A drive-in cinema is coming to KL soon! But is it too late?

Jerrica · Jul 08, 2020 06:22 PM

Our pleas have been heard as TwoSpices Entertainment Live is about to open a new drive-in cinema in town that allows you to comfortably practice social distancing while enjoying the latest movies. Known as the first-ever drive-in cinema, M-Junction is looking to open its doors by 15 July 2020.

Although cinemas are now allowed to reopen in July, there is still a need to practice social distancing.

And let’s face it, going into a confined space with other strangers for close to 3 hours is not a comforting idea even though the spread of the coronavirus is dying down in Malaysia. 

Details are still scarce, M-Junction has only teased about its impending opening on their Instagram page with nothing else. But Rojak Daily did glean from M-Junction reps an estimated launch date of 15 July and that another drive-in cinema is in the pipeline.

Rojak Daily also managed to suss out that M-Junction will be playing both new upcoming movies as well as old favourites.

Not even the location of the cinema has been revealed yet.

But seeing as M-Junction is organised by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live, the same people who brought us unique experiences like Dining in The Sky and Plane in the City, we suspect that M-Junction might be taking over the space that was previously occupied by Plane in the City.

Why do we say so? If you’re a Bukit Bintang dweller you would have noticed that the Boeing 737 that used to offer the Plane in the City experience has been dismantled. We’re pretty sure that location would easily fit about 70 cars.

Countries like United Emirates already started the trend of drive-in cinemas, and the experience requires movie goers to tune in to a specific FM channel for the movie audio. Perhaps M-Junction would be the same? 

Source: Rojak Daily