Owner Review: My "Abah-Abah's car" – A pilot feeling being in a Honda Civic FB

Owner Review · Jul 27, 2020 08:00 PM

** This article is the personal experience of a 2015 Honda Civic 2.0S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.

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Owner Review: My

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Owner Review: My

About my Honda Civic

If we story about Honda’s car, I’m pretty sure what crossed in our minds was the Civic. The Honda Civic is not the first model of Honda but Civic makes Honda become famous. Almost 20 million units sold worldwide and this C segment Sedan become number 1 in Malaysia.

Now I drive a 2015 Honda Civic 2.0S facelift model from 9th generation of Civic. This generation is also known as Civic FB. The 2.0 litre SOHC i-VTEC come from R series engine that produces 155 PS at 6,500 rpm and has a torque of 190 Nm at 4,300 rpm. Engines transmit the power to the front wheels via a five-speed automatic transmission. The Honda Civic FB's dimension is about 4,525 mm long, 1,755 mm wide, 1,430 mm tall and has a wheelbase of 2,670 mm. The 2.0S Civic FB has a kerb weight of 1,270 kg. Using MacPherson struts for the front suspension and multi links for rear. Shoe-wise, moved around on the 215/45 R17 from Michelin pilot sport 3 (PS3).

Honda Civic FB

Honda Civic FB front

So handsome right? haha

Owner Review: My

Honda Civic FB back

Full original Modulo package skirting and spoiler

Honda Civic FB emblem

The last batch Honda Civic powered with 2.0 engine

Honda Civic engine bay

Engine bay fitted with R20A

Honda Civic gear knob

Gear knob. 5 speed automatic with sport mode.

Still using the original 17 inch rims from factory.

Still using the original 17-inch rims from the factory.

After 6 months of driving, I have changed new tyre from Continental MC6

After 6 months of driving, I have changed new tyres to Continental MC6

Continental MC6 215/45 R17

Continental MC6 215/45 R17

Honda Civic doing alignment and balancing

Foot massage. Doing alignment and balancing

Owner Review: My

Done alignment and balancing

Owner Review: My

At my wife’s hometown @ Bagan Dato Perak


1:43 vs 1:1

1:43 vs 1:1

From the exterior, the 2.0S Honda Civic FB is fitted with front fog lights, HID headlights with the extra auto levelling headlights, side mirrors with indicators and glass printed antenna. Move to interior, Civic FB also gets a lot of kits which is includes the 5 inch intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID), single CD audio compatible with WMA+MP3/IPOD/USB, six speakers, ECON mode button and auto climate control.

Honda Civic HID auto headlight

HID auto headlight

2.0S Honda Civic FB are also kitted with eight-way driver power seat, smart keyless entry with push start button, paddle shifters and cruise control. For the safety feature, Civic FB comes with the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Motion Adaptive EPS, ABS, two front air bags and side airbags with occupant position detection system. Since mine from facelift, my Civic FB gets the auto headlamps and curtain airbags, making it six airbags in total.

The Honda Civic FB 2.0S is also kitted with eight-way driver power seat, smart keyless entry with push start button, paddle shifters and cruise control. For the safety feature, Civic FB comes with the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Motion Adaptive EPS, ABS, two front airbags and side airbags with occupant position detection system. Since mine from facelift, my Civic FB gets the auto headlamps and curtain airbags, making it six airbags in total.

Full leather seat with electric power seat

Full leather seat with electric power seat

Smart keyless

Smart keyless

Side and Honda Civic curtain airbag

Side and curtain airbag

Reason Why I Bought This Honda Civic FB

Actually I’m the 2nd owner of this Honda Civic FB. This Civic FB was upgraded from my first car which is Proton Iswara Aeroback. This Iswara is actually given by my dad to use during studying at university. After around 7 years driving that Iswara, I bought this Civic FB from a used car dealer with the OTR price RM68, 500.00 with the original mileage records 63,470KM. Good price and nice mileage right? If we recall back, the brand new price tag for Civic FB 2.0S is around RM132K. With warranty period still balanced for about 2 years, for me with this price tag and warranty it was really peace of mind.

My previous Proton Iswara

My previous Proton Iswara

Honda Civic Original mileage verified by Honda service centre

Original mileage verified by Honda service centre

In the beginning, I was in a dilemma to choose between a brand new Honda Civic FC and used Honda Civic FB. Then I asked my wife which one to choose (?) and definitely she chose Civic FC. Hahaha. But with not really good experience 2 of my friends owning Civic FC (first batch owner) and trade in their Honda Civic FC for around 3 years drive it, I have decided not to take the risk and don’t want to ‘Pening Kepala’. A common issue or problem with the Civic FC which are steering rack issue and fuel pump problem.  This is one of the reason I’m not going to have Civic FC besides not really like the turbo engine and CVT gearbox. Million sorry to Civic FC owner, I’m not saying Civic FC is not good. Every car has a pros and cons.

