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Yet another Honda Civic Type R sold for nearly half a million Ringgit. What gives?

I bet to the outside world, us car people look like a bunch of loons. We ogle over what people think are just tools to go places, and sometimes, those tools look like normal Honda Civics but cost a lot. Almost RM 400,000 a lot. Make no mistake, we love the Civic. We think the 8th-gen Civic FD is the best of the bunch. Perhaps someday that too will command RM 300,000 as this 25-year old EK9 did recently. The hottest Civic of its time This time, the car in question is a little bit newer. You’re lo


Aug 2, 2020

Remember that Honda Civic Type R that was given to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong?

Last year, Honda Malaysia presented the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong with a Honda Civic Type R FK8 as his escort car. The car is now officially registered and social media users can’t stop swooning over it when photos of it on duty surfaced on the internet. The Civic Type R escort car was a gift to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Yang di-Pertuan Agong XVI Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah in celebration of his birthday las


May 19, 2020

Spy Shots: What's New for FK8 Honda Civic Type R facelift?​   ​

It’s time for Honda Civic Type R, as in its debut at the far-off Geneva Motor Show, to reveal a more practical upgrade. Being spied on the Nurburgring, German, two mystery prototype cars based on the FK8 Civic Type R-white and yellow with test mule were caught circling around. The camouflaged rear wing is apparently larger compared with the current Civic Type R, and is reminiscent of the design being used by the Si variant. Two spoilers are also styled in a more distinct and prominence feature o


Jul 19, 2019

Too late now for 2021 Honda Civic Type R - orders close, production ends in July

Order books for the ultra-spicy 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) has closed, as the hot hatch nears the end of its production cycle as well. Once priced from RM 330k here, the Civic Type R has been discontinued in Malaysia ever since the facelifted model made its global debut last year. Also read: In Brief: 2019 Honda Civic Type R FK8, rascal all grown up Last of the FK8 Type R, but there'll be a new one The next shipments of the Type R are pretty much the last ones of this generation, as the Swind


Apr 8, 2021

In Japan, a Mugen Honda Civic Type R is RM50k cheaper than a standard FK8 in Malaysia

We recently paid visit to famed Honda tuner Mugen’s headquarters in Asaka city in Japan. Behind the walls of this nondescript building bearing the subtle ‘M-Tec’ signboard - the name of Mugen’s holding company - was where many legendary F1 engines of the glorious naturally aspirated V10 era were built. Today, Mugen is no longer in F1, having vacated the spot to make way for Honda’s re-entry into the sport. Instead, it participates in Super GT and Japanese Super Formula Championship (formerly For


Oct 30, 2019

Here's how important the Honda Civic EK is  - without it, there'd be no Civic Type R

Ahh, the Honda Civic. Like it or not, everyone’s heard of them and chances you may have even considered one - brand new or otherwise. Sure, they’ve got their fair share of stereotypes (ahem, budak lambang H) but you can’t deny they’re damn good at what they do. Runs practically forever, parts are cheap enough to source and most generations still look the part. Jason thinks that the FD is the greatest Civic ever. Agreeable? Maybe. But you can't deny how instrumental the sixth-generation was to th


Aug 8, 2020

Someone just paid RM 300K for a Honda Civic EK9 Type R!

The Honda Civic EK9 Type R will be turning 25. That means this JDM legend from the nineties is turning into a classic soon – yeah, we are feeling old. We’ve seen news of Toyota A80 Supras and Honda Integra DC2 Type Rs going for six figures at auctions in America. However, since the EK9 is still below the 25-year import rule, that means we won’t be seeing wild prices for them. Until now. According to OZM Auto Auction, a fresh-looking Honda Civic EK9 Type R in black with a mileage of only 2,549 km

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 19, 2020

Lakaran: Honda Civic Type R 2022, raja pacuan ‘tarik depan’?

Honda Civic Type R Pandemik Covid-19 telah memaksa banyak jenama untuk melancarkan kereta mereka secara talian. Kebanyakkan jenama menggunakan platform YouTube dan Facebook, tetapi Honda Civic generasi ke-11 membuat debutnya di Twitch (lebih fokus kepada generasi muda). Honda Civic yang dilihat adalah prototaip dan setakat ini tiada lagi maklumat teknikal. Jika anda ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang apa yang baru pada Honda Civic generasi ke-11, anda boleh baca disini. Biasanya jika wujud mo

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Nov 23, 2020

Tanpa Honda Civic EK, tiadalah Honda Civic Type R. Nak tahu kenapa?

