WapCar Morning Insiders: World's No.4 carmaker?

Tasia · Nov 1, 2019 06:29 AM

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With the 4WD dropped, the lineup has been revised to two variants - Koleos and Koleos Signature priced at RM 179,888 and RM 189,888 respectively.

The new Koleos will be previewed at the Premium Auto Car Expo (PACE) this weekend (2 - 3 November 2019) at the Setia City Convention Centre.


Sunway’s parking lot makes a great leap towards sustainability

Sunway is further paving the path in innovative parking lots with the preview of their new Smart Parking system within Sunway City.

All you need to do is register your car plate through the Sunway Parking portal and attach your account to a participating e-wallet to make payment.


 WapCar Talks 

We were told to sit back and adjust our mirrors so we can see just a little bit of our car in the mirror. But a paper published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 1995 states that is not the right way at all!

WapCar Morning Insiders: World's No.4 carmaker? 01

According to the paper, you’re not supposed to see your own car in your side mirrors, not even the flank of it. Instead, your mirrors should point further outwards to eliminate blind spots.

Here’s a quick step by step to adjusting the side mirrors


 International News 

This is why Mazda’s first BEV is called the Mazda MX-30 and not EX-30

WapCar Morning Insiders: World's No.4 carmaker? 02

When Mazda pulled off the wraps of their new electric vehicle (EV) at the recently concluded 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the press was not intrigued at the fact that this is the Japanese carmaker’s first EV nor is it the suicide doors but the name Mazda MX-30.

So, why did Mazda deem an all-electric crossover worthy of the MX nameplate? That’s because ‘MX’ is an abbreviation for Mazda eXperiment.


FCA and PSA to merge as world's 4th biggest automaker

WapCar Morning Insiders: World's No.4 carmaker? 03

Following the Big Three (General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US), Fiat Chrysler (FCHA.MI) and Peugeot owner PSA (PEUP.PA) to reach a binding deal to create the world’s fourth largest automaker in the coming weeks.

According to Reuster, FCA would get access to PSA’s more modern vehicle platforms to meet new emissions rules, while Europe-focused PSA would benefit from FCA’s profitable U.S. business featuring brands such as Ram and Jeep.


2020 Porsche 911 finally gains a manual transmission

WapCar Morning Insiders: World's No.4 carmaker? 04

Porsche confirmed the availability of a seven-speed manual transmission for the 2020 911 Carrera S and 4S Coupe and Cabriolet models. The base price for the manual option will be the same as the standard 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission.

Performance wise, the 911 Carrera S with manual transmission can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 4 seconds and reach a top track speed of over 190 mph.

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