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Perlis JPJ Deputy Director arrested for lorry protection syndicate involvement

Another arrest has been made during the ongoing Op Sukat investigations in Perlis. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council (MACC) arrested the Deputy Director of the Perlis state Road Transport Department (JPJ) on Saturday on suspicion of his involvement with a lorry protection syndicate. Previously, it was reported that the 44 individuals, 32 were JPJ officers, were arrested for their involvement with a syndicate that offers protection to lorry drivers and their operators. Also read: 32 JPJ offic


Mar 22, 2021

This lorry driver was caught driving in the wrong direction and his excuse was…

We’ve seen several cars driving in the wrong direction by now, but we have yet to hear about a heavy-duty lorry doing so. But a few days ago, a video of a lorry driving in the wrong direction in Port Klang went viral and the logistics company that owns the lorry has now issued an apology and explanation. In the video, the dashcam footage caught the lorry speeding in the wrong direction on one of Port Klang’s narrow two-lane highways. Thankfully, the lorry was unloaded and the driver can be seen


Jun 26, 2020

2 killed after 10-ton lorry ploughs into 7 cars

Pictures of an accident involving 8 vehicles have resulted in 2 deaths and 14 injuries in Kluang near the Machap Plaza Toll started circulating on social media yesterday. It is believed that the accident was caused when the brakes on a 10-ton lorry failed, forcing it to bowl into cars that were waiting at a traffic light after the toll. The accident happened around 1.30 pm on 28 December 2020, victims Wong Fok On and Chong Wok Choo, believed to be a married couple, died at the site. Two other vi


Dec 29, 2020

Watch: Lorry driver mows down other road users while escaping hit and run

In a video that went viral yesterday, a lorry driver is seen frantically reversing and almost mowing down several motorcyclists and beaching a black car before crashing into a ditch. Early information revealed that the lorry was attempting to escape a hit and run that happened just minutes before it was recorded. The incident happened in Kampung Bukit Changgang, Banting yesterday evening. According to the original uploader, the lorry was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist off camera bef


Mar 10, 2021

32 JPJ officers arrested as MACC busts syndicate offering protection for lorry drivers

A syndicate offering protection to errant lorry drivers was busted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in an operation known as Ops Sukat. 44 individuals were arrested, 32 of which were officers at the Road Transport Department (JPJ). The Star reports the syndicate’s modus operandi is similar to a syndicate that was busted in Penang 2 years ago. JPJ officers would make deals with lorry operators who had committed road offences like overloading and not meeting technical conditions


Mar 17, 2021

Lorry drivers help 17 police Honda Civics nab drug pusher's Corolla Altis

Yesterday night, the citizens of Johor were treated to a real show of Fast and Furious as 17 Honda Civic police cars were deployed to chase after a Toyota Corolla Altis driven by a drug dealer. After chasing the suspect from Johor Bahru, the police finally managed to stop the car with the help of lorry drivers in Kluang. According to South Johor Bahru (JBS) Assistant Commissioner Mohd Padzli Mohd Zain, police first came across the Altis in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru, where the patrol departme


Jan 27, 2021

Perodua Alza gets hit by cement mixer truck, and follows up with road rage?

Again, we would like to reiterate: avoid driving too close to large lorries! We’ve previously seen a good example of a telescopic boom lift truck almost losing balance, but now there’s a new incident to further remind us to avoid driving too close to a large lorry. In the dashcam video, a Perodua Alza is seen following a cement mixer truck closely from behind. When they arrive at a cross junction, the Alza tried to make a last-minute overtake to get ahead of the truck only to end up getting hit


Jul 20, 2020

This is revenge of the flying durians!

We know durians can be a potential hazard because of its spiky shell and weight, it can even cause massive damage on a car if it ever fell on a car. Now we know it can even cause massive accidents as well. One durian did just that as it found its way into a lorry injuring the occupants and causing a massive accident in the process. The lorry in question was driven by an air-conditioning technician who was heading to Balik Pulau from Paya Terubong with two Bangladeshi workers for an air-condition


Jul 6, 2020

Shine no more - KWSP i-Sinar used by Malaysian to transport drugs worth RM 22k

Police has arrested a man from Kedah after they discovered over 1.5 tonnes of ketum leaves in a 3-tonne lorry that he rented with his i-Sinar KWSP funds. Pendang police chief, Deputy Superintendent Arriz Sham Hamezah told reporters that the 34-year-old suspect was on the way to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, from Kuala Nerang, Kedah, when his smuggling ways were discovered by the police at 12.45 am on 22 January 2021. According to Arriz Sham, police officers were conducting a crime prevention patrol


Jan 22, 2021

Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Sylphy dan Nissan Teana henti pengeluaran. Tidak lagi berminat?