Then why I chose the Civic FB? The answer is I fell in love with the Civic FB since the time it was launched around July 2012. At that time I’m still in university, then how I can buy with the title student right (?). For sure I cannot afford to own it. The dream to own a Civic FB not just stop at there. I put in my mind in one fine day it will be mine. Unfortunately, when the right time came which is I’m ready and afford to buy Civic FB, the Civic FC was launched. Besides Civic FB in the market not too long just around 4 years only. If compared to Civic FD almost 6 years in the market.

Car Selection and Buying Process

I’m only targeting to get the Civic FB so others car model is not my selection. Even my wife also gave some suggestion to get Kia Cerato, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla Altis. But still, I stick to my choice which is only Civic FB. Haha. Before I buy this Civic FB, I made some study about owner review, the pros and cons Civic FB. I went for about 10 used car dealer in Klang Valley to view the car’s condition and to test drive as well.

Among the units I viewed and tested drive. All units was pre facelift version.

Among the units I viewed and tested drive. All units were pre-facelift version.

Owner Review: My

My Honda Civic at used car dealer. Only this one is facelift.

My Honda Civic FB at the used car dealer. Only this one is facelift.

With some experience as car salesman, I checked the car very detail. And finally, I found the best one in Kajang. The condition of this Honda Civic FB is the best if compared to other Civic FBs being viewed. I also called Honda service centre to double confirm the mileage and services have been done to this Civic FB. Please don’t straight away believe the mileage shown on the odometer. Used car dealer might adjust the mileage and make it low to attract the buyer. After everything I satisfied, I put some booking on this Civic FB and proceed bank loan on the same day (loan document being prepared earlier). Finally drive home my Civic FB after a week.

Honda Civic first time drive home

First day at home

User Experience

After almost 2 years driving my Civic FB, mileage already reached up to 90K km from 63K KM during drive home this car. So far so good. Really love with it. I will miss my Civic FB if not drive in a day. Be in driver seat feel like you are in front of plane cockpit just because of the attractive two tier dashboard panel. The steering wheel also fitted with telescopic type, its allow you to adjust up and down and even make it longer and shorter. Nice features right?

The view of two tier dashboard.

The view of two-tier dashboard.

The petrol usage also very save which is easily can get 700KM range within a single full tank. Travel from KL to my hometown at Kuala Terengganu it’s only cost me for about RM50 for gas with average speed 110-130KM/H. But if using sport mode and ‘layan’ paddle shifter at Karak highway, fuel consumption will turn to a bit hi. Same goes to ‘balik kampong’ my wife at Bagan Dato Perak, I fill up petrol RM50 can get for 2 ways. Go and back. Super save right for 2.0’s sedan? Hehe. Trunk size also big which is can fit with 4 or 5 standard luggage size. For handling, my Civic FB very stable when drive at higher speed at highway. Can take highway’s corner at 130KM/H without push brake. Rear seat passenger also comfort with big legroom.

 Single full tank Honda Civic can get 700KM range

A single full tank can get 700KM range

My wife feel like a pilot driving the Honda Civic

My wife feels like a pilot driving the Civic FB

Owner Review: My

Really enjoy driving it.

Talk about maintenance, for me, the Civic FB was quite affordable with the service intervals of every 10K KM or 6 months only cost me less than RM300 for a normal service. For the next 100K KM service, I need to standby not less than RM1000 for major services.

Pros & Cons

Owner Review: My



Owner Review: My

Next planning

Owner Review: My

Owner Review: My

Facelift version Civic FB for the US market was really handsome compared to Asian market. Next planning, I wish to convert my Civic FB with bodypart Civic FB6. But how much the cost to convert it? Haha. This part make me think twice or more to convert it with our current economy. Haha. The cost to convert original front and rear Civic FB6’s bodypart is around RM10K plus.

The convert cost was a bit high due need to import or order directly from US. If Asian market such as Thailand could receive the same version with US, I think the convert price might be cheaper than that. However due to good market demand for FB6 bodypart in Malaysia, there is an offer to copy the bodypart with fibre material for rear bonnet and bumper. The cost offered quite well for around below RM4K to convert (for rear bodypart only). Let see how. Just wait for the right time and the pocket loaded with cash.

My rating

Total score: 4.5/5

Fuel economy: 5/5

Performance: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Space: 5/5

Ride Comfort: 4/5

Price & Maintenance Cost: 4/5

In summary

Owner Review: My

Even though this generation of Civic being called as ‘Abah-Abah’s car and even not so famous if we compared to its older brother Civic FD and young brother Civic FC, I have never regret to own this Honda Civic FB. Really enjoy to drive it and easy to taking care of it.


Owner Review


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