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Why I Buy: Best bang for money for car features! My x70 Premium X even come with Sunroof.

** This article is the personal experience of a 2020 Proton x70 new owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Detail about car Car info: 2020 Proton x70 Premium X CKD Order date: June 2020 Delivery date: August 2020 (on Merdeka Days) Price: RM122,800. However, due to the current Government direction of SST rebates of RM7k of this model, plus additional rebates thrown out by SA, the ODR price of this is even cheaper than 2020 HRV 1.8L V Spec. Reason to buy Basically, I owned a H

Why I BuyWhy I Buy

Oct 9, 2020

Proton exports 2020 Proton X70 to Brunei; First CBU market for updated X70

Barely a year after the Proton X70’s debut in the Kingdom of Brunei, Proton has already introduced an update. Brunei will be the first to import the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 launched in Malaysia earlier this year. Though the Proton X70 has only been on sale for a few months in Brunei, it quickly made its way to rank as the top three SUV in its segment. To recap, the CKD Proton X70 was updated in 2020. The SUV now comes with new stiffer suspension, a new 7-speed DCT along with a new col


Sep 10, 2020

Proton X70 – What needs improving?

When Proton first launched the X70 back in late 2018, consumers were sceptical of the car’s Chinese roots – will it be problematic, they asked. Well, that comes as no surprise, considering the history of Chinese cars sold here in the past. With the X70, Proton and Geely hope to change the perception once and for all. Despite all of their efforts, the X70 is not perfect and has some (minor) shortcomings. Is the Proton X70's fuel consumption poor? We are aware that a lot of owners have lamented ab


Jan 24, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross vs Proton X70 – Still want that X70?

It is inevitable, comparing the recently-introduced 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross against one of the most popular SUVs around – the Proton X70. After all, seeing that the price of the top-spec Proton X70 is very close to the entry-level Toyota Corolla Cross (RM 123k vs RM 124k), cross-shopping between the two is bound to happen. Therein lies the question: for roughly the same amount of money for the top-spec Proton X70, should you, or should you not, add a little bit more money and get the 2021 Toyo


Mar 25, 2021

Two new Proton models in 2020, Proton X70 CKD and Proton X50!

Proton ended 2019 on a high with 100,821 cars sold, a 55.7 % growth compared to the previous year. The company was on overdrive with 5 new model launches (X70, Iriz, Persona, Exora, Saga) over a span of 8 months. Proton CEO, Dr Li Chunrong announced Proton’s plans for 2020 at a media Chinese New Year luncheon today. We won’t bore you with the numbers so here are the juicy bits. Proton will be launching the Proton X70 CKD and Proton X50 this year. 2020 Proton X70 CKD Estimated Launch Date: Q1 202

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jan 20, 2020

Proton Introduces Limited Edition X70 Merdeka Edition

Based on the X70 Premium Only 62 units available Priced from RM 126,100 Proton has just introduced the X70 Merdeka Edition, a limited-edition version of its popular X70, designed to commemorate Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day celebration. As such, only 62 units will be made available, each priced from RM 126,100. Only 2 colours are available, namely Snow White and Flame Red. The X70 Merdeka Edition is based on the X70 Premium variant, but with the addition of these extra kit: Quartz Black paint


Aug 19, 2019

Proton X70 - Is it expensive to maintain?

The Proton X70 is currently Proton’s most sophisticated model on sale right now. We took a closer look at the maintenance costs of the Proton X70, comparing it against one of its closest rivals - the Honda CR-V. Proton X70 costs RM 939.09 more to maintain than the Honda CR-V Over a 5-year/100,000-km period, owners can expect to pay RM 4,897 to maintain the Proton X70, while owners of the Honda CR-V only need to fork out RM 3,958, RM 939.09 less. Wait, what? Yes, the Proton X70 does cost more to


Jan 27, 2020

2020 Proton X70 CKD: Here's the confirmed specs

Ahead of the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70’s debut, it appears that some dealers have begun releasing details of the new model. As seen on Paultan.org, the photos give us a good look at the new locally-assembled X70, including the variant walkthrough. Kicking things off is the new Space Grey colour, not blue as previously thought. Proton has also updated X70 variants – out goes the Executive AWD variant, effectively transforming the X70 into a front-wheel drive-only model. Then there's the


Feb 8, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross vs Proton X70:你还想买X70吗?

