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1. Smooth handling. I tried driving vios and city. So far, proton’s handling is the best. 2. Large trunk. I can fit many things in the trunk including my bicycle. 3. Modern design. I think this is the first modern design that Proton introduce to public. I was amazed when I saw the Fazura and zul ariffin ads driving persona. Memang mempersonakan! 4. The driver’s seat fit my body the best. So I don’t experience stiff neck for a long drive. 5. Of course affordable maintenance! The major service was just RM700! 6. The dashboard meter. I love the combination of analog and digital. It gives an urban feel when you drive the car. 7. Complete safety feature! Equipped with EBD, ABS, BA, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control for all variants. Hill Hold Assist is a real deal here. You don't have to worry driving in a jam at Cameron highlands!
1. Small leg room. If you are large, you have to push your seat backwards and it will jeopardise the passengers at the back leg room. Major disappointment! 2. Small rim. Well the overall design of persona is amazing! But it became odd when you equipped it with small 15 inch rim. Major turn off. 3. Not so economically fuel save. My city use up to 7.1L/100KM or 14KM/1L. I think proton can do better in terms of fuel consumption to make it competitive with perodua. 4. The performance is not consistent. Sometimes when I hit the pedal it perfomed very well especially during morning and night. At times, it is underpowered especially when you drive it under hot scorching sun. Well, i think the weather temperature plays important roles in driving performance. 5. The rear door design. I find it difficult to exit the car if I seat at the back. Because my leg will stuck at the below side of the door mcm ada penghadang and it quite high. I have to angkat my kaki kalau nak keluar. Maybe sebab I gemuk mungkin? Hahaha 6. No arm rest. Like really? I think arm rest is very vital to ensure comfortable drive. I bought cheap OEM arm rest and fit perfectly my cik sona. But I have to sacrifice 1 of the cupholder la.


Well, I have been using this car for almost 4 years and this cik sona had served me very well since I bought her back in 2017. Tak pernah ada problem mcm ramai komplen di Facebook. First, you have to accept the fact that this is a CVT car. You cannot lenjan mcm kereta lain and ada cara nak drive dengan betul. Selalu yang komplen rosak because lampu hijau terus lenjan tekan pedal sampai habis. Hello.. CVT doesn’t work that way. Within this price range, I think Proton’s team deserves a praise for build up an affordable yet powerful car. Mungkin Proton can do better and be competitive in terms of fuel consumption, and by providing arm rest. These two things are very crucial to increase the aesthetic value of New Persona.

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