2019 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman: Answers to frequently asked questions

Jerrica/Nov 18, 2019 12:30 AM

MINI John Cooper Works Clubman FAQ

When MINI Malaysia launched the facelifted 2019 MINI Clubman, they also launched the John Cooper Works Clubman along with it.

MINI’s John Cooper Works Clubman is one of two revolutionary JCW variant that made a mark in MINI’s 60 year history as under the bonnet holds MINI’s most powerful engine yet!

How much is it?

The 2019 MINI JCW Clubman is priced at RM 358,888. That’s at least RM 60,000 more expensive then the Cooper S variant.

Like the Cooper S variant the 2019 MINI JCW Clubman comes imported from MINI’s Oxford plant.

What’s new in the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman?

Cosmetically, the 2019 MINI JCW Clubman is identical with the Cooper S variant save for racing decals and the inclusion of JCW and the ALL4 badging. So it’s still easy to distinguish the JCW Clubman from the Cooper S variant.

On the inside, Carbon Black Dinamica leather wraps the sporty racing seats while the steering wheel, instrument cluster, centre display, start screen and door sills are replaced with JCW specific variations.

You get the same drive-by-wire gear shift as the Cooper S variant despite the different transmission used in the JCW Clubman.

The JCW Clubman gets a 8-speed Steptronic Sports Automatic Transmission instead of the 7-speed DCT in the Cooper S. 

The biggest change in the facelift JCW Clubman is the 310 PS engine, this number is up by 116 PS from the Cooper S Clubman. 

What engine does the JCW Clubman uses?

The 2019 MINI JCW Clubman has the same B48 engine under the bonnet as like the Cooper S, albeit with many modifications, especially the crankshaft, done to give it the performance it promises.

The B48 is BMW’s most popular 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. You can find the B48 in many variations even in the BMW 3-series and 5-series that runs on 4-cylinder powertrain.

For the JCW Clubman, it is the same variation hidden in the heart of the F44 M235i Gran Coupe xDrive.

Is it reliable?

Similar to any BMW. It's not the most reliable car on sale but it will serve you well if maintenance and driving habits are in accordance to manufacturer's recommendations.

Is it fun to drive?

With MINI’s well-known handling, you can bet that the 2019 MINI JCW Clubman will offer you a fun drive.

Couple the power output with MINI’s ALL4 All-wheel drive system and you will get even more fun than a standard MINI can ever offer.

Is it comfortable?

MINIs have always been known for their rather harsh ride, as they typically come with stiff sports suspension, the JCW Clubman might prove to be even harsher than any MINI that has came before it.

So while the JCW sports seats might cushion your body well, get ready for a little (actually we mean a lot) head banging when hitting a rough patch of road.

Monthly Repayment

When it comes to how much you will have to fork out monthly for the 2019 MINI JCW Clubman, it’s really subjected to the bank interest rate and how much downpayment you put down for the car.

Based on 2.65 per cent interest rate and zero downpayment your monthly payout will be as follows:

5 years: RM 6,774

7 years: RM 5,065

9 years: RM 4,115

The JCW Clubman is also available under BMW’s Balloon Financing. Opting for the Balloon Financing will see the monthly payback sum start at RM 4,098 per month based on estimates of 80 per cent loan on a 5-year tenure.


MINI Malaysia offers the JCW Clubman with the MINI 4 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Services.

Roadside assistance is also available for the JCW Clubman courtesy of MINI Malaysia’s 5 Years Roadside Assistance programme. The programme provides 24-hour, 365-days-a-year Accident and Help on the Phone and On the Spot Hotline services just to name a few.

Is it expensive to maintain?

While servicing the JCW Clubman is free for the first 4 years of ownership. Otherwise, maintenance cost is similar to a regular BMW.

Why should you buy this car?

The Cooper S Clubman is the lifestyle family car that a trendy parent would want to be seen pulling up at their children’s school in, but the JCW Clubman is for those where style is not enough but needs a good driving experience as well.

What else can I buy at the same price?

There are few more options but none can match the JCW Clubman's combination of performance and utility. If you were to be a bit more liberal in what's your definition of an alternative to a JCW Clubman, there's the:

Volkswagen Golf R still the unbeatable hot hatch in the market for the price of RM 305,562.

Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC is not the most exhilarating option but money is well spent on that plush interior at RM 421,888.

Volvo S60 T8 looks good and is faster than the JCW Clubman though not as spacious, at RM 295,888.