Covid-19: Do we need to resort to drastic measures to stop the Balik Kampung movement?

Adrian Chia/Mar 19, 2020 03:40 PM

A man has put a busload of innocent people at risk for Covid-19 by after boarding a bus from Johor Bahru to Kuantan.

Kuantan District Health Office confirmed that the man has tested positive for Covid-19. According to local news outlets, the man has undergone testing for Covid-19 in JB but did not quarantine himself. Instead, the irresponsible man boarded a bus to Balik Kampung on 16 March.

Larkin Sentral JB

Authorities are urging all passengers on board the Plusliner express bus with the registration number VJ 2367 that departed from Larkin Sentral, JB to Terminal Sentral Kuantan at 4 pm, 16 March to identify themselves at the Kuantan Health Office for screening.

In China, authorities there enforce strict border control for every single person trying to leave their district. Even deploying their SWAT team to deal with those who refuse to cooperate with the authorities.

A drill at the border checkpoint, they are prepared for the worst

Every man, woman, and child has their body temperatures checked and their travel history, as well as travel purpose, scrutinized before even allowed to cross the checkpoint.

Vehicles carrying passengers with symptoms are thoroughly disinfected and the passengers quarantined to contain the virus from spreading. Looking at the waves of people trying to Balik Kampung without good reason, perhaps a true lockdown and curfew is needed to control these stubborn idiots.

Since 18 March (Wednesday), the Government has enacted the Movement Control Order to control the spread of Covid-19. The restricted movement will be in effect for 14 days until the end of 31 March.

Citizens are advised to stay put and do not Balik Kampung during this critical period to prevent the virus spread from escalating further. PDRM is now monitoring inter-state travels and will only permit these movements for valid reasons.

Police stop by IPD Kajang

Please Malaysians, the Movement Control Order was put in place for the wellbeing of our nation and to fight this Pandemic. This is not the time for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia and Balik Kampung. Be considerate and stay put wherever you are. Our country can’t afford another wave of infections.