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1.Good reliability and trouble-free ownership 2.Practical and spacious 3.Fuel efficient 4.High groud clearance and good ride comfort 5.Fantasitic visibility
1.Fells floaty at high speeds 2.Lack of soft touch materials makes the cabin feel cheap 3.2.0 engine feels sluggish with more than 3 passengers 4.Lack of auto lights 5.Lack of foot space in the front passenger footwell


There’s a well thought out feature in the trunk, which are the one-touch folding seats. By pulling a small leaver, the back seats will tumble dow, revealing a huge cargo space to store whatever you may need to cater for.  


The 2.0 engine is not fast nor exciting, but it gets the job done, although at times it may feel a bit sluggish, especially when there are more than 3 adults in the car.  

Ride & Handling

It has light steering and handling is mediocre. It's more of a “just gets the job done” situation, though I must say the car feels floaty at high speeds.  

Fuel Economy

I choose the 2WD model, so it is more fuel-efficient than the AWD variant.  


The leather seats are soft yet supportive and comfortable at the same time, but the front passenger footwell is quite small, with a length of only half of what the driver gets, so a lot of passengers have complained about the lack of leg room in the front passenger seat.  


The wrap-around daytime running lights look cool and give a strong road presence to the car, while the silver lip and chrome touches in the grille, tailgate, windows frames, and fog lamp housings allow the car to have a classy and elegant look despite the overall rugged design.  


The black interior helps hide stains, although scratches show very easily thanks to lots of hard plastics (more on this later). Other than that, the display only shows trip information, reverse camera, and gas mileage because I got the 2.0 litre model. Sound quality is decent, but not great. Sound is sharp and moderately clear, but bass reproduction is poor.  

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