Watch: Why are there so many people driving in the wrong direction in Penang?!

Jerrica · Jun 05, 2020 12:18 AM

It has only been a month when news about a Perodua Myvi driving in the wrong direction just before the entrance of the Penang Bridge took over the internet. Now another car has been caught driving in the wrong direction on the second Penang Bridge!

The video shows a first-generation Honda Jazz driving on the wrong direction on what looks like the exit of the second Penang Bridge, narrowly missing two cars including the owner of the dashcam.

No other info was uploaded although speculations from commenters state that the car might have hit a divider and ended up facing the wrong direction. The driver could have been disorientated after the shunt.

But the general consensus was horror, as the uploader’s car encountered the Honda Jazz right at the blind spot. If the driver had not been paying attention, it would have caused a head-on collision!