Premium 2WD has stopped, per data sourced from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA). MAA's data shows that Tanjung Malim has stopped assembling the sole X70 1.8 Premium variant since October. However, Proton's site still list the RM 123,800 model as available, though we imagine that's only to go on while stocks last, short of an official announcement. In any case, discontinuing the X70 1.8 is another way to look at Proton preparing the factory for the
Basic information about my car: 2022 Proton Iriz 1.3 Standard Reasons why I bought this car: First and foremost, I was in need of a car ASAP. The car will be my daily, weekend, everyday car. I need a car that can handle my harsh driving (sometimes). Adequate power is enough since my budget is not that much. Car selection process - Our budget is RM 43,000. - Models that I have considered include: Proton Saga Premium AT or FL Perodua Myvi 1.3 Standard Reasons why I chose this car: As what I stated
Basic information about my car: Proton Saga 2019(Facelift) Premium 1.3 AT Reasons why I bought this car: My old car was dying and I could not fix it anymore. I've even replaced the cylinder head twice and it's driving me crazy! Literally going in and out of the workshop once a month. So I thought to myself it is time to get a better and more reliable car. Cut the story short, this Saga was the car that when I first saw it, I knew I had to look at it closer and get more detail about it. Plus the
Basic information about my car: 2011 Proton Persona Elegance 1.6MT, B-Line Reasons why I bought this car: Prior to gettinga hired purchase for Persona, i have been driving my father's 1997 Proton Iswara for 3 years. The second handed iswara was rarely driven by previous owner and not well maintained. Even though my father patch it up before it was handed to me (looking back I'm really lucky to have my father to cover my first car, love you dad), i constantly had to deal with wear and tear issues
Basic information about my car: 2022 Proton Iriz Active Reasons why I bought this car: There are plenty of reasons why I bought this car.Firstly,Myvi is too common, and I wish to have a hatchback that are unique, cheaper, and nicer to drive. I have been paying attention to Iriz for quite a while, and I noticed improvement of Proton ever since release of Proton X70. However, I am influenced by comment from some youtuber claiming Iriz R3 is for clear stock purposes, hence I did not buy that Iriz R
Basic information about my car: Proton Persona 1.6 Standard MT 2019 Reasons why I bought this car: Due to my work, I need a car with stable chasis, big interior space, and a car with adequate all round performance. I am also favour of 2019 Persona exterior design. Car selection process - I had a budget of: RM30K ~ RM 60 - Models that I have considered include: Proton Inspira & Persona Reasons why I chose this car: This car is the first car that I ever purchased myself, hence I prefer vehicle wit

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Proton User Reviews


2019 Proton Persona 1.6 Standard CVT

1. Smooth handling. I tried driving vios and city. So far, proton’s handling is the best. 2. Large trunk. I can fit many things in the trunk including my bicycle. 3. Modern design. I think this is the first modern design that Proton introduce to public. I was amazed when I saw the Fazura and zul ariffin ads driving persona. Memang mempersonakan! 4. The driver’s seat fit my body the best. So I don’t experience stiff neck for a long drive. 5. Of course affordable maintenance! The major service was just RM700! 6. The dashboard meter. I love the combination of analog and digital. It gives an urban feel when you drive the car. 7. Complete safety feature! Equipped with EBD, ABS, BA, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control for all variants. Hill Hold Assist is a real deal here. You don't have to worry driving in a jam at Cameron highlands!
1. Small leg room. If you are large, you have to push your seat backwards and it will jeopardise the passengers at the back leg room. Major disappointment! 2. Small rim. Well the overall design of persona is amazing! But it became odd when you equipped it with small 15 inch rim. Major turn off. 3. Not so economically fuel save. My city use up to 7.1L/100KM or 14KM/1L. I think proton can do better in terms of fuel consumption to make it competitive with perodua. 4. The performance is not consistent. Sometimes when I hit the pedal it perfomed very well especially during morning and night. At times, it is underpowered especially when you drive it under hot scorching sun. Well, i think the weather temperature plays important roles in driving performance. 5. The rear door design. I find it difficult to exit the car if I seat at the back. Because my leg will stuck at the below side of the door mcm ada penghadang and it quite high. I have to angkat my kaki kalau nak keluar. Maybe sebab I gemuk mungkin? Hahaha 6. No arm rest. Like really? I think arm rest is very vital to ensure comfortable drive. I bought cheap OEM arm rest and fit perfectly my cik sona. But I have to sacrifice 1 of the cupholder la.
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2022 Proton Saga 1.3 Premium AT

1. Really good nvh and comfort 2. Really good infotainment system considering the price 3. Really stable car 4. Good speaker sound system 5. Huge and enough bootspace 6. Good reverse camera considering the price
1.Average fuel consumption( 8.7L/100km in city drive) 2. Stock headlight is really dim and terrrible(need to change on our own) 3. Interior at night is really dark 4. No major faulty problem or rattling noises but could have better QC 5. No heat insulation for bootspace.
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2021 Proton Iriz 1.3 Standard CVT

1. Great stability especially when the 1.3L now equipped with 15” wheels 2. The newly revised Cvt is nice with eco/normal/sport mode 3. Doesn’t feel like a low spec car 4. Relaxed city drive can get down to 5.5L/km or less 5. Seats are amazing, very supportive
1. Received the car with some factory defects. Otherwise it’s all good 2. With hard acceleration the FC can get up to 10L/km even for 1.3L engine 3. Just a tad of underpowered feeling from 0km/h due to the weight of the car
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2020 Proton X70 1.8 Standard 2WD

Smooth rides and road holding around corners and bends
Due to the higher fuel consumption of city driving, sligthe engine is better suited to long-distance Sight
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2020 Proton X70 1.8 Premium X 2WD

Comfort in big car .. space .. safety wise ok
Spare part waiting period (don't know when the spare part is coming .even service centre do know)... fuel consumption ...
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Proton Car FAQs in Malaysia

How much is a Proton car in Malaysia?

The cheapest Proton car price is the Proton Saga RM 34,800 and the highest price is the Proton X90 RM 152,800

How many models does Proton have?

Proton has 15 models and 29 variants for you to choose from.

Does Proton have an SUV model?

Proton SUV Cars: Proton X70, Proton X50, Proton X90