Subscribe to a car for one month with Renault's new Renault Subscription 1-Month Trial Plan for RM 996

Jerrica · May 19, 2020 01:31 PM

Renault Subscription 1 Month Trial Plan

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) adds yet another subscription plan to the ever-growing list of subscription plans on offer. The latest plan allows customers to subscribe to a car for one month with the Renault Subscription 1-Month Trial Plan for RM 996.

TCEC introduced the 1-Month Trial Plan to accommodate customers who are cost conscious due to the MCO and are hesitant to put down a long-term commitment for one of their longer subscriptions.

The new one-month plan will also cater to those who requires the use of a car a little longer than the 1-week Trial Plans. The 1-Month Trial Plan will eliminate the need for multiple time sign-ups if they require the car back to back for a month.

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Renault Subscription 1 Month Trial plan

The 1-Month Trial Plan allows them to utilise their subscription in 4 one-week blocks according to their needs. This way, they won’t need sign up for the 1-Week Trial Plan over and over again but will still have convenient access to the car whenever they need it. It is also more affordable than to sign up multiple times for the 1-Week Trial Plan.

The plan allows subscription from the range of pre-owned Renault Captur that have been subjected to stringent quality and safety tests similar to the cars in the Pre-Owned Captur Subscription Plan.

Renault Subscription Renault Easy Raya

To sign up for the plan, customers are required pay an upfront fee of RM 996 when they check out for the 1-Month Trial Plan at the Renault E-Store or Renault’s official store on Shopee Malaysia. No booking fee or security deposit is needed. The upfront fee is inclusive of road tax, insurance, regular servicing and unlimited mileage.

TCEC is also preparing travellers for the upcoming Raya season by offering 1-Month Trial Plan with a 35 percent discount at RM 647 as part of the Renault Easy Raya promo. To secure the special offer, customers can easily place a RM 50 booking fee before the 31st July 2020.

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