Berdasarkan laporan daripada Headlightmag, Nissan Motor Thailand telah menghantar notis kepada rangkaian pengedar mereka untuk berhenti menjual 3 model iaitu Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Sylphy dan Nissan Teana. Notis tersebut juga mengarahkan agar kesemua stok sedia ada dihabiskan ataupun ‘dihapuskan’. Dalam notis tersebut, pihak Nissan Motor Thailand menegaskan bahawa Nissan sedang memberi tumpuan terhadap segmen kenderaan subkompak, MPV kompak, kenderaan komersial dan kenderaan mesra alam. Langkah


Sep 10, 2020

Nissan Magnite. SUV paling murah dari Nissan?

Nissan India telah menetapkan tarikh untuk pelancaran SUV terbarunya. Selain itu, Nissan turut memuat naik beberapa imej acah untuk SUV kurang 4 meter tersebut. Boleh dikatakan, Nissan Magnite nampaknya bakal mempunyai rekaan mirip Mazda. Berikut adalah beberapa maklumat mengenai Nissan Magnite: Nissan Magnite adalah model bawah Nissan Kicks. Harga jangkaan Nissan Magnite adalah sekitar INR 6 lakh (RM 34,472). Terdapat 2 spesifikasi enjin: Enjin 3 silinder NA 1.0 liter petrol yang menjana 73 PS


Jul 6, 2020

Tokyo 2019: Nissan reveals Nissan IMk concept

Nissan unveils a new EV concept car in the form of the Nissan IMk. The new concept car will take centre stage at the upcoming 46th Tokyo Motor Show. The Nissan IMk was created based on the Japanese market needs of nimble driving characteristics and ultimate connectivity in a city car. The idea of the IMk is to provide the Japanese market who are looking at EV options but prefers a smaller compact vehicle for the metropolis. The IMk concept measures in at 3434mm in length and 1512mm in width with


Oct 1, 2019

Concrete block on MRR2 unrelated to SUKE highway construction

Early this morning, photos of a concrete block on the middle lane of MRR2 after Hillview heading towards Ampang went viral. Contrary to rumours, the concrete block did not fall off the Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) construction but from a passing lorry heading towards Ampang. SUKE has since released a statement confirming that neither the concrete block nor the lorry are related to the SUKE highway construction. The statement came after the project team sent an ERT rider to t


Mar 25, 2021

Nissan bakal lancar logo Nissan baru di Malaysia bersama-sama dengan Nissan Almera Turbo?

Nissan Almera Logo Nissan yang lama sangat dikenali di seluruh dunia. Logo lama tersebut menggunakan rekaan 3D untuk memberikan kesan timbul supaya tampak sama apabila kita melihat kereta dengan logo tersebut. Untuk logo Nissan terbaru ini, Nissan menggunakan rekaan yang rata dan minimalis, sesuai dengan zaman 2020. Logo tersebut menampilkan perkataan Nissan di antara separa bulatan, sama sahaja dengan logo lama namun tanpa kesan 3D. Nissan telah melancarkan logo baru pada bulan Julai 2020. keti


Sep 2, 2020

Nissan Almera 2020 bakal mengubah nasib Nissan di Malaysia?

Nissan Almera Secara jujurnya, Nissan Almera yang ada pada jalan raya sekarang bukanlah sebuah model yang boleh dibanggakan oleh ETCM. Model ini dilihat sekadar sebuah kenderaan yang sesuai untuk bergerak dari titik A ke titik B tanpa sebarang ciri-ciri yang menonjol. Penawaran hanya 2 beg udara dan rekaan yang langsung tak menarik membawa kepada sentimen-sentimen yang tidak baik untuk dibincangkan. Model generasi ke 3 ini sememangnya kalah dalam persaingan Honda City dan Toyota Vios yang jauh l


Aug 13, 2020

Nissan acah Nissan Almera Turbo dalam warna merah. Persaingan makin membara?

