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1. Excellent NVH, minimal noise even on highways 2. Spacious cabin with decent storage space and legroom 3. Luminous LED headlight 4. Great braking system
1. Slightly underpowered 2. Outdated infotainment system and instrument cluster 3. Fragile interior conponents


The CRV cabin dimension is wide and well enough to store more objects, allowing my family to store more groceries and stuff when we are out. And plenty of legroom given, not just on the driver's side but passengers' side as well (front and back).


Its 2.0 i-Vtec Naturally Aspirated engine, 16 valve SOHC and as per claimed, horsepower of 153 hp at 6500 rpm as well torque of 190 Nm at 4300 rpm. Unfortunately, there's always an issue with its fuels injection power kicks in. The power feel does not deliver promptly but it rather takes times to build up its momentum and comes in a sedate style.

Ride & Handling

It is really a comfy ride with great handling and contains a very well soft suspension setup. No harshness on it. Whether as a driver or passenger, I am pleased to be in the CR-V. With the Honda safety feature offered, whether on rainy days or in a heavy traffic....the brakes definitely supports everything on every emergency.

Fuel Economy

The Honda CR-V is also quite economical in terms of fuel consumption. Brilliant Eco mode.


Is a very cosy ride, I am really in love with its NVH design. Even when I try to accelerate up to 110 - 120km/h, it just doesn’t give you that much of noise from the outside. For the interior, 6 speakers given - great sounds system, even the car begin to speed up but the NVH are very well and you are still able to follow with your favourite music during high-speed cruising.

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