Does 2018 Kia Soul have remote start?

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  • jeffery meng
    2018 KIA Soul Automatic Remote Starter Key | KIA Accessory Guide. The advanced technology of the Remote Start offers the convenience of enabling you to remotely start your Kia up to 500 feet away.
  • What is UVO Kia Soul?

    Simply put, UVO is the Kia smartphone interface and infotainment suite. It can be found on virtually every new Kia for sale near Mascoutah or Smithton, including in popular models like the Kia Soul. Once you've seen what it can do, you'll be hard pressed to settle for less.
  • Why does my car start without a key?

    When these wires are connected incorrectly or when there is an electrical short, this can cause voltage from the battery to be delivered to the solenoid inadvertently causing the car to crank without the key in the ignition.11 nov 2016
  • Does Kia Stinger have automatic start?

    As the owner of a Kia Stinger, You may be wondering if Your vehicle has a remote start capabilities. The answer is yes, if You happen to own one of the models produced in the years 2018-2021, or later. These are reserved for the push button start models, only.
  • Does the Kia Soul LX have remote start?

    The new generation of Kia Soul comes with remote start on the EX and Turbo trims. The LX, S, GT-Line and X-Line do not come with remote start, but the S trim and higher do come with remote, keyless entry via folding key fob.
  • How do I remote start my Kia Soul?

    You can start the vehicle using the remote start button B on the smart key. To start the vehicle remotely: • Lock the doors by pressing the door lock button within 32 feet (10 meters) distance from the vehicle. Within 4 seconds after locking the doors, press and hold the remote start button B .