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  • Ahmad Fauzi
    150,000 miles
    Replacing a knock sensor is not part of routine car maintenance so should only need to be fixed when it breaks or begins to fail. On most modern vehicles, the knock sensor should last over 150,000 miles or the lifetime of the vehicle.
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  • Can low oil cause knock sensor code?

    Low oil pressure can set a knock sensor fault code, but Low oil pressure will not damage the knock sensor. If the engine is noisy for any reason and not respond to reduced timing that a knock sensor has detected can set a code .
  • Do diesel engines have knock sensors?

    The knock sensors have the function to provide better performance and economy of the engines. In the Otto cycle, these sensors allow the ignition point to operate as close as possible to the ideal. In the Diesel cycle, sensors are closer to the knock limits.
  • How do you bypass a knock sensor?

    Part of a video titled Bypass knock sensor GM vortec v8 p0332 p0327 codes - YouTube
    There's a way when you get a bad knock sensor to bypass the back the bad knock sensor. And make theMoreThere's a way when you get a bad knock sensor to bypass the back the bad knock sensor. And make the ECM think that the good knock sensor is the second knock sensor.
  • Can I drive without a knock sensor?

    Yes, it does. When knock sensor doesn't work, meaning no signal is fed to the engine computer, the engine will use the standard advance curve according to the mode the engine is running. It may not do anything at off-idle situations, but at full power acceleration, it may cause engine damage.

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