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In Japan, Toyota Yaris Cross has a 6 months waiting list, more popular than Perodua D55L/Toyota Raize

Within Toyota’s model line-up for Japan, the two B-segment Toyota Yaris Cross and Toyota Raize

The TNGA Toyota Yaris (and Yaris Cross) may not come to Malaysia. Here’s why

The recently-introduced TNGA-based Toyota Yaris Cross (and its Yaris hatchback sibling) has garnered

Toyota pulls the plug on the Mazda 2-based Toyota Yaris in the US

Toyota has confirmed that the company will discontinue the Mazda 2-based Toyota Yaris in the US by this

This is the all-new TNGA platform Toyota Yaris for Japan, to replace Vitz

Fit in Japan), the all-new Toyota Yaris will only go on sale in Japan in February 2020.As such, details

2020 Toyota Yaris – What’s the minimum salary to get a loan?

The Toyota Yaris nameplate isn’t exactly new in Malaysia, as it was first introduced here back

UMW Toyota Motor makes final call for last few units of Toyota GR Yaris

Just like everywhere else in the world, the Toyota GR Yaris has received heaps of praises even here in

2021 Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz - Ageing Jazz still worth buying?

Set to launch at the end of 2020, the facelifted Toyota Yaris is already generating tremendous interest

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross to make ASEAN debut in Singapore later this week

Malaysia is missing out), Singapore is set to be the first market in ASEAN to get the all-new 2021 Toyota

In Brief: Toyota Yaris 2019 - A Welcomed Rival

(Toyota Yaris 2019 Model | Gallery)The Toyota Yaris 2019 is a B-segment hatchback, aimed squarely at

2021 Toyota Yaris starts from RM70k, this or the City Hatchback?

The official prices of the 2021 Toyota Yaris are out and the prices are looking good.

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New Toyota Yaris Ativ facelift (Malaysia’s Vios) launched! ADAS and Apple CarPlay

Toyota Motor Thailand has launched the new 2020 Toyota Yaris Ativ 1.2L facelift.

Vietnam-bound Toyota Yaris Cross trademarked, 2021 launch possible?

in Vietnam, with the Toyota Yaris Cross being one of them.Judging from the trademark filings, the Toyota

Toyota Yaris is Thailand’s best-selling B-segment hatchback for Oct 2020

is definitely heating up.Topping the B-segment hatchback sales chart for the month of October is the Toyota

The Story You Don't Know About the Toyota Yaris

Today we look back at a few stories from the Toyota Yaris.The first generation of YarisThe first Yaris

2020 Toyota GR Yaris teased, Malaysia debut soon?

in the near future, as Toyota Malaysia recently posted a lone photo of the 2020 Toyota GR Yaris on their

Can the 2021 Toyota Yaris Play finally beat the City Hatchback's coolness?

this month, we ran a story about how the 2021 Honda City Hatchback may have already beaten the 2021 Toyota

How fuel efficient is the Toyota Yaris?

The 1.5-litre naturally aspirated heart of the 2019 Toyota Yaris is a familiar unit.

New 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross unveiled - TNGA-B, 1.5L NA & Hybrid

Toyota has just taken the covers off the new Yaris Cross, its latest B-segment SUV.The new Yaris Cross

The smaller Toyota GR Yaris costs more than a Civic Type R

The Toyota GR Yaris is not a cheap car by any means, as it is priced from JPY 3.96 million (~RM 148k)

Review: 2019 Toyota Yaris – the best of both worlds in 1 interesting package

Yaris InteriorThe Toyota Yaris does not have the most stylish interior if compared to the likes of the

Malaysia to launch new Toyota model soon – 2021 Toyota GR Yaris or Toyota Vios GR Sport maybe?

the shared IMV-platform Toyota Hilux.Could it be the new updated Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris then?

Leaked! Patent images of the Toyota Yaris facelift

Images of a black and white patent filing of a hatchback that looks like the Toyota Yaris has surfaced

CVT in the 2020 Toyota GR Yaris, wait...what?

Prior to the model going on sale in Japan, Toyota has announced the full line-up of the 2020 Toyota GR

Spyshot: All-new Toyota Yaris leaked ahead of debut, one face for all?

Well ahead of its official debut, spyshots depicting the next generation Toyota Yaris have surfaced on

Toyota GR Yaris crowned 2021 UK Car of the Year

The Toyota GR Yaris is a hoot to drive.

TNGA-based Toyota Yaris SUV rumoured to launch tomorrow

The new Toyota Yaris-based SUV was initially scheduled for a debut at the 2020 Geneva International Motor

GR Yaris too expensive? Here's a cheaper, track-focused Toyota Yaris Cup Car

Over the past couple of weeks, the Toyota GR Yaris stole much of the Internet’s limelight and rightfully

New Toyota Yaris facelift launched in Thailand; ADAS, automatic LED Headlights

Behold the new 2020 Toyota Yaris facelift!

