Believe it or not that's not a wrap! This Lexus UX is covered in tattoos!

Jerrica · Mar 21, 2020 11:00 AM

Claudia De Sabe working on Lexus UX

Lexus is stepping up a notch with the celebration of traditional Japanese craftmanship. As a tribute to the takumi craftsmanship that is applied to all Lexus vehicles, the luxury brand has commissioned tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe to recreate the artistry on a Lexus UX.

Lexus UX with tattoos

Lexus has always sought inspiration from Japanese aesthetics. The UX, in particular, has cabin trims that imitates washi paper-grain and designed to echo the engawa architectural features of Japanese homes with its seamless merging of interior and exterior through the windscreen.

So, it’s not a surprise that Lexus has picked the UX has the canvas for Claudia De Sabe to further emphasise the intricacies of Japanese craftsmanship.

Lexus UX with tattoos

The process took six months to complete with the use of the Dremel tool. De Sabe used the tool to slowly drill away the surface of the white Lexus to reveal the metal underneath.

Lexus UX with tattoos

De Sabe then applied 5 litres of Lexus car paint by hand to bring out the details, before finishing off the process with gold leaf to create highlights to give the intricate designs an overall 3D effect.

The Demel took

The artwork is then covered in a protective lacquer coating so that it can be driven on the road.

Lexus UX with tattoos

Yes, you read right, this one-of-a-kind UX can be driven on the road. No word yet if Lexus will be selling the car as they have yet to put a price tag on it, though the car is now estimated to cost upwards of £120,000 (RM 608,000).

Lexus UX with tattoos