New electric Mini Cooper SE coming to Malaysia soon, 217 km battery range only?

Arif · Jul 14, 2020 08:00 AM

Having launched in Thailand back in February this year, the Mini Cooper SE (all-electric) will be coming to Malaysia soon. The Mini Cooper SE is priced at 2,290,000 baht in or approximately RM 310,000. With BMW Malaysia selling the BMW i3s, it would be no surprise then that the Mini Cooper SE becomes available in the Malaysian market.

The MINI Cooper SE has a rather small battery capacity in comparison to bigger electric cars like the Audi e-tron 55 Quattro (95 kWh) and the Tesla Model X (100 kWh). The MINI is a city electric car with a 32.6 kWh battery capacity, just a tad below the 35.5 kWh battery capacity of the Honda E. On the NEDC cycle the MINI Cooper SE manages a 217 km range only. Such range is sufficient for city electric cars since they can be charged overnight and don't travel as far.

Charging the MINI Cooper SE is done via an 11kW AC charging (100% charge in 3.5 hours; 80% charge in 2.5 hours). DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes). The MINI Cooper SE uses a Type 2 connector for AC Charging and a CCS 2 connector for DC Fast Charging.

The motor of the new MINI Cooper SE mobilises a maximum output of 184 PS. Its maximum torque of 270 Nm is already available from standstill, as is characteristic of electric motors. The new MINI Cooper SE accelerates from 0-60 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. Yes, kilometres not miles. 

For pedestrian protection, a distinctive sound is created especially for the MINI Cooper SE, generated via a speaker system in the low speed range. All components of the electric drive are protected by means of model-specific structural features and immediately switched off in the event of a collision.

There are four modes to choose from in the MINI Cooper SE – Sport, MID, GREEN, and GREEN+. The MINI is also equipped with one-pedal feeling or regenerative brake, which sees the vehicle perceptibly decelerate once the driver removes their foot from the accelerator (Like the Nissan Leaf).

The MINI Cooper SE is fitted as standard with LED headlamps and 17-inch light alloy wheels in MINI Electric Power Spoke design with runflat tyres available exclusively for the new MINI Cooper SE.

We sure hope to see these electric Mini Coopers on Malaysian roads soon.