Honda Civic tidak dinafikan adalah model Honda paling terkenal di seluruh dunia. Jika anda kurang faham mengenai kegilaan terhadap Honda Civic ini, mari baca sedikit sebanyak sejarahnya. Sudah tentu, selepas pelbagai generasi Honda Civic, pastinya generasi yang berbeza membawa konotasi yang berbeza. Jika anda ingin mengetahui mengenai Honda Civic paling hebat dalam sejarah, baca di sini. Dalam artikel ini, kami ingin mengetengahkan sebuah generasi Honda Civic yang agak berpengaruh dalam sejarah


Aug 14, 2020

All-new 2023 Honda Civic Type R rendered to rage your need for speed dreams

Last Friday, we revealed a rendering of what the next-generation 2022 11th-gen Honda Civic could look like in sedan form. Honestly, it does resemble a little bit of the Honda Accord especially in retaining the consistent family-look across the Honda line-up. This time though, the team at the Civic XI forum has fired up their Photoshop skills to come up with a render of what the all-new 2023 Civic Type R could potentially look like. Using spy shots that were taken earlier and the leaked patent im

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 6, 2020

Honda presents new 2020 Honda Civic Type R facelift at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda unveiled the facelifted 2020 Honda Civic Type R at the opening of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Headlining the changes are new suspension, new brakes, new short throw gear shifter and the inclusion of Honda Sensing. The new updates are mostly done to make the Civic Type R improve the car’s driving dynamics. A new aero kit and larger front grill for improved engine cooling changes the Civic’s visual impact. Honda is also offering a new Type R-exclusive Boost Blue colour for the new Civic Type R so


Jan 10, 2020

The Type R few remember – Honda Accord Type R

The Type R is a legendary badge. Originally focusing on minimizing weight and maximising performance potential, the Honda Type Rs often represent the ultimate form of the regular cars they are based on (with the exception of the NSX which was beyond a regular car). Ever since the first Type R badge was placed on the NSX in 1992, it has been on a grand total of 4 cars which are the NSX, Integra, Accord, and Civic. Only the Civic Type R is still in production. But an Accord Type R, you might wonde

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 18, 2020

Honda Civic Type R Sport Line deletes the ridiculous rear spoiler and red seats

The Honda Civic Type R (FK8) is the most accomplished and talented CTR ever made, with numerous circuit lap records under its belt. There’s no denying its credentials as a worthy track weapon but more importantly, it’s also the most forgiving CTR ever made. It’s the duality of the FK8 that captured the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of one. However, we know of people who stopped short at putting their money down on one simply because of its overly loud exterior

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Feb 20, 2020

Honda Civic Type R smashes Suzuka lap record

Last we heard of the hardcore Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Limited Edition, Honda released a 15-second teaser of it setting paces on the iconic Suzuka Circuit. Then *POOF* it left us wondering more. Well, the wait is over! The FK8 Limited Edition has just broken the front-wheel-drive track record at Suzuka with a blistering time of 2 minutes 23.993 seconds. Interestingly, that time was quicker than the previous record holder, the Renault Megane R.S. Trophy-R which did a lap of 2 minutes 25 seconds.

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 10, 2020

Honda Civic Type R memecahkan rekod pusingan Suzuka!

Kali terakhir kita dengar pasal Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Limited Edition yang ‘hardcore’ adalah apabila Honda mengeluarkan video acah 15 saat yang menunjukkan kereta tersebut meluncur di Suzuka Circuit yang ikonik. Selepas video itu dikeluarkan, dah lama tak nampak batang hidung kereta ni. Kini penantian anda dah berakhir! FK8 Limited Edition baru sahaja memecahkan rekod trek pacuan-tayar-hadapan (front-wheel-drive) di Suzuka dengan rekod masa terpantas 2 minit 23.993 saat! Masa yang direkodkan


Jul 14, 2020

2022 Honda Civic Type R hadir dengan imej ‘render’. Kekal sporty?

Honda Civic Type R Laman CivicXI sekali lagi mendedahkan imej ‘render’ bagi 2022 Honda Civic Type R namun kali ini lebih lengkap! Paparan sebelum ini mendedahkan rekaan yang lebih matang namun imej ‘render’ dengan elemen yang sama dengan Honda Civic Type R generasi sekarang. Gambar fail paten tanpa perincian yang ketara memberikan Honda Civic sebuah imej yang matang. Walaubagaimanapun, imej ‘render’ yang mencerminkan elemen-elemen Honda Civic seperti jalur merah, skup udara dan garisan badan mem


