You can now add illuminated turbine vents to your old Mercedes-Benz

Eric · Jun 09, 2020 11:20 AM

Ambient lighting is a reasonably new feature on Mercedes-Benz models, as the feature was first introduced on selected models starting from 2017. 

So, what if you have a Mercedes-Benz that isn’t fitted with ambient lighting?

No worries as some ingenious seller from China came up with a solution in the form of aftermarket air-conditioning vents with lighting, as well as light strips for the cabin.

According to the seller, the air-conditioning vents are available for the W205-generation C-Class, W177-generation A-Class, W213-generation E-Class, andX253-generation GLC. Keep in mind that some models mentioned already include ambient lighting, like the W177 A-Class.

Depending on the car, it appears that the ambient lighting feature can be configured via the infotainment system, akin to a factory-fitted system.

Given that this aftermarket ambient lighting system taps power off the car’s electrical system, there is a good chance that the car’s warranty will be voided, so proceed with caution.