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1.I can drive with a heavy foot and be less guilty because the CVT transmission is very efficient 2.CVT doesn't feel laggy, quite responsive to throttle feed 3.Lesser maintenance compared to the 1.5T engine 4.Lesser power = parts more reliable 5.Good fuel consumption
1.Outside noise can be a little intrusive 2.Mediocre audio quality from the sound system 3.CVT jerk between 20-40km/h

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it looks good, it does the daily job well, its quick enough for KL/PJ traffic and I guess maybe its economical. Its got a big boot. Its cheap to insure and parts and servicing is affordable. It’s comfortable for daily use. The break hold idea was a good one, makes a traffic crawl easier. It handles well and the brakes are good as well. Its good a good size boot and knee room at the back. Apple CarPlay as standard.
1.Honda’s questionable reliability credentials. (THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN, HONDA). After reading more owner reviews both locally and internationally, I think the marketing team in Honda needs to take the back seats and let the engineers do the work and the talking. 2.The gearbox! What is exactly wrong with a normal automatic? Why a CVT? For some reason my car has some sort of a rev limiter, I have never gotten it near the redline. NEVER! It cuts out at 4-5k rpm and pretends to “change” gear. Eco mode was a stupid and pointless idea, tried it once for a week, didn’t bother with it ever since. If its me, I would’ve firmed up the suspension just a little bit, its too soft for my liking. The engine is all about torque now, no longer about power which is a shame cause “VTEC brooooo”. Also there is no indication at all when the battery will die, no warning of “your car battery needs changing” kind of warning. So you gotta keep track of your car battery! 3.Also, leather seats should be standard for a car that’s over RM100k. It needs more sound deadening, particularly in the roof cause when you are driving in heavy rain, you gotta shout to your passengers in case you wanna carry on with the conversation.
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