Deal Breaker: We love the Honda Jazz but we just can't live with the infotainment system!

Jerrica · Apr 14, 2020 02:16 PM

Honda Jazz Deal Breaker

The 2017 Honda Jazz is, hands down, the must-have car if you’re looking for a B-segment hatchback. It is practical, spacious, fuel efficient and its steering is nicely weighted for city dwellers to easily squeeze into tight spaces. But there is one thing that stops us from gushing over the hatch and it is the Jazz’s poor infotainment system.

When the Honda Jazz was updated in 2017, not only did the touchscreen unit shrunk in size (from 7-inch to 6.8-inch) but the system itself seem to have downgraded from the pre-facelift as well.

Honda Jazz radio screen on infotainment unit

The touchscreen unit is slow to respond, you are required to focus your attention to tap on the menu or you will find yourself tapping the screen multiple times to get the desired effect.

On top of that, you also don’t get very crisp and clear graphics on the head unit, even the new Perodua Bezza’s touchscreen has better graphics and has more info to show. The screen is also badly angled so it is bathed in blinding reflection when driving on a sunny day.

2017 Honda Jazz infotainment system

The Honda Jazz's infotainment system main menu

When it comes to the user interface, the menu’s cascading honeycomb layout is not ergonomically arranged and is also lacking a clock display. And there is also a noticeable lag when navigating through the functions like an old and tired smartphone.

The system itself is also dated as it only boasts Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity and let’s face it, how many of us utilises the HDMI connectivity?

Honda Jazz in-car charging port

You will have to connect to this if you want to charge your phone

Sure, you can always link your phone via USB connection, but the USB port doesn’t help charge your phone as the electric current is low. If your phone is running low on battery and you need to charge, you will have to disconnect from USB connection to plug into the charging port.

The USB port on the touchscreen is also oddly placed on the bottom right of the touchscreen unit itself so when your phone is connected there isn’t a practical space that you can conveniently store it away.

Volkswagen Polo and Mazda 2 has Android Auto and Apple Carplay

And to add to all that, the Jazz also doesn't have very good sound system to blast your favourite music.

Even when compared to its ageing rivals like Mk5 Volkswagen Polo and the Mazda 2, the Honda Jazz's infotainment feels dated. This is because both the Polo and the Mazda 2 are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, which the Jazz doesn't have. 


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