Oct 6, 2020

Rendered: 2022 Honda Civic Type R - The king of front-wheel drive?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many brands to host their launch events online. While others have opted for live YouTube and Facebook streams, the 11th generation Honda Civic made its debut on Twitch. The previewed Honda Civic is a prototype, and no technical details have been confirmed. If you’re curious about what’s new on the 11th-gen Honda Civic, you can read about that here. Naturally with the Honda Civic, a Type R version will be available. Over ten generations of the Honda Civic, the Hon


Nov 20, 2020

New Honda Civic Type R to set new lap record at Suzuka

Earlier in February, Honda announced a Civic Type R (CTR) Limited Edition, a more extreme version of the once fastest front-wheel drive around the Nurburgring (until the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R wrestled that title in April 2019), and that was the last we heard of it. Now, Honda has just released a video that raises even more questions than answers. The 15-second clip shows the Limited Edition CTR being unloaded, prepped for track work, and pounding the iconic Suzuka Circuit. It ends with the


Jun 22, 2020

VIDEO: Cubaan Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition 2021 untuk memecahkan rekod?

Honda Civic Type R Honda baru sahaja mempertontonkan jentera Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition 2021 di litar lumba Suzuka, Jepun. Kereta tersebut dilihat sedang melakukan pusingan litar dengan kakitangan berpakaian jaket Honda memegang jam randik ketika kereta kuning melintas beliau. Rekod pusingan untuk segmen hot hatch selalunya dikaitkan dengan litar Nurburgring sepanjang 20km di Jerman. Pemegang rekod hot hatch paling pantas jatuh kepada Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R dengan catatan masa 7 mini


Jun 19, 2020

Honda Civic FK8 vs FD2 Type R. Is newer always better?

The Honda Type R brand is a firmly-entrenched name in the performance motoring world. Many carmakers would kill for the kind of heritage and following it commands. Sure, there has been the odd duffer here and there (yes, we’re looking at you, FN2 R), but for the most part, Honda’s Type R lineage has been one hit after another. After all, how many performance brands can say that a certain Ayrton Senna had a hand in developing its very first sports car? Today, we look at the high-water mark of the


Jul 12, 2020

Honda Malaysia presents the Civic Type R to His Majesty The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong in celebration of his official birthday

Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today presented the Civic Type R to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Yang di-Pertuan Agong XVI Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah as a gift in celebration of His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s official birthday at a handover ceremony held at Istana Negara. Being the most powerful Honda model sold in Malaysia currently, the Civic Type R which was crowned ‘Champion of Champions’ in y


Sep 11, 2019

In Brief: 2019 Honda Civic Type R FK8, rascal all grown up

(Model | Gallery) The Honda Civic Type R (codename FK8) is the hottest and most exciting Civic money can buy. Other than the Civic hatchback shell and cabin features, the Type R is nothing you’re your regular Civic. It is a proper hot hatch for the enthusiast to rip apart racetracks and a comfortable hatchback for the family – we’ll get to that later. How Much Is It? Manufactured at Honda’s Swindon plant in the UK, the all-new Type R is not cheap. Excise duties and taxes applied; the FK8 retails

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 3, 2019

Honda City Hatchback borrows colour from FK8 Civic Type R, and we want it for 2021

The 2021 Honda City Hatchback made its global debut on 24-November 2020 in Thailand. Much like the 2021 Honda City e:HEV (which we know as the City RS), the hatchback attracted lots of comments about its colour. If this colour feels familiar but can't really pinpoint where you saw it, let us help you: this Sonic Grey Pearl shade is also offered on the Honda Civic Type R. This colour was shown by Honda Malaysia on a Type R demo car, but was never officially offered. Looks like the stubby-butt Cit


Nov 26, 2020

Honda City RS tak cukup garang? Masuklah kit badan Civic Type R!

Sejak dipratontonkan kepada umum dua minggu yang lepas, memang ramai yang bergetar rusuk dan ovari melihat Honda City RS 2020. Bukan itu saja, iklan City yang menganjing kereta-kereta lain agak berani dan kontroversi. Tapi bagaimana jika anda rasa Honda City RS ni tak cukup garang, nak kena nampak kental lagi? Ni dia, kit badan yang direka khas oleh NKSDesign Thailand yang merubah rupa City RS kepada Civic Type R FK8 jadian! Pada mulanya hanya imej lakaran yang dimuat naik oleh NKSDesign beberap

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Sep 7, 2020

Minat Honda Civic Type R FK8 tapi pakai FD? Tukar kit badan FK8 je!

