Auto Bavaria will send a Hyundai with M livery to service your BMW

Shaun · Mar 3, 2020 03:37 PM

Auto Bavaria i-Service vehicle

Auto Bavaria launched an initiative, called the i-Service, to provide BMW customers the convenience of having their cars serviced right at their door step.

The service can be booked using the Auto Bavaria mobile app that lets owners check their vehicle service history, view the service progress, and make payments. It can also be used to converse with the technicians to monitor the progress of the service.

Auto Bavaria will send a Hyundai with M livery to service your BMW 02

Customers can direct the i-Service vehicle (Hyundai Starex) to a location closest to them, be it at home or at the workplace within 40 km radius from Auto Bavaria dealerships for a routine service such as oil change or even tyre change.

More complex jobs, ones that involve major repairs, will still have to be done at authorized service centres.

Auto Bavaria i-Service

Auto Bavaria i-Service will roll out with three i-Service vehicles initially to cater to prime areas in Klang Valley, with plans for expansion in the near future. 

Auto Bavaria i-Service

The Auto Bavaria i-Service operates six days a week except public holidays, between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturday. To find out more, click here to visit Auto Bavaria's website or call 1300-133-338 for Auto Bavaria Customer Care.



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