Mk8 Volkswagen Golf Country – a jacked up 4WD Golf

Zamil Syaheer/May 12, 2020 05:27 PM

What you’re seeing here is not an official variant from Volkswagen, but rather a rendering of 'what if VW decides to deck the new Golf with a crossover treatment.' This rendering here is done by Kleber Silva, an automotive designer.

At the 1989 Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen introduced the Golf Country – a four-wheel-drive Golf with lifted suspension. Only less than 8,000 units were made during its three years production because back then crossover wasn’t really a thing at that time.

Back to the present time, a modern Golf Country could work out well for Volkswagen in the current SUV trending market. Of course, this is highly unlikely to be made again because it would clash with other existing VW SUV model lineup, and that is not a good thing. But we’ll never know. If the Golf variant expanded to include the Country line, do you think it will sell well or will it face a similar fate as its earlier predecessor?