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RM 904,276
BMW X4 M Specs
Segment Compact Executive
BodyType SUV
Transmission AT
Capacity 3.0 L
Horsepower 517 PS
Seats 5
The 2024 - 2025 BMW X4M is offered in 1 variants - which is offered at a price of RM 904,276, the base model of x4m is 2020 BMW X4 M Competition which is at a price of RM 904,276.
Road Tax Cost*
Insurance Cost*
Fuel Cost*

* For reference only, you can adjust your real situation with the calculator.

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  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    BMW X4 M – Overview

    The BMW X4 is currently in its second generation. The first was launched in 2014, and it was successful as most SUV-type vehicles are today. In 2018, the second generation arrived, and the BMW X4 shares the same platform and features similar styling to the BMW X3.

    This current BMW X4 is codenamed G02, and the BMW X4 M was introduced a year later in 2019. A model year update has been revealed as well, and like the BMW X4, the BMW X4 M has been given a styling upgrades for 2022. The BMW X4 M features the superb S58 3.0-litre inline-6 turbo powerplant that is used across the Bavarian’s M lineup, and like in all these halo cars, this engine is the best part of the car. 

    In fact, the S58 was first used in the BMW X3 M and this BMW X4 M before the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 was launched. Like the BMW X3 that was developed alongside it, the BMW X4 uses BMW’s Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform. CLAR features aluminium and high-strength steel for a lower weight and higher body rigidity. The former is mostly why the new BMW X4 is 50 kg lighter than the previous model.

    The G02 BMW X4 has 2 M models : the BMW X4 M and BMW X4 M Competition. In the first generation, the halo modeel was a ‘soft’ M version, the BMW X4 M40i, which returns in this generation, although it is, obviously, no longer the pinnacle of the range.

  • Exterior

    BMW X4 M – Exterior

    By now we are very familiar with BMW’s niche marketing, and it is obvious that the wider market that isn’t made of enthusiasts are highly accepting of the car. The BMW X4 is a vehicle with a sloping coupe-like roofline for ‘added elegance’, and thus the marque gives it the SAC moniker, which means Sports Activity Coupe.

    For the 2022 mid-life facelift, the BMW X4 M has been given subtle nips and tucks all around. The front kidney grille is slightly larger and are a single unit now. Headlamps are 10mm flatter, and they are adaptive LED units as standard, with an option for BMW Laser Light. At the rear are full LED tail lights, with the signature quad exhausts accommodated in a gloss black lower apron; BMW specifically says they designed it in the shape of an anvil.

    Malaysia only gets the BMW X4 M in Competition guise. The BMW X4 M competition rides on 21-inch wheels that is shod with 255/40 and 265/40 rubbers, front and rear respectively, with options for an M-forged wheels. The 892M Star Spoke design saves 2 kg per wheel, and another option is the 765M 5-spoke wheel. Both are finished in burnished Jet Black.

    Exclusive to the BMW X4 M Competition model are the M Marina Bay Blue metallic and M Sao Paulo Yellow. Frozen Marina Bay Blue from from BMW’s individual range is also available, as are the M Carbon Black and M Brooklyn Grey.

     Length  4,758 mm
     Width  2,138 mm
     Height  1,620 mm
     Wheelbase  2,864 mm


  • Interior

    BMW X4 M – Interior

    At first launch, the BMW X4 M had an interior that was stylish and sophisticated. Like the lower non-M siblings, the BMW X4 M was a familiar blend of classy materials and friendliness, with an additional layer of performance paraphernalia.

    In the facelift, the BMW X4 M has an interior that is more differentiated. Inside, there is a great resemblance to the BMW M3 and BMW M4, especially around the centre console. The latest M gear selector, with all the accompanying gubbins like the Drivelogic rocker switch and BMW Controller engine start button, are found here.

    The M Sport front seats, with standard extended Merino leather upholstery, can be had with four colour combinations. There is an option from the BMW Individual specification bin for extended Merino leather in Tarfuto as well.
    All air-conditioning vents wear a new galvanised finish, while all around the interior trim pieces feature a soft Rhombicle aluminium finish. 

    There is an option for open-pore ash wood trim too for owners who prefer something more earthy. As for driver interfacing, the chunky leather multlfunction steering wheel now has contrasting stitching. The instrumentation behind the wheel features the M View configuration that can display M-specific content, as well as key information from specific applications. Android Auto is now integrated here in this facelift alongside Apple CarPlay. There is also an option for a heads-up display.

