How to start the Engine if the smart key battery is dead?

Wilson · Aug 30, 2019 03:43 PM

Just like a smartphone, smart Key Fob is something we can't do without. It's almost a magic until it ran out of power someday. 

Fun Fact: Every automaker makes provision for owners whose key fob battery is running out of juice. You can either check out the owner's manual or google the backup method according to the model.

Here's one simple hack that can free you from flipping through the tedious owner manual and start the engine at the same time.

1st Step: Open the door

A tried-and-true way to unlock the door is to take the mechanical key out of the smart key (almost all car brands have a mechanical key).

This method may set off the car alarm. You might be awkward, but don't panic, the alarm will go silent very shortly and that's better than running around to get a new battery.

How to start the Engine if the smart key battery is dead? 01

Another way to open the door is to touch the key fob on the lock and pull the door handle. It's very likely that the battery has enough charge to open the door.

2nd Step: Start the engine by using the backup method

You are almost there If you can get into your car!

How to start the Engine if the smart key battery is dead? 02

The most popular alternative start-up method used by car manufacturers is to put the smart key close to the sensing area, step on the brake, and then hit the start button.

You may need to try several times to get it right. This is because the chip in the smart key fob is like a transmitter for the receiver embedded in the start button to detect and unlock the ignition.

Every car model has its own sensing area, maybe it's on the center console or anywhere else near your seat. To find that, you need to search for an icon similar to the signal emission.

And there you go, easy as pie!


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