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  • How do I update my Proton Saga infotainment system?

    Step 1: Switch on the engine and wait for the IHU to get started. Step 2: Go to [Settings] > [System], then click [New Version] to download and install. *If you can't see the software update notification, kindly try again the following day. Step 3: The system will now start to download the new software.
  • Is Proton Saga worth buying?

    Given its sub-RM 40k price tag, it is hard to argue against the Proton Saga's value preposition. It offers a lot of features for not a lot of money, including superior ride and handling, a better transmission, as well as a surprisingly decent audio system.Dec 30, 2020
  • Is Proton Saga 2019 a good car?

    The ride and handling of Proton has always been superb and going in corners and turns is such a breeze for me. The car was very stable in high speeds cruising and you feel safe driving it on highways.Jun 20, 2020
  • What is the price of Proton X70 in Pakistan?

    Proton X70 Price in Pakistan Variants Specifications Ex-Factory Price Proton X70 Executive AWD 1470cc, Automatic, Petrol PKR 4,590,000 Proton X70 Premium FWD 1477cc, Automatic, Petrol PKR 4,890,000
  • What is ihu in automotive?

    IHU = Infotainment Head Unit The infotainment head unit could be view as the smartphone of the car and usually it consists of two parts: a vehicle cpu and a main cpu.Sep 13, 2017
  • How long can a Proton car last?

    New Proton X50 engine designed to last for 15 years or a distance of 350k km.Sep 23, 2020
  • Is IRIZ fuel efficient?

    Fuel savings of around 4% Previously, the 2019 Proton Iriz and Persona both achieved an identical 8.4-litre/100 km fuel consumption figure during our tests. This translates to about 4% improvement in fuel consumption for both cars.Sep 19, 2021
  • Which is better Saga or Bezza?

    The Hyundai-sourced 4-speed torque converter automatic in the Saga is the winner then, as it offers a better refinement level compared to both the Bezza and Persona. Not surprisingly, the Bezza takes this by kilometers ahead, thanks to its lightweight body, fuel-efficient engine and smoother aerodynamics.Mar 11, 2020