Memang tak dinafikan ada ramai peminat Honda Civic di Malaysia, terutamanya varian Type R yang dikira sebagai ‘holy grail’. Bermula pada model generasi ke-6 yang dikenali sebagai ‘EK9’ (hanya dijual sebagai sebuah hatchback), Type R 4 pintu pertama iaitu ‘FD2’ (generasi ke-8) dilancarkan secara rasmi pada tahun 2006. Rombakan terbesar pada legasi Civic Type R ialah apabila model generasi ke-10 dilancarkan dengan enjin bercas turbo yang lebih dikenali sebagai ‘FK8’. Dengan reka bentuk ala Gundam

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Oct 26, 2020

2020 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is so track focused, it doesn’t even have air cond

Introduced alongside the ‘daily friendly’ Honda Civic Type R Sport Line is the track-focused Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition, which like its name, will only be offered in limited numbers. The CTR Sport Line is meant to be a more comfortable Type R for those who plan to drive one on a daily basis. On the other hand, this CTR Limited Edition strips out all the ‘unnecessary’ items to elevate that raw driving experience. On the outside, it can be ordered with a new ‘Sunlight Yellow’ paintwork com

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Feb 21, 2020

Koleksi Honda Type R paling rare di Malaysia kini di Pusat 3S Honda Seremban!

Sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan ini, banyak industri kecil dan besar terjejas akibat kekurangan pelanggan. Walaubagaimanapun, kreativiti pengusaha pusat servis Honda di Seremban ini wajar diberi perhatian. Ban Lee Heng Motors, sebuah pusat 3S Honda telah mempamerkan beberapa koleksi model Honda Type R yang jarang ditemui di Malaysia. Kesemua model yang ditayangkan pula adalah model original. Menurut pengusaha Honda ini, kesemua stok yang ada pada pusat 3S ini telah habis dijual. Aki


Jan 14, 2021

独家猛料:2022 Honda Civic Type R竟然长这样!!

COVID-19的疫情让不少品牌只能通过线上进行发布会,而尽管多家品牌都用Youtube和Facebook进行直播,第11代Honda Civic却选择了在Twitch亮相。 发布会上展出的Honda Civic是一辆原型车,目前官方还没有公布任何机械上的信息。如果你想知道第11代Honda Civic追加了什么新配备,你可以看看这篇文章。 作为Honda Civic,推出Type R版本也是情理之中的。在10代的Honda Civic车型中,目前的Honda Civic Type R是第5代。 目前我们只有Honda Civic原型车的照片和泄露的专利图片,不过我们决定猜想一下Type R版本会以什么样的造型出现。 渲染图是基于掀背车型制作的,并且我们决定要减少FK8 Honda Civic Type R的浮夸风格。 轮圈用的是老款的Honda Civic Type R概念车(2009),尾灯则来源于Honda City RS的改装灯组。 不过,大家先别对新款Honda Civic兴奋过头了,因为第11代Honda Civic可能还有很长的时间才会在大马上市。 官方还没有公布引擎和变


Nov 26, 2020

Rumours: Next Honda Civic Type R to be launched in 2022, 400 PS with NSX tech!

With Honda launching the Civic Type R (FK8) Limited Edition in Europe and America, rumours are surfacing that the FK8 is due for a replacement very soon. This scoop comes from Japan’s Best Car which speculated that the development of the next-gen Civic is in progress and set to be launched in 2021. This means that the FK8 will be replaced soon, perhaps sometime in 2022 and it could even share some tech with Honda’s halo supercar. According to Best Car, the next-gen Type R could reuse the same 2.

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 15, 2020

Honda Civic FK8 Type R Limited Edition on 2020 World Touring Car safety patrol duty

This Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition has been appointed the Official Safety Car of the FIA World Touring Car Championship for the 2020 season. The limited-edition Type R was unveiled earlier this year at JAS Motorsport HQ in Milan. JAS Motorsport is Honda’s long-term motorsport collaborator and official partner. Painted in a resplendent livery featuring the “Sunlight Yellow” colour, the Type R Limited Edition Safety Car is 47 kg lighter than the GT-specification Type R. In addition to the car


Jun 30, 2020