Proton X70作为我国最受欢迎的SUV之一,它和刚刚上市的2021 Toyota Corolla Cross之间的对比,几乎是不可避免的。 毕竟,顶配版Proton X70的价格与入门级Toyota Corolla Cross的价格是非常接近的(RM 123k vs RM 124k),因此两者之间的交叉选购也是必然的。 最大的问题就在这里:以顶配版Proton X70的价格,你到底应不应该多加一点钱,去买2021 Toyota Corolla Cross呢? 推荐阅读: Toyota Corolla Cross大马上市,标价RM 124k起跳,搭载全套ADAS、全景3D和TNGA平台 外观:你喜欢Proton还是Toyota? 这两款SUV的设计各有特色,要比出高低并不是一件容易的事情。 诚然,Proton X70或许只是吉利博越的贴牌车,但博越也是一款设计精美的SUV。尤其是配合19英寸的轮圈,X70散发出一种成熟优雅的气质。 至于Toyota Cross,可以说Toyota是将Toyota RAV4的设计元素,缩小放到了Corolla Cross的身上。相比于Toyota C


Apr 1, 2021

Will Indonesian buyers accept the Proton X70?

Proton ended 2019 on a strong note, firmly putting the Proton X70 as the undisputed leader in the C-SUV segment, with over 13,300 units, eclipsing the Honda CR-V’s 12,000 plus units. But does it come as a surprise at all? Thanks to generous tax incentives that nobody else apart from Proton and Perodua enjoys, the rebadged Geely Boyue is nearly RM 50,000 cheaper than a similarly equipped Honda CR-V 1.5 TC-P. On paper, Malaysia no longer have a national car policy, not for the last 20 years. The t


Apr 3, 2020

At RM 99k, Proton X70 Standard 2WD is the most value for money X70

Since the introduction of the Proton X70, all the love and attention were given to the range-topping X70 Premium 2WD and for good reason. By now you should be well aware of the “Hi Proton” Intelligent Voice Command function that allows you to operate some key functions of the car. Although, it is worth noting that controlling the windows using voice command is only available on the X70 Premium as the other Proton models do not come with the hardware to support it. Not only that, but the X70 Prem

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Oct 21, 2019

Proton X70 CKD: New blue colour option coming?

It appears that the upcoming locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 will receive a new blue colour. We spotted the new blue body colour in Proton’s own press materials, indicating that at least one variant of the new X70 will receive the new colour. At this point of time, it remains to be seen that the new shade of blue is called, though at a glance, it appears similar to Geely’s own Topaz Blue found on the Dihao GL PHEV. The imported (CBU) Proton X70 is currently offered in 5 body colours: Snow Whi


Jan 30, 2020

Proton X50 vs Proton X70 - Panduan memilih SUV kegemaran Malaysia untuk anda!

Proton X70 Proton X50 Kehadiran 2 model SUV Proton telah membawa gelombang baru pasaran SUV ke Malaysia. Proton X70 dan Proton X50 kedua-duanya merupakan sebuah produk yang bagus dengan harga terendah berbanding pesaing lain. Di sini, kami akan mengulas satu-persatu mengenai perbezaan 2 model SUV ini sebagai panduan anda untuk memilih SUV kegemaran Malaysia! Pertindihan harga Pasaran Malaysia memang dipenuhi dengan sentimen harga. Jangkaan awal, tiada pertindihan harga yang akan berlaku tapi nam


Jan 13, 2021

Rebiu: Proton X70 Premium X CKD, mampu kembalikan kepercayaan terhadap Proton?

Proton X70 Proton X70 telah dilancarkan pada Disember 2018. Hampir 2 tahun selepas pelancarannya, Proton X70 kini telah menjadi SUV paling popular di Malaysia. Apa yang lebih penting adalah, adakah Proton X70 mampu mengembalikan kepercayaan pengguna terhadap Proton? Sebelum itu, perubahan terbesar untuk model CKD ini adalah penggunaan transmisi DCT 7 kelajuan. Transmisi ini juga lebih ringan lalu menjadikan berat keseluruhan model ini juga turut berkurangan. Keputusan ini ternyata memberikan per


Jul 22, 2020

CKD Proton X70 – Here’s What We Know So Far

Launched back in December 2018, the Proton X70 is Proton’s first-ever SUV and is currently the most popular SUV on sale in Malaysia right now. Much of its popularity can be owed to the Proton X70’s price tag, which starts from RM 99,800, positioning the much larger X70 against smaller competitors such as the Honda HR-V. However, unlike other Proton models that are locally assembled, the Proton X70 is actually built in Geely’s Ningbo production facility in China. A couple of weeks after the X70 w


Jul 31, 2019

Kebaikan & Keburukan: Proton X70 – selesa tetapi tak ‘save’ minyak?