Facelifted 2021 Toyota Yaris teased - Toyota Safety Sense, December launch, from RM 71k

Now, Toyota has set off another ticking timebomb by teasing the facelifted 2021 Toyota Yaris.

Pros and Cons: Toyota Yaris – this over the Honda Jazz?

Fun fact: The Toyota Yaris shares the same engine as the Perodua Myvi 1.5L.

Toyota Yaris February Used Car Offers

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toyota yaris mmttoyota yaris mmttoyota yaris mmt
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Felt weird to see my friend's car, a #Toyota #Yaris working a bit differently: a manual stick shift+only 2 pedals. I had to google & found out it's genuine. ➡️ MMT "A traditional manual gearbox with an electronically controlled clutch" #Car #Technology https://t.co/bcHLz1IzEg https://t.co/IZtqRxmObp

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TOYOTA YARIS 2006 £5,380: YARIS 1.3 VVT-I T SPIRIT MMT HATCHBACK, 2006, GREEN, 40,133 miles, AUTO,.. http://bit.ly/8JU5q0 @OutsideLane

Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVT-i TR 5dr MMT Hatchback Special Eds 2008 : London : £3,790: 5 Door Hatchback, limited editi... http://t.co/lRJtlciE

toyota yaris mmt Q&A Review

What kind of automatic gearbox is in the Toyota Yaris MK2?

It is an MMT or Multimode Manual Transmission if anybody interested. Horrible at working, not providing smooth experience as classic AT or CVT. Also not reliable, expensive to repair

Are Toyota Echo and Toyota Yaris similar? Which gives the best fuel economy?

“similar”, but not the same. Main difference in previous models (mk1, mk2) was engines portfolio. For US market - as far, as I know basic one was 1.5 gasoline engine with classic automatic transmission and "sedan" as a basic body style. For EU and East markets things were little bit more complicated. body was mostlu hatchback, 3 or 5 doors, but van called Verso also was available for mk1 gasoline engines: 1.0, 1.3, 1.5 (very rare one) diesel: 1.4 D4D With mk3 came HSD version (1.8 hybrid), 1.0 become 3-cylinder, diesel dissapeared, 1.3 switched into 1.5 with Atkinson work cycle. For a long time most popular transmission for EU and other non-US countries was manual. For mk2 MMT was available (automated, not automatic), With mk3 came CVT as an option.

Does the Toyota Yaris 2013 1.3 CVT transmission have a clutch or a torque converter?

Toyota has sold two automatic gearboxes together with the Yaris 1.3 One gearbox is called ,Multi Mode Transmission (MMT),. It is an electronically controlled six speed transmission, which means that it has built in six different gears which are changed by an electro-mechanic actuator. The MMT also has a ,conventional dry clutch, which is also elecronically controlled and moved by an actuator. From what I have heard about this gearbox: Avoid it if you can. The successor of this gearbox is the ,Multidrive S, gearbox. It is a ,CVT gearbox, with two opeation modes: seamless change of transmission ratio (as all CVTs do) and shifting between seven pre-defined transmission ratios (you could call them “gears”). From what I’ve read, the gearbox has some algorithms integrated which automatically choose which mode to select. So the gearbox works either continuously or in steps. You can also select the “gears” manually. This gearbox is connected to the engine via a ,torque converter,. From what I have read, this gearbox is better than the MMT. I have never been driving a Yaris with either of them, but I assume that you can tell them apart by the number of gears in manual mode (MMT has six, Multidrive S has seven). And having a torque converter, the Multidrive probably lets the car slowly crawl forward when the gearbox is in Drive, the engine is on and you do not have your foot on the brake. The MMT probably does not. But I am not entirely sure about that. Just to make it complete: Toyota also offers the Yaris with a ,Hybrid drive, train and a so called ,Power Split Device (PSD),. The PSD acts like a CVT, but it neither needs a clutch nor a torque converter. It changes speed by modulating the turning speed and turning direction of the attached motors.

  • How many Boot Volume does Toyota Yaris has?

    The Boot Volume of Toyota Yaris are 286.

  • Does Toyota Yaris has Airbag Disable Function?

    No, Toyota Yaris doesn't have Airbag Disable Function.

  • What is the Driver/Front Passenger Seat Airbags of Toyota Yaris?

    Here are the Driver/Front Passenger Seat Airbags and variants of Toyota Yaris:

    Variants2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5E2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5G2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5J
    Driver/Front Passenger Seat AirbagsY/YY/YY/Y