Drive-in cinemas are back in trend in the UAE, GSC please do this for us in Malaysia

Jerrica/May 20, 2020 05:33 PM

Drive-in theatre in UAE

With the need for social distancing, Vox Cinemas came up with a safe way to enjoy the cinema experience by setting up a carpark at the Mall of Emirates as a special drive-in theatre. This means movie lovers wouldn’t miss out on the latest movie they want to watch.

Drive-in cinemas used to be all the rage in the USA. They were the ultimate date night plan back in the 80s, as is seen in many movies from that era. Unfortunately, the trend was never popular in other countries. And it also quickly phased out in favour of conventional cinemas in the USA during the 90s.

Like in Malaysia, the UAE is also observing a lockdown period in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This meant that all cinemas are forced to close. But instead of sitting back, Vox Cinemas brought back the classic idea of a drive-in cinema back.

The Drive-in Theatre took up the entire Mall of Emirates carpark. Cars at the theatre are asked to tune into a specific FM channel for the movie audio, while snacks and soft drinks are provided as part of the experience.

The experience is not cheap as Vox charged each car DH 189, that’s RM 224 per car to watch a movie. And as an extra safety precaution, they limit to only 2 person per car. Not cheap at all. 

So, GSC, TGV and MBO, when will Malaysia be getting our own Drive-in Theatre?