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Goldmine: 'Brand new' 1972 Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno

Since 1966, the Toyota Corolla nameplate has been one of the most enduring models in the brands' line-up. It is the best-selling model in the world, the most famous Corolla being the AE86 Sprinter Trueno, made famous by the manga Initial D. But did you know, it wasn't Toyota's first Corolla Sprinter Trueno model? That's right, the car you see right here is the AE86's predecessor, the TE27, and this is the first Corolla model to get the Trueno and Levin (Thunder and Lightning respectively in Span


Jul 14, 2020

All-new 2020 Toyota Harrier goes on sale in Thailand, as a recond

Eton Import, an independent car importer in Thailand, has introduced the all-new 2020 Toyota Harrier to the land of smiles. Both petrol and hybrid engines are offered while Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 comes as standard. According to our Thai sister website Autofun, this is the first time that a car importer has officially announced the sale of the Toyota Harrier in the country. Toyota Thailand has never officially sold the SUV in Thailand believing that, with price ranging from 2-2.5 million bahts,


Jul 21, 2020

Pablo Escobar’s 1974 Porsche 911 RSR is up for sale for $2.2 million

If you haven’t heard of Pablo Escobar, then here’s a quick history lesson. Escobar is the wealthiest criminal in history and was viewed as a Robin Hood-like figure by residents in his town. With that amount of wealth, you can expect the man to have a stable full of epic cars. One of those cars, a 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR IROC race car, is on sale. The asking price of the car? An eye-watering $2.2 million! As its name suggests, the 911 was used in the now-defunct International Race of Cha


Mar 17, 2021

Fujiwara Yakitori Bar kini dibuka di KL, datang sini lepas hantar tofu!

Fujiwara Yakitori Bar adalah sebuah bar snek yang bertemakan manga Initial D, kini telah dibuka secara rasmi di Kuala Lumpur. Bar snek ini bertempat di 24, Jalan Kampung Pasir, Kampung Pasir Baru, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. Bar ini dikatakan berada sekitar Jalan Klang Lama. Menu yang ditawarkan di bar ini berkisarkan yakitori - daging cucuk Jepun yang dibakar meliputi ayam, daging dan kambing. Menurut facebook rasminya, ia masih di bawah status pork free. Terdapat juga pilihan minuman yang menyegarkan


Apr 17, 2021

Volkswagen Malaysia holds a 12.12 sale on Instagram. Say what?

The concept of buying a car on Lazada is still foreign to most of us, but now Volkswagen Malaysia has taken yet another unconventional step with an Instagram-exclusive car sale in conjunction with the 12.12 sale. 12 units of the VW Polo with JOIN accessories and 12 units of the VW Beetle with free spoiler and VW Tint will be up on sale on Volkswagen Malaysia’s Instagram profile with a RM 12,000 discount. Like the 12.12 sales on online shopping websites, VW’s 12.12 sales only run for 24 hours, st


Dec 11, 2019

Volvo XC90 T5 Formally Enters Malaysian Market - Only Sale For RM 373,888!

Volvo XC90 T5 AWD Momentum, a more affordable entry-level model, has been launched in Malaysia. As the most entry-level model in the XC90 series, the XC90 T5 abandons the previous version T8's hybrid combination and adopts the power configuration of the pure gasoline engine, which further reduces the price to RM373,888 with lower price threshold for customers to purchase. In terms of appearance, XC90 T5 is basically similar to the T8 version, except that the water tank cover has a different colo


Jul 22, 2019

4 cars that look like the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition

With the launch of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition only a day away, we have already speculated what the car could look like in detail. Based on the images provided by our friends at Funtasticko, we know that it could be black and yellow. And just recently, we have a design rendering of what the Saga Anniversary Edition would look like provided by Philip Choy. Now, I gotta admit, the black paint job really complements the yellow highlights on the grille, front bumper, and even the yellow rims

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Jul 8, 2020

Honda extends 12.12 City sale until 31-Dec!