Dengan kehangatan Proton X50 baru-baru ini, mana perginya Proton X70? Adakah ia sudah kehilangan ‘wow factor’? Sebenarnya tidak. Malah ia masih mempunyai pakej yang cukup berkualiti dan berbaloi. Mengimbau kembali, harga SUV segmen C ini bermula dari RM 89,900 untuk varian Standard hingga RM 115,800 untuk varian Premium X. Sekiranya Proton X50 tidak kena dengan jiwa anda dan mungkin juga anda perlukan ruang yang lebih selesa, Proton X70 semestinya berada di antara senarai teratas. Oleh itu, inil


Jan 23, 2021

Perbandingan: Harga Proton X50 vs Proton X70 bertindih! Nak pilih yang mana?

Proton X50 Proton X70 Proton X50 2020 baru sahaja dilancarkan secara rasmi. Bersama-sama dengan itu, harga bagi kesemua varian turut diumumkan buat tatapan umum. Tinjauan kami, ramai yang merasakan bahawa harga tersebut sesuai dengan tawaran model tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun, pengumuman harga tersebut menimbulkan sedikit tanda tanya. Proton X50 ditawarkan pada harga sekitar RM 79,200 hingga RM 103,300. Hal ini bermakna, harga Proton X50 bertindih dengan harga Proton X70.] Berikut adalah perbezaa


Oct 27, 2020

CKD Proton X70 won’t be here until Q1 2020

If you’re waiting for Proton to introduce the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 soon, don’t hold your breath as it won’t arrive so soon. According to sources familiar with the matter, the CKD version of the Proton X70 has been postponed, possibly until Q1 2020, a slight push-back from the originally scheduled November 2019 timeline. A quick check with several Proton dealers also indicates that many dealers are offering discounts ranging from RM 2,000 up to RM 6,000 for a Proton X70, suggesting


Oct 29, 2019

2020 Proton X70 CKD - Which colour looks best?

As part of the new locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 line-up, the company has introduced a new grey colour. The new colour is called Space Grey. This bump the total number of colours up to 6 – Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Cinnamon Brown, Flame Red, and Space Grey. However, the new colour is still not the best looking colour for the Proton X70, in our opinion. It's a rather flat looking colour and doesn't do much to bring the X70's character lines. Of course, looks are subjective but our


Feb 12, 2020

2020 Proton X70 CKD: What's new compared to before?

The 2020 Proton X70 CKD is here, slightly less than two years after the China-made imported (CBU) model was introduced in Malaysia. Sorry to burst the bubble for those hoping to get the Chinese market top specs Geely Boyue Pro as the basis of the X70 CKD, as changes done to the exterior is minimal – the Proton emblems are new, and the X70 CKD gains a new shade of grey called Space Grey, and that's about it. Everything else about the car's exterior remains the same. Thankfully, you do get some cr


Feb 12, 2020

Proton X70 - What features could the CKD version get?

Shortly after introducing the X70, Proton announced their intentions to locally-assemble the X70 by the end of 2019, and they have succeeded in doing so. A couple of months after trials runs started in June 2019, the first few units of the Malaysian-made Proton X70s have started to roll of the new production line in Tanjung Malim. Will it be cheaper? Prices are unlikely to come down compared to its fully-imported counterpart, but you might get more features for the same price. So what’s new? For


Jan 26, 2020

Proton Pakistan sedia kilang USD 30 juta untuk pemasangan Proton Saga dan Proton X70!

Proton Holdings Berhad akan memulakan projek CKD di Pakistan seawal suku ketiga tahun 2021. Rakan perniagaan Proton di Pakistan, Al Haj Automotive telah bersedia dengan rancangan CKD pada kilang terbaru mereka seawal Julai 2021. Kilang tersebut dibina di Karachi dan mempunyai kapasiti pengeluaran yang dianggarkan sebanyak 25,000 unit setahun. Sebanyak USD 30 juta telah dilaburkan untuk pembangunan kilang tersebut. Pada awalnya kilang ini sepatutnya beroperasi pada akhir tahun 2020. Walaubagaiman


Apr 12, 2021

Proton X70 bukan sekadar rebadge? Ketahui mengapa ini bukti komitmen Geely-Proton!

