Honda in India teases Alexa in all-new 2020 Honda City

Jerrica/Jun 30, 2020 11:10 AM

When we last wrote about the fifth-generation all-new 2020 Honda City, we mentioned that the sedan will also come with Alexa Remote Capability. But we didn’t elaborate on it and many were left wondering what does Alexa Remote Capability entail?

The Alexa Remote Capability in the Honda City is similar to how Alexa works at home. This means owners will be able to remotely control certain functions in the car, such as turning off the air-conditioning and using predefined voice commands.

However, not all owners of the new Honda City will be able to enjoy the convenient functions of Alexa. Owners will also have to purchase an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker to access Alexa’s functions as the smart speaker is not part of the standard car equipment/ accessory list.

Either way, the Honda City’s Alexa Remote Capability is still an industry-first effort by the Japanese car-maker in India.

Unfortunately for the Malaysian market, Alexa will not be part of the package when Honda Malaysia launch the new generation Honda City. Due to the nature of India's tax structure that qualifies any car longer than 4-metre as a luxury car, the Honda City in India is marketed as a luxury sedan. 

Hence why the Honda City comes with luxury features like the one-touch electric sun-roof, Honda LaneWatch, and Alexa.