  • Features

    BMW X4 M – Features

    Just like the Live Cockpit Professional instrumentation for the driver, Android Auto compatibility now joins Apple Carplay in the BMW X4 M, which is interfaced through Control Display. Coming standard is Driving Assistance, with an added option for Driving Assistant Professional. 

    This latter optional pack adds additional features like intersection warning, city braking, emergency lane assistance, and improved steering for the lane guidance assistance. There are visual add-ons for this pack too, which is a 3-dimensional overview on the instrument panel which shows which systems are active, and which ones are available. 

    Another option offered is the Parking Assistance Plus, which adds completed lines as the car is reversing. On the driving side of things, the level of stability control intervention and torque distribution can be selected by the driver via the the buttons and knobs on the ‘control island’.

  • Powertrain

    BMW X4 M – Powertrain

    In ‘normal’ guise, the BMW X4 M is powered by the S58 3.0-litre inline-6 turbocharged powerplant that makes 480 PS at 6,250 rpm, and 600 Nm in between 2,600 – 5,200 rpm. That will bring it from standstill to 100 km/h at 4.2 seconds.
    That is just a little bit alarming in a car of almost 2 tonnes.

    The BMW X4 M Competition also has the same factory, but power has been bumped up to 510 PS at 6,250 rpm, with 650 Nm of twist between 2,750 – 5,500 rpm. This brings the BMW X4 M Competition from standstill to the century in 4.0 seconds.

    In all versions of the BMW X4 M, the S58 is mated to an eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, and power goes to all four wheels. BMW’s all wheel drive system is called M xDrive, with a bias towards the rear axle, and it features the Active M differential.

  • Driving Performance

    BMW X4 M – Driving Performance

    While the engine’s performance is undeniably explosive, it is a little reserved in the audio department. The steering is fast, but not intuitive – more akin to an SUV than a sportscar. Together with the hard suspension setup, the BMW X4 M is more darty and agile than any car with this height and weight has any right to be. 

    In this respect, it is sportscar-like. During any kind of spirited driving, the BMW X4 M exhibits plenty of grip going into corners, and a lot of traction coming out of them. The heavy body is well controlled, but a smooth, almost perfect road is needed. The hard suspension does not take kindly to mid-corner bumps, highway bumps – any kind of bumps, really. 

  • Ride Comfort

    BMW X4 M – Ride Comfort

    And so, due to the extraction and engineering of performance, ride comfort suffers inevitably. We know that is is possible to make a large vehicle defy the laws of physics by being extremely fast and acceptably comfortable – just look at the Porsche Macan.

    The slope of the roof does not intrude on headroom more than is necessary, and even tall passengers will find this space more than adequate. It is not as voluminous as the BMW X3 M by any mean, and will not carry as much luggage, but the space for both humans and items are enough.

  • Fuel Consumption

    BMW X4 M – Fuel Economy

    The fuel economy of the BMW X4 M is rated at 14.6 l/100km, while emissions stand at 339 g/km.
    As for the BMW X4 M Competition, the figures are 10.6 l/100km and 244 g/km respectively.

  • Conclusion

    BMW X4 M – Conclusion

    The BMW X4 M sits on that line where style meets performance, and reviewer all agree that the extra dough for the Competition model is the one to have, as it gains some extra oomph that matches the hard setup even better. The performance of the engine is the best part of the car, but it is let down by the single-minded nature of the suspension to hammer every bit of the road into submission. If the sophistication of the interior was replicated in that area, the overall package of the BMW X4 M would be difficult to beat indeed.

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  • What are the best alternatives/competitors of BMW X4 M 2020?

    BMW X4 M 2020 will be competing against the likes of Porsche Macan, Chery Tiggo 2, Chery NEW Tiggo 3, Chery Tiggo 4, Chery New Tiggo 4.

  • Will BMW X4 M have upcoming cars launching in 2021?

    No. BMW X4 M has no launching plans in 2021.

  • What colors of BMW X4 M are selling in 2020?

    The exterior color of BMW X4 M are Doning Grey, Alpine White, Sophisto Grey Brillian Effect, Phytonic Blue, Toronto Red, Black Sapphire.

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2020 BMW X4 M Competition


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