Nissan Almera Edaran Tan Chong Motor baru sahaja mendedahkan video acah bagi Nissan Almera Turbo. Model terbaru daripada daripada Nissan tersebut mengenakan warna merah atau dipanggil Radiant Red. Selain daripada Nissan Almera, Proton X50 varian teratas dan Honda City RS juga ditawarkan dalam warna merah. Tidak mahu ketinggalan, Nissan turut mengetengahkan warna merah dalam video promosi terbaru mereka. “Challenge All Beliefs” yang merupakan slogan terbaru Nissan untuk Nissan Almera disasarkan u


Oct 5, 2020

New Nissan Retail Concept for a better Nissan customer experience

Nissan Malaysia follows in the footsteps of their global brand experience with the introduction of the new Nissan Retail Concept (NRC). Nikaijaya Resource (KL) Sdn Bhd is the first of Nissan Malaysia’s dealers to adopt the new concept. Nissan’s signature red tablet greets customers as they approach on the outside while the sales and consultation areas are decorated with the “Nissan Drive” theme. The showroom spans a total of 6,556 square feet, it can easily display up to 5 cars in the sales floo


Oct 14, 2019

Watch: Reminder of why you should maintain a good distance from a heavy truck

Think about this, whenever a massive truck drives up next to you, whether it is during a jam or just a steady cruise on the highway, you feel an inexplicable fear. Well, the fear is well-founded and here’s a reminder of why. In this video uploaded to the Info JPJ Facebook page, a heavy-duty telescopic boom lift truck is seen losing its balance and almost tipping over while driving on the highway. Thankfully, the truck managed to right itself and continue on its way. Music and the amazing feat wh


Jul 13, 2020

Watch: Policeman jumps on bonnet of Perodua Alza to stop escape

In an incident that happened in Bandar Baru Bangi, police officers were faced with a life-threatening situation where the Perodua Alza they were attempting to investigate drove off with their colleague clinging on the bonnet for dear life. The 40-second video has since gone viral on social media. Berita Harian reports that the officer that jumped on the bonnet of the Alza to prevent the car from escaping was forced to hang on for about 150 m before he fell off. Unfortunately, the Alza was able t


Mar 11, 2021

Selangor JPJ cracks down on improper use of vehicle trade plates

The Selangor Road Transport Department (JPJ) has started the crack down on the improper use of JPJ issued trade plates on the road. Also read: 157 clone vehicles in Kelantan seized by JPJ, up to RM 20k fines and jail time The Enforcement Unit is assisted by members of the Operation Unit, Overloading Enforcement Unit, and the Motorcycle Enforcement Unit of the Selangor JPJ office. Motor Vehicle Trade Licenses (LPKM) or better known as ‘trade plates’ are issued by JPJ to enable vehicles without a


Mar 29, 2021

Woman’s Toyota Vios summoned in accident 1 year after it was declared a total loss

A woman whose Toyota Vios was declared a ‘total loss’ in 2019 received a shock when she was issued a summon for an accident that happened a year after her car was scrapped. The woman, known only as Lee, told Free Malaysia Today (FMT) that her Vios was declared beyond repairable and a total loss by both the insurance company and panel repair shop following a serious accident in June 2019. She received RM 45,000 from her insurance provider and moved on from the accident. But the incident came back


Apr 14, 2021

Nissan Almera Turbo dengan bodykit GTR bagi mereka yang rindu kereta sport Nissan!

Nissan Almera Nissan Almera Turbo baru sahaja dilancarkan di pasaran Malaysia. Namun, di Thailand, Nissan Almera Turbo ini lebih setahun awal menjengah dan seperti biasa, rakyat negara tomyum tersebut tidak melepaskan peluang untuk menunjukkan bakat mereka. Selain daripada bodykit Drive 68 dan LUMGA, Ninto Trust Shop dari Thailand telah mempertontonkan bodykit yang lebih mantap. Diinspirasikan oleh saudara berprestasi tinggi dalam barisan model Nissan, bengkel tersebut menghasilkan rekaan berasa


Nov 6, 2020

Nissan Navara 2021 facelift dengan rekaan baru, trak pikap terakhir dengan DNA Nissan?

Nissan Navara Nissan Australia telah melancarkan Nissan Navara 2021. Pasaran Australia sememangnya sangat menggemari trak pikap dan kehadiran trak pikap di negara benua terkecil ini boleh menjadi titik permulaan bagi pelancaran di rantau timur. Model prestasi bagi Nissan Navara 2021 adalah Nissan Navara Warrior yang bersaing dengan model seangkatan seperti Ford Ranger Raptor dan Toyota Hilux Rogue. Sebagai sebuah trak pikap yang gagah, ia mempunyai kapasiti mengangkat berat sehingga 1.1 tan (998


Nov 5, 2020

Nissan Magnite 2021 dilancarkan di Indonesia - SUV Nissan paling murah, bermula RM 59k!

