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Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022 Price In Malaysia

Volkswagen Golf GTI Specs

CKD 2022 VW Golf GTI Mk8 launched in Malaysia, priced from RM 212k, 245 PS and 370 Nm

Alongside its regular TSI variant, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has also launched the new 2022 Volkswagen GTI Mk8 in Malaysia. The new hot hatch is priced from RM 211,698.The reduction in price was possible as the Mk8 Golf GTI is now locally-assembled (CKD) at DRB-Hicoms facility in Pek...
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CKD VW Golf GTI Mk8 vs Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ: which to own before the EV rush?

Take a good look at these two cars above. By 2030, you probably wont be able to waltz into showrooms to buy either the Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ, or the Mk8 VW Golf GTI new anymore, at least not with the formula these cars are best known for. You can thank new crash test regulations and an increasing...
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The 2021 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI is offered in 1 variants - which is offered at a price of RM 211,698, the base model of golf-gti is 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI which is at a price of RM 211,698.


  • No other hot hatchback is its equal in heritage
  • The quintessential do-it-all car for the enthusiast that still has to ferry family around
  • Restrained design when compared to other hot hatches


  • No more 3-door variant; only the 5-door will be available globally
  • Most competitors are still more powerful
  • Though restrained, the design is no longer as subtle and may deter those who want a more grown-up hatchback
  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Comusmption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Overview

    The eighth iteration of the most iconic hot hatchback in the world is actually similar to its previous one. It sits on the same MQB platform. It has the same EA888 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, albeit with higher pressure fuel injectors, though this changes nothing as it makes a very familiar 245 PS and 370 Nm of torque. These figures are exactly the same as the previous model with the Performance Pack upgrade, but on the new car the extra bulge comes as standard.
    Also coming as standard is the electro-hydraulic limited-slip differential that was only available in the same upgrade pack. Most markets will receive the 6-speed manual gearbox as standard, with an option for the 7-speed DSG. For Malaysia, the dual-clutch ‘box should be the only version available.
    Interestingly, this new GTI is going to be locally assembled, as Volkswagen has a plant in Pekan, Pahang. A CKD GTI is likely to bring prices down, making this iconic hatchback more affordable than its predecessor. This should give it a price tag somewhere south of the outgoing car’s RM240k.

  • Exterior

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Exterior

    The silhouette of the new Golf GTI is still unmistakable. However, it is obvious even at a glance that this is a new model. Up front, the honeycomb grille is wider than before. In most markets, LED fog lights can be found hidden in the honeycomb grille, but spy shots from late 2020 revealed their absence in our local car. There’s also an LED strip that is, quite literally and figuratively, on the nose.

    The fussiness doesn’t end here. At the rear, the twin tailpipes have been pushed farther apart, giving it a more planted stance, and the larger GTI badge is right under the VW badge. In short, the GTI is now designed with slightly less subtlety.
    Besides that, there’s no longer a three-door variant; only the five-door will be available worldwide, and it makes perfect sense really. The Golf GTI is, after all, the quintessential do-it-all hatchback.


    4,287 mm


    1,789 mm


    1,478 mm


    2,627 mm

  • Interior

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Interior

    Like it or hate it, the march towards all-digital interiors is unstoppable. The interior of the new GTI looks great: no unnecessary buttons or knobs sprouting up to disrupt the clean lines of the dashboard. In their place are 2 digital displays: one behind the steering wheel, and the other is a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
    However, the drive to eliminate physical knobs doesn’t stop there. Even the light ‘switches’ are located on a touch-sensitive panel, just like the air-conditioning controls and even media volume. It looks great, but we wonder at the ergonomics (not to mention safety) of it all.
    Moving on, the standard, nicely bolstered seats are resplendent in the traditional tartan of House GTI. The steering wheel is slightly chunkier than the previous model, but unlike the clean interior, buttons and haptic controls abound on it. We also really enjoy the pulsing red starter button, resembling a heartbeat, just before the engine is fired.

  • Features

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Features

    The aforementioned 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system is compatible with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This same touchscreen is also used to adjust driving parameters, interior lighting, and more. Behind the steering wheel is the digital dashboard, and different displays, like a boost gauge or a g-force meter, can be selected.
    New on this Golf GTI is a system called Vehicle Dynamics Manager, or VDM for short. This is the key behind the new model’s performance brain, managing systems like the LSD, steering and the optional DCC adaptive dampers hundreds of times a second. It can add braking force to the inside wheel to help the car rotate, change steering input as needed, adjust roll stiffness, and more. In short, VDM makes the new GTI more dynamic than its predecessors.

  • Powertrain

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Powertrain

    Engine and transmission

    The EA888 2.0-litre turbocharged four-pot makes 245 PS at 5,000 rpm, and 370 Nm of torque from as low as 1,600 rpm. A standard 6-speed manual transmission is available in most countries, but the optional 7-speed DSG will undoubtedly still see the lion’s share of sales.


    The GTI rides on Macpherson struts in front, and a multilink setup at the rear. There are brake discs at both ends and they are ventilated.

  • Driving Performance

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Driving Performance

    While many rival hot hatches are ‘engine cars’, Volkswagen has unquestionably focused on making all Golf GTIs ‘chassis cars’. Its century sprint, with DSG, is completed in 6.2 seconds while most competition has entered five-second territory. Instead, Volkswagen has once again made sure its halo hatch is made for both comfort and performance around the bends.
    For the first time, the adaptive dampers can be adjusted on a sliding scale on that large touchscreen. It can be adjusted to a ‘sub-Comfort’ level to wallow on really bad roads, or go beyond Sport mode for maximum tautness. It turns in quicker as well, even though the steering is identically geared to the previous model. This is thanks to stiffer spring rates all around, making the GTI more chuckable.

  • Ride Comfort

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Ride Comfort

    Seriously, spec the DCC adaptive dampers. With it, an all-rounder like the Golf GTI will perform admirably on daily grocery runs and the occasional track day.

  • Fuel Comusmption

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Fuel Economy

    The engine is rated at 16.24 km/l (6.16 l/100km) while CO2 emissions stand at 167 g/km. With a fuel tank of 50 litres, expected range should be 675 km.

  • Conclusion

    Volkswagen Golf GTI – Conclusion

    Keeping a winning formula like the Golf GTI fresh and, well, winning, through the years is no easy feat. In fact, launching a new car with the same power figures as the outgoing one is both brave and unheard of in this day and age, and it is commendable of the marque. The latest Volkswagen Golf GTI gets some clever tech to help around the bends, but inside it may have tried to be too clever. Time will tell if it stays on as one of the greats, like the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022 has total 5 color options in Malaysia: Deep Black, Atlantic Blue, Kings Red, Moonstone Grey, Oryx White Pearl Effect.

Deep Black

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