If you haven’t decided on getting a brand-new Honda City from Honda’s 12.12 sale, then you’re in luck. Honda Malaysia has announced that it is extending its All-New City 12.12 Special Sale to 31-December 2020! This sale entitles customers to get a rebate worth RM 2,000 by booking and registering their new City by 31-December. This special rebate only applies to the S and E variants of the City. Honda has stated that there have been 11,000 bookings received for the all-new City and 5,800 units ha

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Dec 11, 2020

RM 2,000 rebate for 2020 Honda City E and S variants during Honda’s 12.12 sale

Yes, you read right, Honda Malaysia is having a special 12.12 sale for the fifth-generation all-new 2020 Honda City E and S variants. From 1 to 12 December 2020, customers who put in a booking for a Honda City E or S variant will receive a rebate worth RM 2,000. Known as the All-New City 12.12 Special sales, customers who placed their booking within the first 12 days of the month will have until 31 December to fulfil the booking and registration requirements at any Honda authorised dealerships n


Dec 1, 2020

Toyota RAV4 vs Toyota Harrier, should you pay more for the Harrier?

Toyota Harrier Toyota RAV4 The all-new 2020 Toyota Harrier will officially go on sale in June. From the preliminary specifications released by Toyota, the Harrier appears to share many similarities with the Toyota RAV4. Why does Toyota have two SUVs in the same segment? Here’s a brief comparison. It is true that both SUVs are very similar to each other. The Harrier and RAV4 are categorised in the same segment, built on the TNGA-K platform shared with the Toyota Camry. Both SUVs also share the sa


May 10, 2020

4 kereta yang nampak seperti Proton Saga Edisi Ulangtahun

Dengan pelancaran Proton Saga Edisi Ulangtahun yang akan menjelang esok, spekulasi telah dibuat tentang rupa rekaan kereta tersebut secara terperinci. Seperti biasa, peminat-peminat kereta di luar sana cuba untuk memvisualisasikan rupa sebenar kereta tersebut sebelum pelancarannya untuk membina ‘hype’ dan ‘meracun’ peminat-peminat Proton di luar sana. Berdasarkan imej yang disediakan oleh rakan kami di Funtasticko, yang pastinya Saga edisi istimewa ini akan didatangkan dalam palet warna hitam da


Jul 8, 2020

Peminat Initial D, Kedai Fujiwara Tofa jadi tarikan terbaru di Ipoh!

Jika anda salah seorang peminat siri manga Initial D, mata anda pasti bersinar-sinar melihat kafe terbaru yang dibuka di Ipoh ini! Kedai Fujiwara Tofa ini memaparkan konsep berasaskan animasi popular Initial D yang mencetus minat ‘drifting’ di kalangan peminat kereta sejak dari dulu lagi – lengkap dengan model kereta Toyota Corolla AE86 yang digayakan ‘sebijik’ seperti yang dipandu oleh karakter utama siri manga tersebut, Takumi Fujiwara! Rekaan kafe ini juga digayakan dengan bumbung hadapan yan


Jan 19, 2021

This is the all-new TNGA platform Toyota Yaris for Japan, to replace Vitz

At the sidelines of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota gave us a sneak peak of its upcoming all-new Toyota Yaris. Curiously, the Yaris was not presented at the motor show’s venue, but at a nearby mall located next to Toyota’s MegaWeb brand experience centre. Like its archrival the Honda Jazz (sold as the Fit in Japan), the all-new Toyota Yaris will only go on sale in Japan in February 2020. As such, details on the vehicle’s specifications are still lacking and the display car was locked with a ‘D


Oct 28, 2019

Ninja King for the new age, the all-new 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 gets rendered

After being on sale for better part of 15 years, Toyota could be introducing the all-new generation Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in April 2021. The next-generation Land Cruiser is expected to be called the 300-series, as the current-generation is called the 200-series. Unlike current-generation Toyota models and their “Keen Look” design language, the rendering by Mag-X reveals a more evolutionary design from the current 200-series Land Cruiser. Like other rugged Toyota models, the upcoming Land Cruis


Aug 28, 2020

All-new 2021 Toyota Venza revealed, rebadged Toyota Harrier for the US

Toyota has just unveiled the 2021 Venza for the North American market, which is essentially a rebadged fourth-generation Toyota Harrier. Like the Toyota Harrier, the 2021 Venza will be assembled at the Takaoka plant. For the North American market, the 2021 Venza is only available with a 2.5-litre Toyota Hybrid II system that does a combined system output of 218 PS, identical to the Japanese market Harrier. The 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated Dynamic Force petrol engine (171 PS, 207 Nm) isn’t avail


May 19, 2020

Malaysia begins sale of B20 biodiesel. What cars can use B20? Should you fuel up with B20?

