Mazda service centers switches to Petronas Syntium engine oil

Brian · Jun 15, 2020 11:25 AM

Mazda service centers switches to Petronas Syntium engine oil 01

Today, Bermaz Motor announced a supply agreement with Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) for the supply of Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil to Bermaz Motor dealership

“For customers, Bermaz's agreement with PLMM represents another milestone in our pursuit of enjoyable and hassle-free ownership experience. Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil will replace our current use of semi-synthetic engine oil at our Bermaz Motor dealerships. Beginning next month, the use of full synthetic engine oil will retrospectively apply to all vehicles under the Free Service Maintenance without additional cost to our customers.”

"Taking care of owners and their vehicles is centric to the emotional journey. We will continuously pursue our brand promise, and the ownership experience will remain our core competitive advantage. We want to make a difference." said Dato’ Sri Ben Yeoh, Executive Chairman, Bermaz Motor.

“We are very pleased to be working with Bermaz Motor in supplying our latest Petronas Syntium with Cooltech™ technology which has been formulated to fight against excessive engine heat for better engine performance,” said Hardeep Kirpal Singh, Chief Executive Officer of PLMM for Petronas.



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