Nissan Indonesia telah melancarkan Nissan Magnite 2021 semalam. SUV kompak tersebut telah disasarkan menjadi model SUV paling murah oleh Nissan dengan harga bermula daripada IDR 208,800,000 (RM 59,857). Model SUV kompak ini pertama kali dibangunkan dan dilancarkan di India. Walaubagaimanapun, Nissan telah memberikan sedikit petanda bahawa ia akan hadir ke pasaran ASEAN dengan Indonesia menjadi negara pertama menerima Nissan Magnite 2021. Nissan Magnite mempunyai jarak kelegaan tanah sebanyak 205


Dec 22, 2020

Nissan kerugian RM 27 bilion untuk tahun 2019. Nasib Nissan di Malaysia turut terkesan?

Nissan baru sahaja selesai mesyuarat pemegang saham pada Isnin lalu. Buat pertama kalinya selepas 11 tahun, Nissan telah kerugian sebanyak USD 6.3 billion (RM 27 billion) bagi tahun fiskal 2019 yang berakhir pada bulan Mac. Malahan, CEO Nissan Makoto Uchida merancang untuk memotong separuh dari gajinya untuk menyelamatkan Nissan selepas penutup kilang di Sepanyol dan Indonesia. Sayangnya, cadangan beliau itu dilihat tidak memberi kesan kepada masalah yang paling utama. Makoto Uchida turut menyal


Jun 30, 2020

Nissan recalls Nissan Serena S-Hybrid (CBU), fix for problem with CVT Control Unit

Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM), together with Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Servis Centre (TCEAS) announced a voluntary product recall campaign for Nissan Serena S-Hybrid (C26) Completely Built-Up (CBU) variant to reprogram its Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Control Unit - which has been noted to be a common problem early model Nissan Serena. All labour and replacement parts (if any) for this service campaign will be at no cost to owners. Fixing the problem will require a simple reprog


Aug 7, 2020

Nissan fires shots at GR Supra – upcoming Nissan 400Z to get manual transmission!

Manual drivers rejoice, as Nissan has confirmed that the upcoming Nissan 400Z will be fitted with a three-pedal option. Over the past week, Nissan has dropped a slew of teasers for its new Z-car, including one that has the 400Z’s manual shifter in view, as well as glimpses of the new car’s headlights and wheels. Nissan’s design boss Alfonso Albaisa also posted a sketch of the Z-Car’s rear-end, hinting that the model will get horizontal tail lights – much like the 300ZX. Power is expected to be d


Sep 11, 2020

Nissan turned the Nissan Dayz Kei car into an EV for cats!

Kei cars have always tickled our “cute” bones, I mean we’re all huge fans of cars like the Suzuki Cappuccino, Daihatsu Taft, and even the Nissan Dayz. But what makes them even cuter, is when car companies decided to downsize them for our pets! Yes, Nissan Motor Co. introduced a downsized adorable mini version of the Kei car, the Nissan Dayz, for our beloved cats to take out for a spin. Translated to Nyasan Days, probably to distinguish it from its full-size counterpart, the little electric car e


Sep 25, 2020

Redesigned Nissan logo to debut in Malaysia alongside all-new 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo?

Back in July, Nissan launched its new redesigned logo which made its debut on its first fully-electric crossover, the Ariya. As such, the logo is seen on various mediums, both digitally and physically. Malaysia will follow suit alongside the soon-to-be-launched 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo. However, this doesn’t mean that the new logo will be on the Almera Turbo, but rather Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) will introduce the redesigned logo in stages across different mediums such as letterheads, social

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 2, 2020

Malaysians unite to foil man’s drunken attempt to hijack Honda City

Malaysians don’t just unite when it comes to sports, this incident of a car hijack proves that if someone requires help, Malaysians would also unite to throw in a helping hand. After watching a man hijacking a Honda City, several witnesses proceeded to trap the hijacker before he could escape. According to the commentary of one of the videos, the victim, a woman, was stopped at a traffic light near NSK in Kuchai Lama when the hijacker jumped into the backseat of her unlocked car. Shocked, she ju


Apr 15, 2021