B20 biodiesel, a biofuel blend consisting of 20 percent palm methyl ester (PME) and 80 percent diesel will be introduced in stages nationwide between now until June 2021. The B20 blend will be used only on the subsidized Euro 2M diesel. The higher priced Euro 5 diesel will remain as B7. According the Malaysian Ministry of Primary Industries, B20 biodiesel has already gone on sale in Langkawi and Labuan since January 2020. Sale of the biofuel will be expanded to Sarawak by April 2020, Sabah by Au


Feb 20, 2020

Nissan Z Proto won’t go on sale in Europe, proves that Toyota was right with Supra all along

The Nissan Z Proto has won itself many fans and the change in narrative is nice for a company that has been dragged through the mud by the legal tussle involving ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn. As much as we love the Nissan Z Proto, it is important to remember that the car has yet to enter production but keep your fingers crossed because Nissan has repeatedly mentioned that it is committed to producing the Z Proto. However what many forgot is that the new Nissan Z won’t be launched in Europe, or even the U


Sep 28, 2020

Pros and Cons: Proton Exora Premium – Wait, why are you still on sale?

Back in 2009, when the MPV craze hit Malaysia, Proton and Perodua both added a 7-seater MPV into their line-up. Here we are in 2020 and both the Proton Exora and Perodua Alza are still on sale. Interestingly, both models were given an update in 2019 and there seem to be no signs of replacement for the Perodua Alza. This time, let's focus on what is seen as the best value-for-money C-segment MPV, the Exora. We'll talk about the Alza some other time. Throughout the 11 years on sale, the Exora has

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Sep 8, 2020

Fancy a top-less Perodua Kancil? It's on sale!

We’ve seen videos of creative project cars from all over the world and even from the less urban areas of Malaysia, the last thing we would expect to see is someone making a project out of a Perodua Kancil and turn it into a top-less "convertible". But that was exactly what surfaced on a Facebook group dedicated to selling second-hand cars. We have to say, it’s pretty cute. It is impossible to tell what year the Kancil was manufactured, because other than having its roof seared off, the owner has


May 14, 2020

Top Rank: What is the quietest C-seg SUV on sale in Malaysia?

The C-segment SUV market is surely one of the most competitive in Malaysia. With almost every major carmaker offering one, it’s not hard to see why these are gaining popularity among Malaysians. They are spacious and practical for a growing family, with some even offering 7 seats. Plus, with a higher driving position, it’s probably an ideal vehicle for those who wish to command more presence on the road. But while practicality and size are determining factors in getting a C-segment SUV, another

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Jan 10, 2021

New upgraded Toyota Alphard / Vellfire launching in May 2021, for Malaysia too

Sales of the current AH30 generation Toyota Alphard / Toyota Vellfire twins will end next year in 2022. The next generation 2022 model however, will be rationalized into just one model, only the Toyota Alphard. It also means that the current AH30 generation Toyota Vellfire will be the last. To commemorate the end of the Alphard / Vellfire twins, Toyota will be introducing a final edition model of sorts for the Alphard / Vellfire twins. Sources in Japan say that the upgraded final edition Alphard


Mar 2, 2021

Proton EVs for sale - including Proton EMAS and Saga EV!

