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RM 262,888 - 358,888
C-Segment Wagon | --T / 2.0T

The split opening tailgate is also much more easier to open in tight parking spots compared to the long tailgate of MPVs/ SUVs. It’s also much easier to load and unload from the boot!

It has a much more spacious cabin compared to the 3 and 5-door variants but unfortunately, the storage space inside is still lacking.

The new transmission is operated via a new shift-by-wire gear lever that returns to its original position after switching between Drive, Reverse and Park, just like BMW models.

Good news for the tech wizards as the Clubman now also comes with the latest host of MINI Connected app.

the newest member of the clubman 2019  family - 2019  clubman price  has been given a multiple refreshments, splashed with a brand new colour choice at the grand price of rm 298,888 - imported from oxford, england.  clubman 2019 mini’s facelift clubman now sports new led headlights and fog lamps. the led lamps are a surrounded with white light rings that serves as both daytime running lights and turn signals.

If you’re one who doesn’t mind the lack of storage space and a stiff ride for a good handling car the Clubman is the perfect compromise for you.

To be accurate, all banks have different interest rates so we’re going to base off the most common interest rate on offer and that is 2.65 percent rate.

The Clubman measures at 454 mm, longer than the standard MINI hatch so the Clubman definitely offers up a lot more boot space then it’s shorter siblings.

MINI designers have relocated the safety bar on the grille so it is no longer part of the design.

So yes, even with it’s elongated body, the car still drives like a MINI inspired vehicle of this era with good handling and good performance.

Mechanically, no changes were made to the 2-litre MINI TwinPower turbo engine that produces 194 PS and 280 Nm of torque that is capable of make the 0-100 km/h sprint in 7.2 seconds and cruise at a top speed of 228 km/h.

Another notable new feature on the Clubman is the ability to send navigational information from your phone to your car via MINI Remote Services.

The headlights are now surrounded by white rings of light that serves as both daytime running lights and turn indicators.

Headlamps and fog lights have also been upgraded.

the new 2019 clubman price has an asking price of rm 298,888. this is a massive price hike compared to the outgoing version that had a price tag of rm 262,888.

Along with the new sound system a brand new ambient lighting in Frozen Blue choice further enhances the interior. The new ambient lighting is part of the brand’s MINI Yours Interior Styles.

Rates under Balloon Financing starts from RM 3,418 per month based on estimates of 80 percent loan on a five-year tenure.

though shares the same engine gives you much more fun to drive at RM 220,800.

- rm 5641.51 per month clubman 2019 - rm 4218.23 per month clubman price - rm 3427.53 per month clubman price or you can always opt for bmw group financial services malaysia’s balloon financing.

So in other words, the Clubman is the car for those who insist on limiting their choice to lifestyle cars.

This facelift 2019 MINI Clubman comes in 6 colour options including the brand new and very spicy Indian Summer Red.

But of course, if you’re talking about ultimate practicality, then the Clubman still loses out to regular family SUVs like the BMW X1 or X3.

Like its promised driving appeal, the ride in a MINI can get harsh when the car hits a particularly rough patch of road, like all its fellow MINI variants.

The Clubman’s driving experience needs no other explanation but that: It’s a MINI! No it definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to driving appeal.

MINI designers have also included a whole new 12-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system.

As you know, MINI Malaysia has done away with the base Cooper variant, so the facelift Clubman arrives with only a Cooper S engine to offer.

as you probably already know, clubman 2019 recently introduced the facelifte 2019 mini  clubman price to our shores. we already know of the changes that mini has made to the car but here’s an even in depth look!

Like all MINIs officially distributed by MINI Malaysia, the Clubman also comes complete with the MINI 4-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Schedule Service.

Known as the B48 engine, this is a familiar turbocharged inline-4 petrol engine that is used in the BMW X1, X2 and 2-series, in identical state of tune (194 PS).

New on the inside is the new music experience that comes in a form of 12 Harmon Kardon speakers that are exclusively customised for the new Clubman.

Perhaps the most distinctive change on the 2019 MINI Clubman is the redesigned air inlets on the front radiator grille.

A steering wheel wrapped in the same MINI Yours Walknappa Leather further complements the seats.

we suspect that the price hike could be due to the current fluctuation of the forex exchange. if so, then it doesn’t help that the clubman is fully imported from mini’s oxford plant further affecting the currency exchange.   clubman price mini malaysia has also done away with the base-spec cooper variant in this facelift cycle. so there is only 1 variant on sale and that is the one that runs on the cooper s engine.

you can consider the clubman price the grown-up version of the mini 3-door. it has all the signature styles of the mini that would sooth the style concious buyer but provides a lot more space.

goes at RM 295,888, sets a style statement as much as the Clubman and produces 407 PS! ‘nuff said.

mini malaysia offers 4 years worth of free service, but maintenance cost will be like all bmws.  clubman 2019 the clubman is mini’s answer to the trendy yet family oriented individuals out there so they can still raise a family but have a slice of the mini pie.

at rm 298,888, the 2019 clubman 2019 is admittedly rather pricey. for the same money there are more comfortable as well as practical options on offer: clubman 2019 starts off at rm 293,888 and offers more practicality and space then the clubman.

On the inside, MINI has decorated the Clubman with MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Carbon Black seat upholstery complimented by a steering wheel wrapped in the same leather.

So not only do you have access to the Concierge Service and the services of MINI Online but also the use of Apple CarPlay.

Mind you, the Clubman is also a legacy model compared to the Countryman as there were already versions of the Clubman that pre-dates the BMW era.

There's a new colour choice available, known as Indian Summer Red.

A more powerful 251 PS version can be found in the F30 BMW 330i while a 258 PS version is utilised by the G11 BMW 730i / 730Li and also the BMW Z4.

The plush seats are now wrapped in MINI Yours Walknappa Leather Lounge Carbon Black upholstery.

Also we have to say that the Clubman looks better then the Countryman as well!

But MINI engineers have swap out the previous car's 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission for a new 7-speed dual-clutch unit, which MINI says offers faster gear changes, better comfort and also optimised efficiency with a claimed fuel consumption of 6.2-litres of fuel per 100 km.

BMW first introduced the B48 in 2014 in the form of the F56 MINI Hatch, or in other words the second generation MINI 3-door. The engine has since saw many upgrades and many reliability issues fixed.

The B48 is BMW’s most popular engine and can be found in almost all their cars though with different power outputs so the B48’s reputation is considerably good.

While the engine remains the same, MINI has swap out the old gearbox in favour of a brand new drive-by-wire 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.


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2.0L | turbocharged

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