Renault Subscription Trial Plan now open for unlimited sign-ups

Jerrica · Apr 27, 2020 04:24 PM

Renault Subscription Trial plan

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) announced today adjustments to their successful Renault Subscription plans with the expansion the Renault Subscription Trial Plan.

In light of the continuing fight against the coronavirus, TCEC has decided to expand on the Renault Subscription Trial Plan to allow unlimited sign-ups. The plan was originally a one-time-only week-long subscription plan created for interested customers to test out the Renault Captur before settling on a fixed plan.

As the current fight against the pandemic rendered riding in public transports and taking E-hailing cars unsafe, TCEC would like to offer up the Trial Plan that starts from RM 399 per week as a safer alternative. The plan is also a means to help solve customers who are tight on budget due to the ongoing MCO or who are not keen on long-term commitments at this time.

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The Renault Subscription service is fast becoming Malaysians' preferred choice of car ownership.

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