Remember Proton's electric vehicle (EV) project? Today, we found out that Proton was putting up models such as the Proton Saga EV, Proton Iriz EV, and even the Proton EMAS concept car up for auction. This following last week's auction of historic concepts and prototypes. UPDATE: The Proton EMAS concept car has been withdrawn from the auction. Thumbs up to Proton! It's impossible for a manufacturer to keep every protoype/concept car, but the EMAS deserves a spot in the museum. Today's auction was

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Jul 22, 2020

2021 Toyota Innova facelift set for world debut on 15-Oct

After publishing spy shots of it on a car transporter and a 3D rendering of the 2021 Toyota Innova facelift, it seems that we have an actual date for the world debut of Toyota’s everlasting MPV. Just a few hours ago, Toyota Indonesia had uploaded a teaser post on their Facebook page. The post shows the front quarter silhouette of the new Innova (called the Kijang Innova in Indonesia) and the 2020 Fortuner. The caption of the post states that the new Innova facelift will make its debut on 15-Octo

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Oct 8, 2020

25 years ago, Toyota shoved an MR2 engine into an Ipsum for the fun of it

Ever wondered what would a Toyota Innova look like if its regular 2.0-litre engine was swapped out for a 3.0-litre inline-6 from the GR Supra? Well, that sounds mad but Toyota Great Britain (GB) once did something similar to one of their MPVs nearly 25 years ago. Back in 1997, Toyota GB’s PR and Social department transformed a sensible Toyota Picnic MPV into the crazy-sounding Picnic Sport Turbo. The Picnic was more recognised in Malaysia as the Ipsum where it was one of the more popular grey im

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Apr 17, 2021

Toyota Harrier is Japan’s No.1 premium SUV for 2020, Toyota Raize tops all SUV sales

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) has released its list of top selling models in Japan for Financial Year 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021). Seven out of the top-10 best-selling models in Japan came from Toyota. The Toyota Yaris (including Yaris Cross and GR Yaris) is Japan’s most popular nameplate, with 202,657 units sold in the last year. This was followed by the Toyota Raize, our Perodua Ativa’s Japanese cousin, with 120,998 units, making it Japan’s best-selling SUV. The Raize’s t


Apr 7, 2021

Here’s the promo video for the all-new 2021 Toyota Harrier

Earlier last month, the all-new fourth generation 2021 Toyota Harrier made its online debut. At that time, details were scarce and only few studio shot photos were available. Toyota has since released a brief product video for the Japanese market variant of the Toyota Harrier, revealing the Harrier for the first time under natural lighting and dynamic driving conditions. The Harrier will go on sale in Japan next month while exports to other countries are expected to commence in 2021. Unlike the


May 12, 2020

Upcoming Toyota crossover EVs leaked via patent images, could go on sale by 2022

Photos of Toyota’s upcoming full-electric crossover have surfaced via patent filings, which includes a C- and E-segment version. If the design of the electric crossover looks familiar, that is because Subaru showcased its version earlier this year, called the Evoltis. Both the unnamed Toyota and Subaru Evoltis are C-segment models. Furthermore, both crossovers share similar design elements, though with some changes that differentiates the two – the Subaru features a more angular design, while th


Jun 25, 2020

Cheapest car on sale to feature AEB, the Perodua Axia

At RM 43,190, the Perodua Axia Advance is the cheapest car to come equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Most of us have been there, maybe something caught our attention away from the road momentarily, or we mispressed the accelerator pedal, or maybe we were too busy on *coughs* Facebook. A split second later and bam! But one feature that won’t be distracted or too busy is AEB. It is a system that detects an impending collision ahead and warns the driver. If the driver does not respo


Oct 29, 2019

At the Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Yaris was moved aside for the Honda Jazz - here's why

Yesterday marked the closing of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The highlight, as far production cars that regular folks can buy, is definitely the all-new fourth generation Honda Jazz. Archrival Toyota has no intentions of making life easy for the Jazz. Just one week before the opening of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota announced its all-new Toyota Yaris (formerly known as Vitz in Japan). The Toyota Yaris' announcement came a day after Honda released a teaser video commercial for its Honda Jazz, w


Nov 5, 2019

All-new Kia Carnival teased, due on-sale Q3 2020

Kia has teased the brand’s fourth-generation Kia Carnival flagship minivan today. Released in Korean specification, the all-new Carnival will be sold in many markets worldwide as the Kia Sedona. So far, we think it looks a bit like the new Kia Seltos. The Carnival aims to appeal to progressive young families with its combination of innovation, flexibility, and style. The new model builds on its predecessors’ heritage in the mid-sized MPV segment, following more than two million Carnival sales wo


Jun 18, 2020