New Porsche Panamera gets 630 PS & 820 Nm, electric Panamera coming soon?

Arif · Sep 14, 2020 11:19 AM

The 4-door limousine from Porsche, the Porsche Panamera comes in various trims and variants. You have the Porsche Panamera, Panamera GTS, Panamera 4 Sport Turismo, Panamera Turbo S, and about ten more variants to choose from. As of recent, Porsche has introduced a newer version of the Panamera GTS alongside two new Panameras – the Porsche Panamera Turbo S and the Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid.

In a round table session with Porsche, we had the chance to learn more about the luxury sports saloon.

Overall, the new Panameras have been given emphasis on a better balance of performance and comfort. Porsche’s PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) and PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) have been further improved and developed to provide the best driving experience.

The Panamera Turbo S clocked 7:38 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

The highlight of the Panamera range is the new Panamera Turbo S. Previously only a Panamera Turbo was available, but not the Turbo S. Powered by a V8 bi-turbo engine, the Turbo S churns out 630 PS of maximum power and 820 Nm of maximum torque.

All this stems from the goal to becoming the best-in-class in terms of performance. The Panamera Turbo S recently clocked the fastest Nürburgring lap time in its class (7:38). The V8 bi-turbo in the Turbo S has forged internals (similar to the Lamborghini Urus), separating it from the less powerful V8 bi-turbo in The Porsche Panamera GTS.

Challenges in the development of the Turbo S include fitting a large powertrain into the Panamera, and balancing comfort and performance.

The second highlight of the Panamera range would be the new Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid, which is a step up from the Panamera E-Hybrid. The hybrid system comprises of a 2.9-litre V6 bi-turbo engine and a 136 PS electric motor.

The combined power and torque figures of the 4S E-hybrid are 560 PS and 750 Nm. Compared to the older 14.1kW battery in older Porsche Hybrids, the new Panamera 4S E-Hybrid gets a 17.9 kWH battery, improving the electric driving range by up to 13%.

Porsche is doing continuous work on improving the electric range of the car without increasing too much weight and size of the battery. Some tech from the Porsche Taycan has also trickled down to the Panamera 4S E-hybrid like the energy recuperation and the optimization of the drive modes.

According to Porsche, the Taycan and Panamera do not overlap even if the Panamera were to be electric

News of an electric Panamera has been circulating the internet, and according to Porsche, an electric Panamera will not cannibalise Porsche’s all-electric car, the Porsche Taycan. In reference to a report from Go Auto Australia, the Panamera and Taycan are two different cars from the perspective of the customer.

We already know an electric Porsche Macan built on the PPE Platform is coming next.

If an electric Panamera were to come to fruition it could be on the existing MLB platform or Porsche’s PPE platform.

The revised by Panamera GTS sports the 480 PS/620 Nm V8 bi-turbo engine. Although utilising turbochargers, the powerplant has been tuned to behave more like a naturally aspirated engine.

From a previous roundtable session with Porsche, we have learned that Porsche will continue to produce ICE, hybrid, and electric cars. This is different from what the likes of Lotus is doing, where hybridisation is skipped entirely.

To continue developing the hybrid powertrain, Porsche will work towards higher electric range and higher battery capacity while not compromising the weight of the car. In terms of power output from the electric motor, it seems that Porsche finds the 136 PS motor to be sufficient for the time being.

Other developments of the hybrid cars from Porsche might also include more intelligent navigation systems that will optimise the usage of the hybrid powertrain.