Proton X70 Geely adalah antara jenama kereta terbesar di dunia. Antara strategi perniagaan Geely yang paling sensasi adalah membeli pegangan syarikat Proton pada tahun 2017. Langkah ini mendapat reaksi yang berbeza-beza daripada ramai pihak. Bukan sekadar mahu gah atas kertas, Geely menegaskan bahawa komitmen terhadap Proton bukan sekadar ‘pintu gerbang’ untuk menjual model Geely di pasaran Malaysia namun lebih kepada membantu Proton berjaya dengan jenama sendiri. Mengorak langkah pertama, Geely


Aug 26, 2020

Berapakah nilai penjualan semula Proton X70? Flux mempunyai alternatif

Proton X70 telah dilancarkan pada bulan Disember 2018 sebagai model yang diimport sepenuhnya (CBU) dari China. Lebih dari satu tahun kemudian, model pemasangan tempatan (CKD) dilancarkan pada Februari 2020 yang dilengkapi transmisi baru tetapi hampir tidak ada perubahan harga. Model premium X teratas berharga RM 122,800. Hampir dua tahun di pasaran, masih terlalu awal untuk mengukur nilai penjualan semula Proton X70. Ya ada sebilangan besar unit yang disenaraikan dalam iklan kereta terpakai, tet


Aug 8, 2020

Rendered: 2021 Proton X70 MC1 facelift expected, 1.5 TGDI engine?

Having enjoyed success as one of the most popular SUVs in Malaysia, the Proton X70 might just receive an update sometime this year. According to our friends at Funtasticko, a facelifted Proton X70, dubbed the Proton X70 MC1, is in the pipeline. Mass production is expected to begin in the second half of 2021. With the Proton X50 powered by a 1.5-litre TGDI engine and assembled in Malaysia, there is speculation that the 2021 Proton X70 MC1 would use the same engine too. If you're having doubts on


Feb 2, 2021

Proton bakal kembali di Pakistan dengan pelancaran Proton X70 pada bulan depan!

Proton kini sedang giat bekerjasama dengan Al-Haj Automotive untuk meluaskan pasaran mereka ke Pakistan. Syarikat pengeluar automotif kebanggaan negara ini akan melancarkan Proton X70 di Pakistan pada Disember ini. Menurut laporan daripada CarSpiritPK, Proton Saga pula akan beransur pada Januari 2021. Unit ujian jalan untuk kedua-dua model ini telah lama diintip di beberapa bandar yang terkemuka di Pakistan. Pada mulanya, Proton mensasarkan pelancaran pada pertengahan tahun ini. Dengan penguatku


Nov 23, 2020

Honda CR-V 2020: Mampukah ia mengungguli Proton X70?

Honda Malaysia telah mengesahkan bahawa pelancaran Honda CR-V 2020 akan berlangsung pada akhir tahun ini. Walaupun harga rasmi belum diumumkan, tempahan untuk pembeli sudah dibuka. Kali ini, ia didatangkan dengan kelengkapan Honda Sensing yang penuh. Pada masa yang sama, teknologi ini turut didatangkan pada varian 1.5L VTEC Turbo 4WD. Sistem kamera titik buta LaneWatch pula akan didatangkan pada semua varian. Antara ciri baharu pada Honda CR-V 2020 ialah kawalan elektronik untuk pintu but yang d


Oct 26, 2020

Jaga-jaga penjenayah, kereta polis Proton X70 sudah mari!

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) sebelum ini melengkapkan senjata mereka dengan kuasa i-VTEC oleh Honda Civic polis yang sering dilihat sejak kebelakangan ini. Kini, giliran Proton X70 pula untuk mengukuhkan senjata polis di Malaysia. Seperti yang pernah dilaporkan, kita pernah melihat SUV kegemaran Malaysia dalam pakaian seragam polis. Terima kasih kepada rakan kami di Funtasticko, kini nampaknya SUV tersebut bakal digunakan secara umum. Berdasarkan gambar ini, SUV polis ini sedang dihantar oleh tr


Nov 13, 2020

Proton X70 previewed in Pakistan, powered by 1.5L from X50

Previously, we reported on Proton’s plans for a return to the Pakistani market, and right now, that time has come. The Malaysian Tiger’s first model for its Pakistani comeback is the Proton X70 but there is a slight twist. According to CarSpiritPK, there were two units of the Proton X70 shown at the Pakistani media preview. Both units were the flagship Premium 2WD variant. There are 4 variants of the X70 available in Pakistan which are the Standard 2WD. Executive 2WD, Executive 4WD, and Premium

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 17, 2020

Deal Breakers: Proton X70 – the boot needs to be rebooted

When the Proton X70 was launched, it garnered tremendous attention. It was Proton’s first SUV and the first Proton car with the “Hi Proton” feature. There’s quite a lot of things to like about the X70 too – the interior is decent, the range-topping variant gets power seats up front, and the price is rather attractive when compared to its rivals. There is however, one thing we don’t quite like about the Proton X70 and that is the boot/tailgate. What is there not to like about the Proton X70’s boo


Aug 13, 2020